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Bicester Contact Case (Part 1) - Nordics, Greys, Reptilian Walk Ins, Abductions, Visitations, UFO Landings, UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity, Surveillance, Signs Of Contact

Bicester Contact Case (Part 1)

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report
Author: Dave Hodrien
Release Date: 13/08/2015
Last Updated: 20/06/2017

Note: Some of the names in this report have been altered for reasons of anonymity. All maps and information has been added with the express permission of the key witnesses involved.

Investigation Overview

I first heard from David Hunt on 6th June 2014 via E-Mail. He had watched my UFO Truth Magazine conference on Youtube and was impressed by it enough to get in touch with me directly. He wanted to find a way to get the information of his experiences out to the public in order to support other people going through similar situations.

After briefly talking with him on the phone I soon determined that this was much too large a case to work on remotely. On the 15th June I travelled down to Oxfordshire to meet him at his home in Bicester. We had an initial chat and I briefly met his wife "Janet" and daughters Sacha and Ellie.

Soon after my arrival, David’s friend Adam showed up. We then spent the day heading out to various locations where incidents had taken place over the years. I extensively interviewed both David and Adam on these experiences, and took many photographs. In late afternoon we met up with their friend “Howard”, who has also had many contact experiences.

In the months following my visit, I spoke with David and his various friends on many occasions via phone, E-Mail and Facebook messenger, and received a recorded audio testimony from his 11 year old daughter Ellie.

David and several of his close friends have formed an acoustic rock band named Cosmosis. Their music appears to have been directly influenced by the ETs. This will be discussed later in the report.  In September 2014 they came to Birmingham UFO Group to take part in my talk on UFOs & The Music Industry. They played some live tracks and a video to their song “Hodrien”, named after myself due to my work on their case.

On 2nd May 2015 I traveled back down to Bicester to finalize details for the report and watch Cosmosis perform two gigs. I was also able to interview friends Marcus and Luke during my visit. In June 2015 I spoke alongside David at BUFOG about his experiences. I am due to speak alongside him again at UFO Truth Magazine conference in September, and at BUFOG a second time in October.

This report covers the experiences which have directly involved David and his family. Many of David’s friends have also had their own experiences while David has not been present, and some even appear to be contactees themselves. In order to keep the size of the report down these experiences have been move to a separate report, the link for which can be found at the end of this report.

David and myself during my investigation (May 2015):


The Vanishing Man

David claims that his parents Derek and Marian only began to have experiences after he had been born, he cannot recall them ever mentioning anything unusual taking place before this time. This may suggest that they only occurred as a result of his presence in their lives.

In October 1976 when David was only 1 month old, Derek and Marian owned a newsagents in Balham, central London, and lived above it. In the early hours of the morning they heard noises coming from downstairs. Obviously they assumed it was a burglar. Derek crept down the stairs to see what was going on.

In the middle of the shop was a man holding and staring at a can of beans. The man was slender in build and of average height. Upon noticing Derek he ran towards the back of the shop and leapt over the counter. Derek gave chase and caught a glimpse of the man attempting to hide in a cupboard. He ran towards the cupboard, and as he grabbed the door to try and open it, it slammed shut forcefully, so strongly that he let go.

Derek was un-nerved by this, so he decided to lean up against the door and keep the man locked inside. He called out for Marian to help and she phoned the police. When they turned up Marian led them through to where his father was still leaning up against the cupboard. They asked him to walk away from the cupboard door, but when they opened it they found it was empty!

The police did not seem to be angry or treat Derek like he was mad, they just said “It’s ok, it happens.” Derek was of course extremely confused as to what had taken place. There was nowhere for the man to have escaped to, and he had actually seen him enter the cupboard. Once the police had gone he found the can of beans still lying on the floor of the shop, so knew that it had really occurred.

David believes that the man his father saw was a humanoid ET being, although another explanation worth considering is that the man was some kind of ghostly apparition. However the fact that he was staring at the can like he had never seen one before, and the fact he was able to forcefully shut the cupboard tends to suggest he was physically there rather than an apparition. Even though this experience did not involve David directly, he feels it was probably related to his other contact experiences.

Unfortunately I am not able to speak to Derek or Marian about this incident. According to David they are closed to the unusual things which have happened to them, and would not wish to discuss them openly with me. However David says that he may be able to get a written statement off his father in due course. If so it will be added to this report.

Play Group Disappearance

From 3 months old, David lived with his grandparents on Munster Road in Fulham, London.

Aerial map of Munster Road:

In 1979 when he was 3 years old his grandmother used to regularly take him to a play group organised at a local hall. One day while he was at the group he needed to go to the toilet. The group leader walked with him, pointed out the door then went back into the hall.

When David entered the bathroom he remembers finding three men standing there. They were all quite tall and were wearing light blue coloured jumpsuits. He recalls that one of them had blond shoulder length hair. The other two had darker hair. As he looked at them, the blond haired being turned round and stepped towards him. This was the last thing he recalls happening.

After finding that he had vanished without trace, the group leader called his grandparents, and a thorough search of the hall began. It was a complete mystery how he could have disappeared, as the hall was surrounded in 12 foot high fences, so there was no way he could have left the area. After not being able to find him they got in touch with the police.

David’s next recollection was of being outside and walking along a road. A man soon discovered him and after finding he was there on his own took him to a nearby police station. It was two hours since he had disappeared from the play group. Because of the search which was already well underway, it wasn’t long before he was reunited with his grandparents. David does not remember telling anyone about the men he had seen in the bathroom, he was only young and probably didn’t seem relevant to him at the time.

The road David was discovered on was Long Lane in Southwalk. This is approximately 6 miles away and on the other side of the River Thames. Even though David was gone for 2 hours it is inconceivable that at 3 years old he would have been able to walk this distance without being spotted by someone.

Aerial map showing Fulham (A), the rough location of the nursery, and Long Lane (B) where David was found:

When he was older David would come to understand that the men he encountered were in fact humanoid ETs commonly referred to as Nordics. At 27 years of age he had a daytime flashback to an abduction experience. In this memory he recalled sitting with a number of Nordics and speaking telepathically with them. He did not ask them about the incident at the playgroup specifically, but they suddenly brought up it up in conversation. They informed him that what had happened was accidental - he had been taken but had then been put back at the wrong location. He believes that they told him this to highlight the fact that they are fallible and capable of making mistakes, although they did not specify this.

The Garden Man

By 1979 David’s parents and sister Tracy (who is five years older than him) had moved to a council house on Richmond Avenue in Hillingdon, London. David continued to live with his grandparents but would regularly go to stay with them for extended periods.

Aerial map of Richmond Avenue:

David recalls many incidents over the next three years where he would converse with a man at the end of the back garden of his parents house. The garden was very long, and at the end of it were some swings and a see-saw. David would spend a lot of his time playing there.

Sometimes when he was sitting on the swings a man would step out from the bushes and stand next to him. David never looked directly at him he would just look towards the house. Despite not looking at him directly, David still has a very good impression of what he looked like. He believes the man was white with dark coloured hair. He was slender in build, and wore a smart dark-coloured knee length raincoat and brimmed hat.

The man would engage in long conversations with David. Unfortunately he cannot remember what they talked about during these discussions. After conversing for a while the man would simply step away and back into the bushes. David was never really scared of the man, he was more intrigued by him.

David thinks this happened about thirty times over the three year period. He is not sure whether these experiences stopped because the man ceased visiting him, or because he simply stopped playing down the bottom of the garden, and would go out to play instead.

David believes that the man was an humanoid ET being, and that when they conversed they would do so telepathically. He says that the garden was fenced in and that the bushes were very overgrown. There would have been no way for a man to get into the garden, nor be physically standing inside the bushes. David feels certain that the man was not a squatter living down the end of the garden.

The man was never observed by his parents. Despite David mentioning him to them they never seemed worried, which suggests that they believed David was imagining him. Many years later David spoke with his mother about these incidents. She could still recall him talking about the man down the garden.

Could the man really have been imagined? It seems to have occurred on too many occasions for this to be the case. This was not a case of sporadic incidents, it seemed to be repeated regularly over an extended period of time.  As David mentioned the garden had tall fences all around, and the bushes were too dense for someone to have been living in them. While it is not out of the question that the man could have found a way to climb over the fence, would he have really done so on that many occasions without being spotted by anyone?

Taking these aspects into consideration, the notion that the man was an ET being cannot be put out of the question. Nothing about the man's appearance suggests he was alien. However there are many cases of ETs masking their true appearance, commonly referred to as a "screen memory". It is certainly possible that this is what took place with these incidents.


By the time he was six David no longer encountered the man at the end of the garden. However something else entirely different began to occur. Over the next few years David recalls numerous occasions where American soldiers would come out of the bedroom wall during the night and stand around his bed staring right at him. This would only ever occur at his parent’s house in Hillingdon, never at his grandparents in Fulham.

During these experiences he would be able to move freely, but would be too scared to do anything so would just lie there. The soldiers wore plain green khaki-coloured uniforms. The shape of the helmets they were wearing was what allowed him to identify them as American. They would never be holding any guns, and would just line up around the bed and stand there with their hands at their sides.

Witness drawing showing one of the soldiers at the foot of the bed and an indication of where they moved to:

David remembers these experiences quite vividly. He says that he never shouted out for his parents when this occurred due to how frightened he was. He would just lie there without saying a word. Every time he would then simply black out, and his next recollection would be waking up in the morning. He recalls speaking with his parents about these experiences, but says that he was too young to know whether they believed him or not. He thinks they probably just put down the experiences to bad dreams.

There are many aspects of these experiences which suggest that David was experiencing visitations, and perhaps un-recollected abductions. During contact experiences of this nature the beings will often use a screen memory to hide their true appearance. This is especially prevalent when the contactee is quite young. They often seem to take on the appearance of something familiar to the individual. David confirmed to me that as a child he had an interest in the armed forces. It is possible that these experiences were visitations by ETs who were taking the form of American soldiers. This was perhaps an attempt to reduce the level of fear, although David found the soldiers terrifying.

Other aspects which fit in with other contact experiences are the way in which the soldiers entered the room from a solid wall, then came and stood around the bed. I have dealt with numerous other cases where the beings have stepped out from walls. Also the way in which he involuntarily blacked out during these experiences is commonly reported. It is possible that these visitations led on to abduction experiences, although David has no recollection of anything at present.

However there are other possibilities for what took place. There are a number of sleep paralysis incidents on record where the individual has seen soldiers appear in the room and gather around them in much the same way that David has described. Even though David feels that he could move freely during these experiences, could they have been hallucinations caused by hpnogogia? Another possibility is that these incidents were in fact military abductions (MILABs). There have been many experiences reported by contactees where military personnel have been observed working directly alongside ET beings. This is more commonly reported in America, and, as David pointed out, the soldiers seemed to be wearing American uniforms. While I feel that these experiences most likely point towards ET visitations, these other explanations are also worth considering.

The Shadow Being

The soldiers were not the only thing that David remembers seeing in his room during his childhood. When he was 7 years old he remembers waking up during the night to see a tall dark figure pacing around the room. The figure appeared completely black all over like a silhouette. It was about 7 feet tall and appeared to be covered in hair, almost like a man wearing a gorilla suit. It had broad shoulders and looked very powerful.

As soon as David looked at the figure it stopped, and turned around to face him. At this point David realized that this being had no facial features, it was just black. Although the bedroom door was closed there was still enough light in the room to see detail on objects, yet the figure was unnaturally dark. David was understandably frightened, but also excited about what may happen next.

The being then spoke to David telepathically. In his mind he got a question – “Do you want to come with me?” David responded by saying “No!” out loud. The figure asked “Why not?” He replied “Because I’m scared.” In an insistent tone the black figure simply said to him “You will come.” It then walked over to the window, sat up on the ledge and then went out through it and was lost from sight. David is certain that the window was closed, so the figure had passed directly through the glass.

As will see later on in this report, this was not the only time that David witnessed this terrifying being.

Park UFO Landing

When David was 7 or 8 years old and at primary school he and his friend Matthew would often go and play at a park off Windsor Avenue in Hillingdon. They nicknamed it the “Elephant Park” due to the big elephant-shaped climbing frame which was there.

Aerial map of the park which still exists today:

One weekend during the school holidays they were down the park on their own and sitting on the swings.  Looking up into the sky David suddenly noticed a very peculiar object approaching from their left over the rooftops. It looked like a long silver coloured cylinder split into sections. At one end were what appeared to be lots of circular dishes and aerials similar to the British Telecom tower.  It was about 30 feet long and around 10 feet across. The object was spinning as it approached the park. It then began to descend and landed on the grass about 100-150 feet away from them. David says that it didn’t quite touch the ground, it hovered a short distance above it.

Witness drawing of the strange UFO approaching over the park:

A door opened and two men stepped out from the darkness inside. The men were white and were wearing pilot uniforms including brown leather flight jackets and sunglasses. They were smiling at them. One of the men then motioned his hand beckoning them over.

The boys approached the two men. The man nearest to them asked them if they wanted to go for a ride. David wasn’t bothered by the men or their strange craft at all, and was happy to go along with them. However Matthew appeared really frightened and didn’t want to go. Upon realising this David decided to stay too. The men seemed fine with their decision. They told them to stand back. They then walked back onto the strange cylindrical object and watched it take off. It started to rotate on its axis then lifted off and flew away out of sight.

The boys were quite confused by what had just happened. In the days following the incident Matthew seemed colder with David and in the end stopped speaking with him all together. It was clear that he was unsettled by what had happened, and almost seem to blame him. Soon afterwards David moved away from the area so no longer saw Matthew.

Years later when he was around 14 years old, David happened to meet up with Matthew again. They decided to head down to the same park where the incident had taken place. This jogged their memories of what had happened and they began to discuss it. David asked Matthew “What happened that day? Why did you blame me?” Matthew responded saying “Dave why the fuck would you want to go with those guys in that helicopter?”

It was only now that David discovered that Matthew did not recall the incident in the same way he did. Instead of see a strange cylindrical object, Matthew said that he had seen a silver helicopter land. However his recollection of the two men was the same.

Both boys agreed that there was something not right about the whole experience. Looking back on what happened David believes that the pilots were actually ETs using a screen memory to hide their true appearance. It also seems likely that they also masked the appearance of their craft, hence why Matthew saw it as a helicopter. For whatever reason David either saw past this and could see the craft’s true appearance, or saw an entirely different constructed image. I have investigated and heard about other cases where extremely similar events to this has taken place. In some of these cases the individual involved has able to break past the screen memory using regressive hypnosis.

Unfortunately David has not kept in touch with Matthew so I am unable to speak with him about the incident.

Figure at the Window

One evening in 1985 Derek and Marian came round to visit David at his grandparent’s house in Fulham. They left the flat at around 9pm to get back in their car, as it was time for David to go to bed. They turned round and looked back at David in the open doorway of the flat to wave him off. All of a sudden Derek came running back to the block of flats with a concerned look on his face. He ran straight past David and went into his bedroom seemingly searching the room for something.

He soon came back out and explained to David’s grandparents what had happened. David overheard the conversation. Derek said that as he had looked back at the flat and waved he had seen a silhouetted figure standing in David’s bedroom looking out of the window. This figure had waved back at him from inside the flat in a very child-like way.

David says there have been a number of incidents throughout his life where his Nordic contacts have waved at him in this fashion, some of which are mentioned later in this report. David believes that the figure that his father saw in the window was one of these beings who was watching over him during his time at the flat.

A Witnessed Abduction

Later in 1985 David moved to Hillingdon to live with his parents and older sister on a full time basis. He and his sister shared a bedroom. They would often leave the curtains open at night, and David remembers regularly staring out of the window while dropping off to sleep.

One night his sister was awoken by an unexplained light. She looked up to find bright white light flooding into the room from outside of the window. Within this light she saw David floating horizontally. Only his legs were visible, his top half was already through the window. She watched for a moment as he continued to move through the window out of sight.

Jumping up out of bed she ran over to the window to see what was going on. It was now that she realized the window was closed, meaning that David had passed through the solid glass! A moment later there was a massive flash of dazzling white light. Tracey was shocked backwards off her feet by the strength of it. David says this is the last thing she recalls taking place.

David does not remember Tracey speaking with him about it in the morning. He says that it is likely that she just put it down to a strange dream. At the time he had no idea he was taken on that night. Many years later Tracey spoke with him about what had happened and what she recalled seeing. David wonders if the reason he used to often stare out of the bedroom window at night was because he was subconsciously aware of being taken through it on more than one occasion.

Crowded Room

In the months following the observed abduction of her brother, Tracey herself began to have experiences. On numerous occasions she would wake up in the night to find the room busy with figures. On these occasions she would also be paralyzed and unable to shout out. David believes that this happened to her on at least ten occasions while living at that house. She did not discuss these incidents with him at the time, he only found out about them years later.

David informs me that Tracey has had contact experiences ever since. The last incident she informed him about occurred in late 2013. David feels that his sister has not accepted her experiences in the same open way that he has, and is therefore more fearful of them. It is common for multiple members of a family to experience contact and this certainly appears to be happening with this case.

I have not yet been able to speak with Tracy. David is going to attempt to get some written statements off her about her experiences.

Light Beyond The Door

After a while Tracy moved into a separate bedroom on the other side of the landing. David continued to have experiences in the room. There were numerous occasions where he would wake up in the night with the dreadful feeling that something was about to take place. He would sit up in bed and look over at the door. Coming from behind the door on the landing would be a ghostly white glowing light, different to the colour of the normal landing light. He would then hear the door pressing inwards like someone leaning against it.

To David’s recollection this happened on many occasions. He would always be too frightened to shout out, and never told Tracy or his parents about it. Nor would he ever get out of bed and try opening the door to see what was there, he would just drop off and wake in the morning like normal.

In late 2010 David was at Tracy’s 40th birthday party when he overheard her talking about experiencing exactly the same thing when she was younger. It became clear that she too had been waking in the night and experiencing the same thing that David had, and just like him had never talked about it with anyone at the time! When David informed her of this she appeared quite frightened. This led on to them talking about other things Tracy had experienced over the years, some of which are mentioned later in this report.

It is possible that these incidents led on to abduction experiences which neither David nor Tracy can remember. David says that it occurred around 20 times in the four years he was living at the house.

Motorway Abduction

By 1988 David’s grandparents had moved to Folkestone on the South East coast. He and his parents would regularly drive to visit them. They would drive along the M25 motorway around the Southern outskirts of London, head along the M26 and then finally the M20.

One late afternoon they were on their way home from Folkestone. Derek was driving, Marian was in the passenger seat, with David sitting behind her. It was a clear day, not particularly sunny but still pleasant. There were a few other vehicles on the road, but it was relatively quiet. They were travelling about 70 mph along the motorway.

Aerial map of the journey home with Folkestone (A) and Hillingdon (B) marked:

David believes that they were on the M26 and heading towards the M25 when he suddenly noticed something up in the sky behind their car. What he recalls seeing was an F16 jet fighter. He was interested in military aircraft as a child so was able to recognise it.

Photograph of the M26 in the direction the car was heading:

Photograph of an F16 jet fighter:

The jet was only about 500 feet behind the car, and at an altitude of no more than 200 feet. It was at an angle of about 35 degrees in the sky. It was close enough for him to see details such as the cockpit. It appeared to be pacing the car keeping the same distance and height. David informed his parents saying “There’s a jet following the car!”

Derek responded saying that there couldn’t be as jets can’t fly that slowly. David continued to insist that he could see a jet and that it was keeping pace with the car. This went on for between 5-10 minutes.

David was facing towards his parents trying to convince his parents the jet was there when suddenly the entire car was enveloped in darkness. Immediately there was no feeling of movement, it was like they had been removed from their environment entirely. Strangely it remained light inside the car even though there was only darkness visible through all the windows. David remembers retaining consciousness but feeling odd like he was beginning to slip away. He recalls looking at his parents who were both slumped back in their seats and looked like they were unconscious. Panicking, he shouted at them to try and wake them up. He had no idea what was going on but was scared of losing them.

After several seconds, David then had the sense of something approaching the left side of the car, although he could not actually see anything outside. His last memory was of the left back door of the car opening. After this there is nothing. He assumes they must have continued their drive and got home safely but this is where his recollection of the event ends.

In 2009 David was having a discussion with Derek about his contact experiences. Marian was also present but did not join in with the conversation. David was trying to convince him that his experiences were really taking place. While chatting David brought up the incident with the darkness around the car. As he recounted the experience to Derek, David watched the look on his face change. It was a moment of realisation. Derek exclaimed “Oh shit, I remember the car going black!” David responded saying “Yeah, we were taken off the motorway dad!”

Just like David, Derek had no further recollection of what happened after this point. He could not remember anything approaching the car or opening the door, however this is not surprising as he and Marian appeared to have been unconscious at this time. David says that from that point onward his father treated his experiences more seriously. He says he will try to get a written statement off his father about this.

If it had just been David who remembered this incident then perhaps one could argue that the jet really had been a normal aircraft, and that perhaps the darkness was the car entering a tunnel. However this would not account for everything else that David remembered, nor for how the jet was able to fly slowly enough to keep pace with the car. The fact that Derek also recalled this occurring puts the idea that it was a tunnel out of the question.

It seems likely that the jet that was following the car was actually an ET craft, and that a screen memory is responsible for what David saw. From the evidence available it seems probable that David and both his parents were abducted from the vehicle, the memories of which were blocked out from their minds.

The Shadow Being Returns

At the age of 17 David was no longer living with his parents, and they had moved to a house in Bicester. David would regularly visit them. Whenever he did he would sleep in the second bedroom, which was quite small in size. One night while stopping over there he awoke and could immediately sense that something was about to happen.

He sat up in bed looking around the darkened room. David would always close his bedroom door at night. As he watched, the same dark figure he had seen ten years previously entered the room walking straight through the solid door! David was absolutely terrified of the being, especially as he recognised it from before.

Witness drawing of the shadow being by the bedroom door:

It stood in the room, turned to face him, and just like the first time it began to telepathically speak. Once again it seemed to want him to go somewhere with it. It simply asked “Are you coming?” Just like the first time David replied “No!” in an insistent tone. The figure said “You will.” And with that it turned and walked back through the bedroom door.

The fact that the figure came back a second time ten years later is fascinating. Was this just coincidence or was this period between the two incidents significant in some way? David is not able to ascertain whether it was exactly ten years to the day, but suspects that it may have been.

Some of what he has described – waking up in the night with a feeling of unease, seeing a dark shadowy form in the room – could fit in with sleep paralysis. However it is clear that on both occasions he was not paralyzed. He actually sat up in bed and felt completely awake. And the figure was inviting him to go with him which in theory would have involved physically getting up out of bed had he agreed to its request. I have investigated other contact cases where extremely similar beings have been reported.

David has never seen the figure again. He believes this is because it was directly linked with the fear of his experiences. By his mid-twenties he was coming to terms with what was happening to him, and he feels that this is why he did experience any further visits from it.


Dual Sleep Paralysis

By the late 1990’s David had met and married Janet and moved into a house with her on St Annes Close in Bicester.

Aerial map of St Annes Close:

One night an unusual incident took place where they both experienced sleep paralysis at the same time. David went up to bed about 10.30pm, while Janet remained downstairs on the sofa. He lay down and was about to drop off when he suddenly realised he could not move. He then felt a presence enter the bedroom but could not lift his head to look round the room.

This seemed to continue for a couple of minutes, after which the feeling lifted and he was able to sit up in bed. He got up and went downstairs to tell Janet what had happened. When he entered the lounge he found her sitting on the sofa looking concerned. He asked her if she was alright. She informed him that she had been lying down on the sofa when suddenly she found she couldn’t move. It felt like there had been someone standing there in the room behind her head. She could not look round and was understandably quite frightened. David could barely believe what had happened. They had seemingly both experienced sleep paralysis at the same time!

David says that they had recently been watching a TV programme with psychologist Chris French on discussing sleep paralysis. Could this have somehow set them up to experience it on the same evening? While this is of course a possibility, it feels unlikely given the fact that neither he nor Janet had experienced it before. Looking back, David wonders whether this incident was contact related.

New Forest UFO Video

One summer around this period of his life David’s parents had gone on holiday to a chalet near Milford-By-Sea at the South edge of the New Forest. While they were away David’s grandfather suffered a heart attack. He survived it but had to spend some time in hospital to recover.

David and Tracy tried getting in touch with their parents to inform them about what had happened, but they had turned their mobile phones off. So they decided to travel down in Tracy’s car to inform them directly and find out if they wanted to come back home.

When they arrived at the chalet they discovered that their parents had gone out for a walk. They had to wait at the car park for them to return. While waiting they looked up into the sky and suddenly noticed something strange approaching their location. It appeared to be a glowing orange disc-shaped object. David estimates it was at an altitude of about 1500-2000 feet and was at least 50 feet across. It appeared to be travelling about 50 mph on a straight and level course.

Tracy happened to have a video camera in the boot of the car. She got it out and started to film the UFO. When the object was out over the sea in the distance something very unusual took place. It suddenly seemed to bend from the middle forming a downward boomerang, almost as if it had altered its shape. They continued to watch it until it was nothing more than an orange dot in the distance and then vanished from sight. The whole video was about 17 minutes long, it was quite an extensive sighting.

Witness drawing showing how the UFO looked as it changed shape and headed away from them:

After returning home David copied the video footage onto a VHS tape. He then got in touch with an Oxford-based UFO group who are still active today. He informed them about the video and asked if they were interested in seeing it. They arranged for David and a friend to take the tape to them so they could watch it. David was a little un-nerved by the people he met with. They initially sat and watched the video in its entirety. They then began asking him lots of questions. They appeared very sceptical of both him and of the authenticity of the video.

After getting a little freaked out by everything David decided he wanted to leave. He was about to ask for the tape back when one of the men suddenly said to him “Oh I’ve recorded over your tape by accident.” Confused David replied “That’s a bit mental isn’t it?” The man responded saying “Yeah I thought I was rewinding it, but I rewinded it and then pressed record by mistake. It’s been recorded over!”

Unfortunately David had not made any copies of the footage so it was lost. He had no choice but to walk away empty handed. The whole thing felt very suspicious to him, and he had the distinct sense that there was something wrong. Perhaps this was nothing more than an unfortunate mistake. But David feels that the men were not who they claimed to be and may have deleted the video footage on purpose. There is of course no way to confirm this either way.

Signs of Surveillance

The deletion of the UFO footage is not the only suspicious thing which occurred around this period. At the time he was working as a bouncer at the Bullingdon Arms in Oxford (Now known as The Bullingdon).

Recent photograph of The Bullingdon:

One night he was on his way to work driving along St Annes Close. He drove past a bus stop with a man standing at it. He happened to glance in the rear view mirror. The man at the bus stop appeared to lean round and quickly snap a photograph of him with a camera! David immediately stopped the car. The man turned back around and continued to stand at the bus stop. There was something odd about the whole situation so David decided to drop it rather than reverse the car and question the man.

Two days later David was standing on Oxford High Street. Two men approached from behind him until they were to the side of him. Then the further of the two lifted up a camera and took a picture of him past the other man. Both men then immediately walked off. It was extremely clear to David what had just happened and he was quite un-nerved by the situation.

The following week David was sitting in the kitchen. He got up and happened to look out of the window. Opposite the house on the far side of the road he saw a parked brand new looking Saab with a man sitting in the driver’s seat. The man appeared to be watching the house. He was wearing a suit and tie and looked quite strong. As David watched, the man stepped out of the car and began to take photographs of the house.

The kitchen window had a net curtain across it so David felt that the man could not see him. But after a minute the man dropped the camera and stared directly at David. It was as if he knew that David was watching him but didn’t care.

In the following weeks numerous people informed him that his phone was making strange clicking sounds. David began to suspect that his phone calls were being tapped. Then an incident took place which appeared to confirm his suspicions.  One afternoon he spoke with a friend on the phone about the unusual experiences he had been having. Later on he was in the kitchen cooking when the phone started to ring. He picked it up but put it on his shoulder so he could continue cooking the dinner. It was Janet’s mother. She asked whether Janet was in. David informed her that she was not, to which she replied “OK then” and hung up.

As David was cooking he did not immediately put the phone down. A few seconds went by, then he heard a man’s voice on the phone say “He didn’t say anything that time.” David asked “Excuse me?” There was a strange noise and the line went dead. David believes that someone was listening in to his phone calls to hear about his contact experiences, and that on this occasion they had assumed that David had ended the call. David did not get the phone line checked by anyone as he felt that he had nothing to hide anyway.

A few months later there was a week where David and his family would go out and would come home to find the front door of the house open. It happened on three separate occasions within a single week. The latch on the door seemed fine so they did not think this explained what was happening. Every time it occurred they would check to see if anything had been stolen, but nothing ever seemed to be missing.

After these incidents things seemed to quieten down, although there would be further incidents suggesting surveillance later in his life. These are covered later in the report.

Information Downloads

Around the same as the possible surveillance David had a number of experiences where he felt like he was receiving information directly into his mind. It would tend to happen when he was in a relaxed state of mind such as lying in bed, doing housework on his own, or even playing his drums.

The information would come as sudden quick bursts of thought about deep concepts. One night he suddenly got up out of bed overwhelmed by thoughts about why the sphere is the most important shape in the universe. On another occasion he suddenly seemed to receive in depth information on how imagination works. Sometimes he would remember the information afterwards, other times it would be incoherent and he would understand it at the time but then later on not recall what he had thought about. It always felt like it was coming in from outside rather than just his mind daydreaming.

He would sometimes see advanced geometric shapes or visions in addition to receiving concepts. On one occasion he had a vision of flying up into space from the planet’s surface. He then looked down and saw what looked like glowing white UFOs hovering everywhere in the atmosphere. These information downloads seemed to continue for about 18 months leading up to his "trigger experience".

Paranormal Activity

David and Janet experienced paranormal activity in their home for a number of years. There were numerous incidents where objects vanished and then later reappeared under unusual circumstances. On one occasion all three TV remote controls had gone missing one at a time. David was in the house alone and decided to vacuum everywhere. The house was completely clear and there was still no sign of the remote controls. But he went back into the living room and found all three remotes lined up in front of the television! On another occasion a bank note vanished from his pocket, and then weeks later he found it just sitting on the table. He was certain it was the same note as it was folded in the same way.

Their first daughter Ellie was born in April 2000. They set up a baby monitor to listen to her after dark. On a number of occasions they heard strange whispering like sounds coming from the monitor. Sometimes Ellie would seem to respond to these sounds. Whenever they went upstairs to check there would be nothing there which could account for the noises.

One day David’s work colleague John was visiting and David told him about what had been going on. While they talked there was a rustling sound on the monitor. John lifted it to his ear to have a listen. At that precice moment there was a sudden extremely loud shout through the monitor! They rushed upstairs as fast as their legs would carry them but there was no-one there. The timing of what had taken place was very unsettling, and David was certain that the noise had not been caused by interference, as they had heard this on other occasions and knew what it sounded like.

Another experience involved a shadowy being in their own bedroom. One night David awoke to find a dark figure leaning over him. The figure appeared to be tucking in his side of the duvet cover. David assumed he was just having a dream and dropped back off to sleep. In the morning he awoke and found that it was very hard to move. The duvet seemed tighter than usual. When he checked he found that it was tucked in all the way along his side of the bed. Janet’s side of the bed was untucked like normal. At this moment he recalled what he had seen in the night. He exclaimed to Janet “Oh no! I saw someone last night tucking the duvet in!”

Later on in his life his contacts informed him that all this paranormal activity was a side effect of him waking up to what was happening. He was informed that it was similar to pressure building up, and when the pressure is released it manifests as poltergeist-like activity. This may well explain why many contactees experience paranormal activity in their proximity.

Family Abduction

David’s “trigger” experience occurred in June 2000 when he was 24 years old, 9 weeks after Ellie was born. Back then he used to enjoy boxing. He had been in a match and had unfortunately cracked a rib. He was unaware of this at the time so had carried on training, but it became clear to him that the pain was not going away. Two weeks after the fight he decided he needed to get it checked out. He arranged for an X-Ray to be taken at Banbury.

Janet drove him and Ellie to Banbury so he could get checked out. It was a clear and sunny day. On the way back at around 3pm they reached Ayhno. Janet was driving, while David was on the back seat next to Ellie who was asleep at the time in her car seat. They drove through the village and continued on the B4100 road which leads between Ayhno and Bicester. It was usually quite a busy road but at that time there were no other vehicles around.

Aerial map indicating Banbury (A), Ayhno (B) and Bicester (C):

As they travelled along the road a disc-shaped UFO came into view roughly 100 metres ahead of the car. As Janet was driving she was the first to see this. She exclaimed “Oh my god! Look at that!” David looked out of the front window and could also see the craft. It appeared to be about 20 feet in diameter. The shape was a flattened disc, like two plates stuck together. It was metallic silver in colour and was reflecting the sunlight. There were no markings or lights on the object. It was at most 100 feet off the ground, and they were viewing it at an angle of about 30 degrees.

Aerial map showing the stretch of road along which the incident occurred:

Photograph of the B4100 in the direction the UFO was observed:

Witness drawing of the UFO in the sky ahead of the car:

The car was travelling around 60 mph at the time. Upon seeing the craft Janet slowed the car a little, down to about 40 mph. The UFO began to pace their vehicle, keeping the same position and height ahead of them. A moment later David began to feel unusual, he felt giddy and like he was beginning to pass out.

The next thing he became aware of he was no longer in the car. He found himself standing on one side of a darkened dome-shaped area, which he assumed was aboard the UFO he and Janet had been observing. The curved walls and floor were metallic silver in colour. The floor appeared to be made out of metal plating split into joined sections. Around the edges of the room, at least on the far side from where he was standing were panels covered in dials, buttons and glowing lights. Above these panels were several long rectangular windows. The light in the room appeared to be coming from these windows; David does not recall seeing any other light sources inside the room itself.

Although he did not actually turn round and look, he was sure it was dark behind him and that the only windows were on the far side. Through the windows he could see blue sky, suggesting that the craft was still in the atmosphere above the cloud layer. It reminded him of being in a darkened loft with the only light coming in from a window in the roof.

David felt very groggy and dazed, almost like he had been drugged. His vision felt hazy, and his movements felt sluggish. He also sensed that he was being made to feel like everything was ok. There were no audible sounds in the room. He could not tell whether it was warm or cold, everything felt a little numb.

To his left was Janet. She was standing but slumped and appeared to be in a trance. To her left was Ellie, still sitting in her car seat and fast asleep. All three of them were still clothed. Due to the fact that only he was aware of what was taking place, David sensed that this was something to do with him.

Standing about 10 feet in front of them were five Nordic beings. It appeared to David like they had been waiting for him to arrive. Four of them appeared to be male, and the fifth looked female. All the beings had white skin and were wearing electric blue long sleeved jumpsuits, which reminded him of David Bowie from the 1960s. David is sure that there were belts around the waist but cannot be certain. He says that if they had been single piece suits he would have remembered this. He does not recall seeing any insignia's on them. The suits the beings were wearing were skin tight and followed the contours of their bodies. The hands were exposed. David believes they were wearing footwear but again cannot be certain as he did not look directly at this.

Witness drawing of the interior of the craft and the Nordic beings:

He was paying most attention to the male standing in the centre of the group. This being looked very similar to himself in terms of facial features. However had very pale shoulder length hair, which appeared somewhere between white and blond. His irises were bright blue and also seemed to be a bit wider than normal human eyes. Also his skin looked more perfect and smooth, giving him almost the appearance of being moulded out of plasticine. He had a beard similar to David’s, although it looked neater and more defined and was the same pale blond colour.

The female of the group had brown shoulder length hair with a straight fringe. She looked quite attractive, with brown eyes, brown eyebrows and a small nose. She had a slender waits and good figure. David did not look at her directly. He says that he almost felt embarrassed to look at her. The other three males all had dark hair, two with brown hair and one with black hair. They again looked attractive, almost perfect. They all had individual features rather than looking identical to one another.

The central being was intensely staring at David, and he was transfixed by him. It was like his awareness of everything else around him was lulled. He felt like he was the one that it was ok to connect with and that he should pay full attention to him and not worry about what else was going on around him. About ten seconds went by, then the being stepped about four feet closer to David while the others remained further back. This seemed to increase the feeling of being controlled even more.

David then began to hear a telepathic communication in his mind. The voice he heard was male and similar but a little different to his own. He knew that it was external, coming in from the being in front of him. The being first welcomed him, and said that this meeting with him was most interesting. He went on to explain that he and David were one and the same. He said that David would get comfortable with this in the future, and that it would be hard to accept immediately.

The Nordic went on to explain that this was not the first time David had been taken, but it was the first time he was being allowed to consciously experience it. He said to David that it wasn’t particularly ideal what had happened, the way in which David had been woken up wasn’t exactly what they had wanted, but that it had to happen.

He said that they were concerned about whether David was going to be able to handle what was happening. However part of the program David was involved in meant that he had to be woken up there and then. They were hoping that he would have naturally woken up but he had not, so they were forced to open his mind up to what was taking place. He went on to tell David that he had lived an unconscious life up to this point. But now he needed to wake up, and that they were going to mentor him through his spiritual development.

The being said that David would be taught about unification, about the nature of reality.  He said that there was a huge program going on which David could not comprehend. This program involved many people and many different races, and there was a huge awakening going on all over the planet. He said that the old paradigm of everyone living separate compartmentalised lives was over, and that David would watch it unfold in a linear fashion.

He explained that humans were going to wake up to the fact that we are not alone and that we are part of a huge community. This awakening would occur gradually, it would not be brought about by the ETs revealing themselves worldwide. The being said that this would occur through lots of people waking up to their alien self. So that when they do reveal themselves to the world we will already have accepted their reality.

He then informed David that he was not human. He said that his physical body was human, but that he had some very interesting biological elements, which is why they had chosen his particular blood line.

The last thing the being said to David was that he would never be alone, that they would always be there with him, and that he now had an important journey to begin. The communication seemed to go on for about 20 minutes. At the time David did not really understand much of what he was told, it was brand new concepts to him. During the communication with the being David says he was not in a normal state of mind. He said he was “in a state of complete awareness. He was a bit groggy but super conscious at the same time.” For this reason he did not feel the need to ask the being any questions, he was just listening and soaking up the information he was being given.

This is the last thing that he recalls aboard the craft. The next thing he became aware of was being back in the car. It was a little further down the road, still moving, with Janet still at the wheel. Ellie was back alongside him still asleep in her chair. At first he had no recollection of what had happened.

Confused by what had just happened, the first thing Janet said was “That ship’s disappeared!” David looked out of the window staring into the sky. As he did the memories of what had taken place started to come back. Amazed by what he was remembering he said to Janet “We were on board that ship!” Even more puzzled Janet just said “What?”

David glanced at the clock in the car. It now said 3.42pm. He knew that when they had left Ayhno it had been approximately 3pm, so about 40 minutes had gone by. He said to Janet “Look at the time!”

Janet now also checked the clock. Upon realising the time difference she exclaimed “No fucking way!” David simply responded with “Yeah!” At that moment it was just starting to come back to him and his mind was a jumble of information. They then sat in shocked silence as they continued to drive home. During this time the details of what had taken place continued to come back to him in vivid sudden flashbacks.

They got back home and David recounted his memories of the experience to Janet. It was clear that she had no recollection of the abduction at all. This is not really surprising, as she had appeared to be in a trance aboard the craft. The last thing she remembered was seeing the UFO hovering ahead of them in the air. Then it had seemed to blink out and she suddenly found that the car was 100 yards further along the road.

Up until that point David had always believed that there was something to the UFO subject, and that it would be great to see one with his own eyes. Now that this experience had happened David had the urge to tell everyone about it. However he soon discovered that many of those he told didn’t really seem to believe him. He soon stopped telling people about the abduction side of the experience, and just mentioned seeing the craft itself. However the negative reactions continued, he says that he even lost some friends over it. Back then he led a very different life. Some of his friends at the time could simply not accept what David was telling them and how it was affecting him, and sadly decided to stop speaking with him as a result. In the end Janet suggested that they should keep quiet about the incident and no longer mention it to people.

In the weeks following the incident David found he was suffering from panic attacks related to what had taken place. These were happening both during the day and while he was lying in bed. David did not really know why he fel   as he knew that the beings he had met did not mean him any harm, nor were they frightening in appearance. He knew that there was nothing to be afraid of, yet when the attacks took place he was terrified.  He could not understand why he should be afraid of these other people. But he felt like they may well come back, and if they did he would not be able to handle it.

Janet was not getting these panic attacks. However David could sense that she didn’t want to get involved. It seemed that it was all too much for her to cope with. She accepted what had happened, but David sensed that she was troubled by the fact that the beings had spoken to him but had left her in a trance. She was scared that she was not in control of her own life. This led to her not wanting anything more to do with it. Unfortunately this means I am not able to speak with Janet directly regarding the incident.


In the months following the abduction David went through an “awakening” regarding the UFO subject. Up until this point he was never really a big reader, but he now began to read books on the UFO and contact subject. He kept coming across opportunities to obtain more of these books.

As an example, two weeks after the abduction incident he and Janet went to a car boot sale. On one of the stalls a particular book caught David’s eye. The book was “Preparing For Contact: A Metamorphosis Of Consciousness” by Lyssa Royal. It deals with the multi-dimensional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the subject. When David asked how much it was, the lady selling it responded saying “Oh that’s not mine!” Strangely she could not remember actually owning the book and had no idea where it had come from.

"Preparing For Contact" book:

David built up a collection of over 400 books on Ufology, but in more recent years he has given them all away to friends and family. He senses when someone could benefit from reading them and passes them on, with no intention of receiving them back.

As the year went by David went through some major life changes. He became a vegetarian and lost 6 stone in weight. He decided that he did not have the heart for boxing any more so gave it up. He became more and more interested in spiritual concepts and less interested in his worldly possessions. As a result of this his personality changed in many ways. He became much more compassionate towards other people and the environment. He began to seek a deeper understanding of the world around him.

David is not the only contactee to go through these changes. This is a known side effect of experiencing contact, and something that has been reported many times before.

Sister’s Dream

Later in 2000 David’s sister Tracy happened to purchase a property next door on St Annes Close, which she remained at for two years. This meant that they had many more opportunities to talk about experiences with one another.

One day in late spring Tracey came round for a chat. She informed him she had had a very strange dream during the night. She said that in the dream she was lying in bed and then heard movement in the bedroom. She opened her eyes to find a number of beings standing near to her. For whatever reason, she refused to look directly at them. They got her up out of the bed and walked her out of the room onto the landing.

Out on the landing it was very dark. All of a sudden she felt her perception change and realised she was no longer on the landing. She found herself in a corridor with metallic silver walls. A door opened up which led through to a glowing white room with a large oval-shaped window in the far wall. And standing next to the window was David.

While describing the dream Tracey looked confused. She said “It was weird. It was like you, but it was like it wasn’t you. You were wearing this blue uniform. You had light hair, and it was almost shoulder length, and you had a beard.” (at the time David had a shaved head and no beard)

“You welcomed me, and it was like you, but you seemed to know loads of stuff! It’s like you were all knowing, and you seemed totally comfortable with the fact that you were on this space ship. I went over to the window with you. We were looking out of the window and we were above a crop field, about 20 feet above the ground, and there was a big circle underneath us in the crop, and a little circle coming off the big circle.” Tracey ended by saying “I can’t get over it, because it was like you but as if you were an alien.”

It was immediately clear to David that Tracey was describing his key Nordic contact rather than himself. At the time he had not openly informed his sister of his contact experiences. This was one of the instances which led up to him finally discussing everything in depth with her, but at this time he kept what he knew to himself. He was quite worried about how his sister would deal with everything.

Either the following day, or the day after that, Tracey came round again. She seemed very excited about something.  She informed David that she had been checking online and found that on the same night she had had the dream a crop circle had been found down in Wiltshire that was the same shape as what she had dreamt! She was certain of this because the article mentioned the specific date the crop formation had appeared. David did not have internet access in his home at the time so never got to see the photograph which Tracey was referring to.

It seems probable that what Tracy was describing was an abduction experience rather than just a dream, and that she had met with the same beings that David has interacted with on numerous occasions. If so then what can be made of the crop formation? It is a known fact that many of the formations, especially in the Wiltshire area, are the work of hoaxers. Could it have just been a coincidence that the formation seen on the news soon after her dream matched in its shape? Or is it possible that the formation was genuine, and that the UFO she was aboard was over Wiltshire and had actually created it?

David says that Tracey has reported having dreams about himself and ETs on numerous occasions. He believes that these may well be other contact experiences, but ones which Tracy is interpreting as dreams.

The Woman in Orange

On another occasion David and Tracey had had a disagreement, and were not in the best of moods with each other. During the night Tracey woke to find a woman standing in her room at the base of the bed. The lady was wearing an orange coloured skin-tight jumpsuit. She had dark shoulder length hair and her facial features were very human. She had an angry expression on her face and was staring right at Tracey with folded arms. The woman then put out one arm and pointed directly at Tracey. A moment later she vanished from view.

Tracey was concerned about what had happened because of the fact that she and David had been arguing, and the woman who appeared in her room looked angry with her. She settled back down to sleep, but in the morning informed David of what she had seen.

Disc UFO Photograph

One day in early 2002 David took an analogue photograph of his daughter Ellie in the front room of their house. Ellie was about 18 months old at the time. Behind her was a ceiling to floor window.

When he got the photo developed he was amazed to see what appeared to be a dark oval-shaped domed disc in the sky visible through the window through the thin curtains. It was positioned almost directly over Ellie’s head. David had not seen anything with his naked eye when he took the photo.

Original photograph with the object ringed:

Zoomed view of the UFO:

Zoomed view with fixed contrast:

Zoomed view with edge find:

As you can see the shape of the object certainly looks similar to a “classic” domed-disc craft. Unfortunately no three dimensional detail can be seen on it even after enhancement, possibly due to the distance, lighting, picture quality and fact that the object is being viewed through a thin white coloured curtain. It is impossible to say for definite whether it is a large object at a distance or something small closer to the lens, for example some debris falling outside of the window. It does not look like the right shape to be a passing bird, and the even blurring around the edges of the object suggests it is stationary rather than moving. The fact that this is an analogue photograph rather than digital means that possible digital manipulation of the image can be disregarded.

As both David and his family have had many contact experiences throughout their lives, which have included other UFO encounters, there is certainly a possibility that this photograph shows a genuine craft hovering in the vicinity of the property.

Cemetery Visitation

That same year David used to work as a gardener for the cemetery of St Edburg’s church on Church Lane, Bicester.

Aerial map of St Edburg’s church:

One late morning he was weeding the pathway that leads from the gate to the church door. He suddenly heard a telepathic message in his head which said “We love you.” David immediately looked up. At the end of the pathway near to the gate were a man and a woman staring straight at him. They were white and had blond coloured hair with good looking facial features. They looked completely human. They were both wearing normal clothing, which was mostly in different shades of white. David looked back at them, trying to establish whether or not it was them who had spoken to him in his mind.

Photograph of the church showing the end of the pathway:

A moment later the couple both lifted their hands and began to wave in the same manner he has seen his contacts do on numerous occasions. They then turned and walked back through the gate. At the time David was just coming to terms with his contact experiences so was still a little un-nerved by the situation. He did not follow after the couple, but felt certain that this was a visitation. These particular beings were not familiar to him, and he has not seen them in any of his other experiences.

Psychic Experiments

Around this time in David’s life he and his friend Trish began to try out a series of experiments to determine whether or not they possessed psychic abilities. Back then David was going through a period of his life where he wanted to find out as much as he could about what he was experiencing. His friend is very interested in the concepts of energy and awareness. So on numerous occasions they tried different tests out to see if they were psychic and if so to what level. David says that it was astounding how naturally this seemed to work for him. A couple of instances particularly stand out.

On one occasion they attempted mind reading. David told Trish to think of somewhere at random. He would then close his eyes and try to determine where she was thinking of. When he did this the first thing which he felt was that he was outside. He asked her “Are you outside?” to which she confirmed that she was. He felt he was in a field and that there was a breeze. Then he suddenly realised he was surrounded by tall standing stones, but he didn’t recognise the location. His only reference point for this was Stonehenge, so he said to her “It’s like Stonehenge”. Trish informed him that she was at the Rollright Stones. David is certain they had not been discussing stone circles so there was no way he would have been influenced to say this.

Photograph of the Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire:

On another occasion David found that he was able to move Trish’s head by placing his hands near her but not touching her. He got her to sit down, relax and close her eyes. He then walked round behind her and placed his hands about 4 inches from her head out of her sight range. Without saying anything he rolled his hands to the left. Trish’s head followed this movement even though she should not have been able to feel anything. He tried this numerous times, getting her head to turn and tilt backwards and forwards. They both found this fascinating. Next he got her to stand up and he found he could push her from behind or the side without touching her. Trish confirmed that she could feel the sensation of pressure and would just go with it. When they reversed the experiment and Trish tried the same thing on David it didn’t really work.

David says that in one of his later communications with his contacts, they warned him off doing this type of thing. He was told that these things were tricks, and that many people are capable of performing similar feats. The ability to do such things is unrelated to level of spiritual awareness, so these experiments were not helping him evolve spiritually in any way.

Entity Interaction

By the summer of 2002 the family had moved into a small rental house on Roman Way in Bicester. While living at this address a series of unusual incidents occurred.

Aerial map of Roman Way:

The main bedroom of the house was so small that it was not possible to open and close the door past the double bed, so it used to be kept open all the time. One night David and Janet were lying in bed when suddenly David felt really heavy and felt the sensation of paralysis. He was only able to move his eyes. Looking over at the doorway to the landing he saw a shadowy form walk up the stairs and pass across the open door. He then heard the girl’s bedroom door physically being opened. The shadowy form entered the room out of sight. Immediately David heard Sacha say “Oh no, not you again!” in a friendly jokey manner. After this he blacked out.

The next thing he became aware of it was morning time. After getting up he informed Janet about what had happened. It was now that he discovered that she too had been paralysed at the same time, and had also seen the shadowy form and heard Sacha speak! This startled David and brought home the reality of what had taken place. They did not speak with Sacha about it as she was quite young and they didn’t want to upset her.

If only David had experienced this incident then I would certainly suggest sleep paralysis as an explanation. This often occurs just as people are about to drop off to sleep. It is possible during sleep paralysis to experience visions of shadowy moving forms. However the likelihood that both he and Janet experienced this at the same time, and also saw and heard the same things while under paralysis is extremely low. Also there is a level of physical reality to the experience due to the fact that David said he could hear the bedroom door being opened and then Sacha reacting to the being entering the room.

While sleep paralysis cannot entirely be ruled out as an explanation, I feel there is also the possibility that Sacha experienced a visitation by an ET being, and that David and Janet were “shut down” while this took place.

Unidentified Blood

About two days after the dual paralysis incident, David went into the girl’s room to wake them up. When he looked over at Ellie’s bed he was shocked by what he was greeted with.

Ellie was lying in a very strange manner with her arms straight down by her side, almost like she was dead. And there was dried blood splattered all across her face. It was in long streaks almost like it had been splashed on her. David first assumed she had had a nose bleed in the night and rolled over into it. But there was no blood around or inside her nose, and the pillow she was lying on was completely clean.

Panicking David hurriedly woke her up. This made her worried too as she had no idea what was going on. She went to the bathroom and washed the blood off her face. There was no adequate explanation for where it had come from, to all intents and purposes it looked like someone else’s blood. Although Ellie had soon forgotten about what happened, David still dwells on what took place.

Ellie’s Dreams

Around this same time period Ellie also began to experience very specific recurring dreams which she would share with her parents. In these dreams she said that she would fly to the moon. Once there she would go and sit in classes which took place in underground rooms. In the dreams she saw herself and her parents as pterodactyls.

Ellie mentioned these particular dreams in her recorded testimony:

“I was in year two and when I went to sleep I remember flying off to the moon as a pterodactyl. That's how I saw it, as a pterodactyl. Wings like green, with wings flying. And when I got there I had a family, I had brothers and sisters, I had friends, I had a mum and dad. We used to fly around the moon and dance. I know it was the moon. It looked like a moon face. What we would do is fly around the moon, and we went back and had dinner. There was like a little house, and my mum and dad used to stay in the kitchen. I went to this school with all the others, and I used to sit in a class in the classroom, we used to have lessons…flying lessons. I don't remember anything about UFOs as such but I remember the pterodactyl. When I was younger I used to associate things with other things. I used to tell all my friends at school that I was a pterodactyl. And they all used to make fun of me for it obviously. I remember show and tell, I used to tell the teacher I was a pterodactyl who goes to the moon.”

David and Janet became quite concerned by the regularity of these dreams. They went on for about three months and after that she stopped speaking about them. It is unknown whether these dreams were anything to do with contact, but it is interesting that they took place around the same time as other unexplained incidents in the house.

These are not the only unusual dreams that Ellie has had. She has also had other recurring dreams involving craft and featuring David. Below is another statement from her recorded testimony:

“I used to remember being on this big round silver platform but I could see it had glass walls and I could see out of it, see Earth, I couldn't see stars but I knew I was in space, well that's my interpretation of it, and dad was always with me but he didn't speak, he used to just stand there, but I seemed to know what he was thinking, what he was talking about, that sort of thing. I saw other people too. They looked human...almost. They were practically human. They weren't human but they looked human. But I always remembered it as a dream.”

It is possible that these dreams were flashbacks to one or more contact experiences, and the being that she met with was not David but in fact his key Nordic contact. This would explain why she appeared to be able to talk telepathically with him. The other beings could well have been other humanoid ETs or even hybrids.

Hide and Seek

One day in 2002 David was playing hide and seek with Ellie and Sacha. Janet was out at the time. The girls went upstairs to hide in the bedroom while David counted downstairs. He went up to look for them. He couldn’t find them so decided to check back downstairs.

He suddenly heard the girls calling out loudly from above him. Heading to the bottom of the staircase he decided to bring the game to a close by offering them some cake. A moment later the girls came downstairs looking extremely troubled. They then told him that they had heard the airing cupboard door open and seen their bedroom door handle moving. Until David had called out they thought it was just him messing around.

Ellie mentioned the incident in her recorded testimony:

“What happened was dad was chasing us and taking the piss, so me and Sacha found a place to hide ourselves in. And we thought he faked going downstairs 'cause we heard him walk down, we thought he was pretending to get us to come out. And then I heard the airing cupboard next to our room, I heard the airing cupboard open, and the handle of our door started going up and down and I screamed "Dad stop it!" and the airing cupboard door closed. And dad shouted when we were screaming to him, and he was downstairs, he was down there and he came to the bottom of the stairs. And he said "Do you want any cake girls?" And we were like "What?" ‘Cause we thought he was the one who'd got in the airing cupboard.

It was while mum was at work or something in the holidays. And we came out of our room and came down and dad went up, and I remember him saying something about all the clothes in the airing cupboard were all messed up. It was very creepy.”

As mentioned previously in this report, the family experienced what appeared to be paranormal activity within the house on numerous occasions. What else could explain what had taken place? Even if the girls had heard creaking of the house and thought it was the airing cupboard door opening, this cannot account for the fact that they saw the bedroom door handle actually moving. Nor does it explain why the clothing in the cupboard appeared to have been moved around.

Grey & Foot Marking

While there were numerous incidents at Roman Way involving his daughters, there were others involving David on a more direct level. One night Janet had gone out to Bicester with her brother and his wife, leaving David at home with the girls.  His daughters had gone up to bed and he was lying on the sofa in the living room watching TV. He then began to feel what he described as a “shift in reality”. David says he has felt this on numerous occasions.

As it happened he saw something in his peripheral vision. Standing in the open doorway leading to the kitchen was a Grey being. It was quite tall in height, between 5-6 feet, and unclothed. It had a large head, almond shaped black eyes and pale grey coloured skin. This was the last thing that David remembers, he blacked out and can’t recall what happened next.

Witness drawing of the Grey in the doorway:

David woke up in the same position, and felt wrong in some way, a bit shaken. He woke up roughly 20 minutes before his wife came home, so must have been unconscious for about 4-5 hours. He had a pain in the back of his head, and his feet were also hurting. He took off his socks to check them out. On the base of his right foot he was shocked to find an intricate pattern of circles and curved lines. It immediately reminded him of a crop formation. The lines which made up the pattern were red and inflamed. It looked like someone had stamped the shape into the base of his foot.

Witness drawing of the marking on his right foot:

When Janet, her brother and sister arrived home it was clear to them that David was not his usual self. They informed him that he looked really pale, and asked him whether he was alright. The whole situation felt uncomfortable and it wasn’t long before Janet’s brother and sister left. David showed Janet the marking and explained that he had no idea where it had come from.

The marking on his foot took several days to heal and disappear. Initially it was very painful to stand on. After a while it went purple like bruising, and David found he could walk on it again.

David has thought about the possibilities for where the marking came from. He wondered if he had perhaps kicked out at something in his sleep, or got up and trod on one of his daughters toys. However there was nothing in the vicinity which could account for the strange shapes, nor was he prone to sleep walking. Also surely if he had trodden on something or kicked something so hard that it damaged his foot he would have immediately woken up with the pain.

The fact that the last thing he saw prior to finding the marking was a Grey in his proximity suggests that it was contact-related. Perhaps he was abducted and the marking was an after effect of a particular instrument being used on him. Or perhaps something was done to him in the living room directly.

Unidentified Van

Another incident happened at Roman Way which David believes may have been linked with surveillance.  The house was quite small with no front garden, just a public footpath. David used to park his car right outside the front of the house. One day he and Janet went out in the car. When they returned they found a transit van parked in their space. It was parked right up across the pavement, with the back of it facing directly into the living room window! The back of the van had two mirrored windows, and it was impossible to see what was inside of it.

David went back outside to have a better look at the van. There were things about it that just felt wrong. It looked absolutely brand new and hardly used. It clearly didn’t look like a typical workman’s van. On the side of the van was the words “Astral Windows”. There was no contact number or website.

The next day the van was still there, parked right up against the window. Both David and Janet were a little bothered by it. At first they wanted to know why it was parked there. Janet checked the internet for a company called Astral Windows but could not find anything. After a while they found the proximity of the van’s mirrored windows to be quite disconcerting, and so closed the curtains. The van remained there for two further days. Then when David came back home he found it had gone.

David has numerous thoughts about what took place. He wonders if the van may have been surveillance related and that there was a camera inside it set up to film his living room. Another theory, given the wording on the van, is that there was a more esoteric explanation.

A Warning

Around his period of his life, David had a friend who we shall name Mark. David informs me that Mark’s father worked at RAF High Wycombe and held a high ranking position.

David would sometimes meet up with Mark in Bicester for a drink. On one occasion Mark informed David that his father had warned him off speaking with him. While Mark was speaking with his father about UFOs, apparently he had told him that David was dangerous and that he should no longer meet up with him. He told him that it wasn’t a joke and that he should not be hanging around with someone who says that they are experiencing contact.

David does not know whether Mark’s father had an issue with him personally (they had never met so there was no reason to), or perhaps knew something about contact due to his high position within the military.

Wide Eyed Being & His Craft

One Sunday evening in late 2002 David decided to walk to the off licence at the bottom of Market Square and get a few cans of beer. He said goodbye to Tracy and left the house. He took the normal route around the outskirts of town. On the way he noticed that a few of the street lights were starting to flicker when he walked past them, as has happened on other occasions.

Aerial map of Market Square (The off licence no longer exists):

After getting the beer from the shop he decided to take a different route home and walk through the centre of town instead of retrace his steps. As he walked along the high street he noticed a man on the other side of the road walking the same direction as him. He continued along the road. The man crossed over and slowly came nearer until they were walking side by side. They reached the corner at the top of the street. David turned to look at the man. He had white skin, dark hair slightly Hispanic features, and was wearing a beige coloured overcoat. But the man’s eyes were not right. They looked too large for his head. The man looked directly at him. At this point David felt an extremely strong connection, a sense of overwhelming familiarity, almost like this man was his brother. He realised that this man was an ET being.

Witness drawing of the humanoid being’s face:

The being began to speak with him telepathically, saying “Can you come with me Dave?” David completely trusted this being and just replied “Yes”. They walked along a couple of roads until they reached a large open plan car park. In the corner of the car park near to the bottle banks David could see a landed silver coloured saucer-shaped craft. It was standing on three legs and had steps coming down from an open doorway down to the ground. There were other people around but they did not seem to be able to see the craft at all. When David looked directly at it, it felt like it was really far away, almost like it was there but not there at the same time. He finds this feeling extremely hard to put into words.

Witness drawing of the landed craft in the car park:

The being led him towards the craft. As they got nearer he noticed that there was some kind of energy field around the craft. They got nearer and stepped into this field. Immediately it was like the craft was fully solid and present. However when he glanced round and looked at the car park it now seemed to be really distant. It was like the energy field around the craft caused it to exist in on a different level of reality to the surroundings.

The being led him up the steps into the craft. Inside it was quite dark and compact. There was enough space for at most four people. There was a control panel covered in buttons, and a number of windows around the edge. Then the being asked him “What do you want to do?” Puzzled by this question David said “What? Can we go up into space?” Immediately he felt the craft lifting off and they shot upwards out of the atmosphere. David could not grasp the reality of what was taking place, it was too much to take in. He turned to the being and asked “So I know you do I?” To this the being gave a very cryptic answer. He said “We’ve been sharing the same dream for a long long time.”

The next thing David became aware of he was waking up in his bed and it was the following morning. David could barely fathom what had happened. He had no recollection of walking back to his house and getting into bed. It was like his normal waking life had ended up seamlessly into a dream. However it had not felt like a dream at all, it was extremely vivid and he could remember every little detail. On seeing him awake,Janet turned to him and said “What happened to you last night? You didn’t come home from the shop.” David did not tell her about what had happened as he was still trying to understand it himself. After getting up he looked around the house but could find no sign of the cans of beer he had bought from the shop.

This bizarre incident could be easily brushed off as an unusual dream. However if this were the case then why did David not remember walking back home and going to bed? He did not consume any of the beer he had bought so alcohol is not related to what took place. He has not had this happen on any other occasions, and there is no sign of it being related to a medical condition. If he had come back home then Janet would surely have seen him? The fact that she mentioned he had not come home from the shop suggests that he had gone somewhere and that something out of the ordinary took place.

Neighbour’s UFO Sighting

Towards the end of 2002 David and his family had moved again to a house on Market End Way. One day in 2003 he heard a knock on the front door. When he answered it he discovered it was his next door neighbour Scott (the drummer from heavy metal band A Trust Unclean), who appeared to be quite excited. Scott explained that he had just witnessed a UFO hovering over the house!

He had been on his way back from the shops and was walking up Buckingham Road when he looked up into the sky. There within 100 feet of the roof of David’s house he saw what looked like a gun metal grey coloured saucer-shaped object. At first he thought it was a particularly dark grey cloud but as he continued to look at it he realised it was a solid structured object hovering in the air. He observed it for a couple of minutes as he walked along the road.

David’s drawing of the UFO that Scott described seeing above the roof of his house:

At the end of the road Scott had to walk down two short streets in order to reach Market End Way. This meant briefly losing sight of the UFO. When he got onto Market End Way he looked back above the house but the object was no longer present. As far as David is aware he did not return to Buckingham Road to see if it reappeared, he immediately headed to his house to let him know what he had just seen.

There is of course the possibility that what Scott had witnessed was some kind of inflatable object or model, however given the fact that it was positioned over David’s house there is also the possibility that it was an ET craft.

TV Images

One night an extremely unusual incident involving the TV took place. David found himself walking downstairs into the living room. Due to the fact it was after dark he immediately assumed that he was dreaming. He entered the room he sat down on the sofa. He then realised that the television was on. It appeared to be showing many moving images one after the other extremely fast, almost like it was changing channels continuously. Many of the images were so fast that it was hard to see what they were, but David recalls seeing people marching, two children sitting together, various scenery and other symbolic things.

Strangely although this was happening David did not react in a normal manner. He did not get up and go and check the TV or try switching it off. He just sat there and watched the images. This went on for several minutes. Then he began to see the image of a woman’s face superimposed over the other changing images. She was white, with curly brown-blonde coloured hair. She had very large blue eyes and strangely her mouth appeared too large for her face, almost like the picture was distorted. She was staring right at David with a very peculiar expression. David finds it hard to describe this expression, but it has haunted him ever since and makes his hair stand on end when he thinks too much about it.

The woman’s face stared at him for about ten seconds. Then suddenly the TV switched off and he found himself in darkness. At this moment he realised he was not dreaming but was actually sitting in the living room! Upon realising this, the absurdness of the situation began to sink in. He knew it had actually taken place as he was not lying down on the sofa like he had just woken up from a dream. And instead of going straight to sleep afterwards he got up off the sofa and went to get a drink and have a cigarette. In the end he did go back upstairs and went to bed.

This is a very odd experience, and could possibly have been another “information download”. Could the images David saw on the TV have been shown to him on purpose? David says there were far more images displayed than the number of TV channels they had, tending to suggest that it was not merely a fault with the television.

The face which appeared at the close of the experience is another fascinating aspect. Who was this woman? Certainly it was no-one David had seen before or since. Why appear to David without saying anything to him? Was this being the source of what was happening? As you can see there are many unanswered questions regarding this incident.

UFO Landing & Line of Beings

In the summer of 2004 an extremely unusual experience took place. David was on his way back to the house with his friend Ricky. It was about 10pm and was a clear night. Due to the time of year the sun had not fully set so the stars were not yet present in the sky.

They were driving along Charbridge Lane on the South East edge of Bicester. After driving around the roundabout where Peregrine Way joins Charbridge Lane, David suddenly became aware of a bright object up in the sky out of the right side windows. It was behind them off to the right of the car to the South of their location.

Aerial map of Charbridge Lane showing the location of the witnesses’ car (A) and estimated position of the UFO (B):

Photograph from Charbridge Lane in the direction the UFO was first observed:

The object looked like a brightly glowing white orb of light. It appeared to be between 500-1000 feet high and about 200 feet away from the road. It was hard to estimate the size but it looked large, and was definitely a glowing object in the atmosphere rather than something distant out in space. Ricky was especially fascinated by the object as up until this point he had never seen a UFO.

The object was moving almost parallel to the road. Rather than travelling on a straight course the object was undulating in dipped arcs and also slowly descending as it moved. Between each arc it would briefly stop moving. It was travelling a little faster than the car, David estimates between 60-100 mph, so slowly came up alongside them and then continued onward a short distance ahead.

Witness drawing of the glowing UFO and its movement path:

They continued to drive, talking about the object saying to each other “Wow this is a really good sighting here!” By the time they had travelled round the next island where Gavray Drive meets Charbridge Lane, the object was very low indeed. They knew by this time that this object was coming down and was going to land in the fields off to the right of the road. The witnesses were previously familiar with this area of land, and refer to as the “Ghost Fields”.

A short distance on from the island they pulled in at the side of the road. Opposite them was a stile that led on to a public footpath through the trees. They got one final look at the object just before it disappeared behind the tree line. At this point it could only have been 100 feet in the air at most.

Aerial map showing the location where the UFO was first spotted (A), and where the witnesses stopped the car (B):

Photograph of where the stile used to be, now replaced with a metal gate:

As it vanished from sight, David and Ricky looked at each other. They both knew this was an opportunity to possibly observe an actual UFO on the ground. David asked Ricky “How brave are you feeling? Come on Rick, we’ve stopped the car here, there’s a footpath into those fields, let’s go.” David informs me that Ricky is a relatively brave guy. He agreed to leave the car and go to look for the landed object.

They crossed over the stile and began walking down the footpath, which was rather overgrown and strewn with debris. Continuing along the path they entered the corner of the field which lies directly alongside the road. As they did, they both expected to see the landed object right there in front of them. Everything was very quiet and un-nerving.

Photograph of the footpath. David claims that it used to be more overgrown than it is today:

David says that back in 2004 the field was covered in crop rather than grass. They began to walk along the Western edge of the field. Across the far side of the field they could see the other hedgerow with clumps of trees. As they got to about 2/3 of the way along the field they began to see a glowing white light emanating from behind this hedgerow. It was immediately obvious that the object had come down in the next field across from them.

The witnesses decided to stop and light up a cigarette. They were quite un-nerved by this point and hesitant to get any closer to the object. David felt sure that this was not his usual Nordic contacts. He says that whenever he has had contact with the Nordics he is aware when they are going to appear, like an innate psychic sense. On this occasion he did not have this sense, so instinctively knew that this was something else. He knew that this was nothing to do with him, and that they were just in the right place at the right time.

Aerial map showing the route the witnesses took across the field and estimated position of the landed UFO:

Photograph of how the field now looks, taken from where the witnessed stood. The light was seen behind the trees in the distance on the right:

The witnesses stood still and watched the light. They expected to observe the UFO take off again, but this did not happen. They decided between one another that they would wait for 10 minutes and see if anything occured, and if not they would approach the trees for a closer look.

All of a sudden a line of figures appeared from out of the trees and vegetation. David believes there were at least 12, perhaps more. They appeared to be male and were wearing white suits that covered them entirely, similar to biological hazard suits. The suits had visors for the figures to see through. The beings were between 5-6 feet tall, typical adult height. They were walking shoulder to shoulder but were not uniformly arranged, some were closer to each other than others. What David found particularly strange was that the vegetation looked quite thick across the far side of the field and yet these figures had all appeared at once in a long line. It seemed impossible that they would be able to maintain this formation, almost like they were ghostly and had literally walked through the vegetation rather than stepped around it.

David’s drawing of the line of beings:

The figures started walking across the field heading in a Western direction towards the road, almost as if they were looking for something on the ground. The witnesses didn’t really know what to do. After about 30 seconds Ricky lifted his hand and pointed at them.

Seemingly reacting to this, one of the figures stopped and turned towards them. At this moment David had a vision of the beings face right up next to his. It was as though the being had instantly moved to within inches of his face. Through the visor David could see that this figure was humanoid in its features. It looked like a man, about 40 years old, with brown hair and eyebrows. His eyes had dark irises and were staring intensely at him. However his skin appeared to be a pale blue colour, and looked more leather-like than human skin, almost like a model. It reminded him of an Action Man doll. David says that it is possible the blue colouration could have been from the visor rather than the man’s face, it was hard to say either way for sure.

David’s drawing of the face of the being close up:

David then heard a very clear and direct message inside his mind – “Fuck off!” At this he felt utter dread in the pit of his stomach. He immediately turned and ran, not even thinking about Ricky. It was only when he reached the stile at the edge of the road that he realised Ricky was right there just behind him. Both men jumped over the stile, ran over the road and got back into the car. Immediately afterwards a police car happened to drive past. David thought to himself “They’ve got no idea what is going on in the field within hundreds of feet of them”.

He turned to Ricky and said “Sorry mate about running.” He then proceeded to tell Ricky what he had seen and heard in his mind. At this moment Ricky informed him that he had experienced almost exactly the same thing! Just like David he had seen the being turn and look at them, then had seen it right up next to his face staring at him. However the message that he heard in his mind was “Fuck off, go away!” He then had an overwhelming sense of uneasiness, and had then turned and ran, not caring about whether David was there with him or not.

The witnesses decided not to remain in the area any longer so continued their drive home. As they drove they discussed what had taken place, including what the beings may have been. The general appearance of them was that they had been human. However the psychic vision and telepathic message, skin tone and texture, and the way in which the beings had emerged from the vegetation suggested otherwise.

Neither of the witnesses returned to the incident location afterwards, so we have no way of knowing how long the UFO remained at the location for, or whether there were any ground markings left behind. Unfortunately the field is so overgrown and boggy now that it was not possible to walk to the estimated location where the UFO seemed to have landed. It is unlikely that after 10 years there would have been anything to see anyway. The below photo shows how close we did manage to get before giving up:

The whole incident felt extremely surreal to both witnesses. While out at the field with me as part of the investigation David tried to sum up how he felt about what took place:

“It was all too crazy. We weren’t ready for it, we weren’t in control.  But it was quite an experience. Because what happened was so objective, so random. It was clearly nothing personally to do with us. It just took place. And we ran away. We ran away! With my own contacts there’s always been a lot of love and security based around it. They go to great lengths to make you feel secure in their presence. So it’s different, this was not that. For some reason we were allowed to see this clip of their lives, and that happened here.

When we visited the field David had not been there for many years. I asked him how he felt about being back there:

“It looks very different to be honest with you, to how it did that night, but...not weird or anything. To be fair I personally now know a lot more than I did then, so I am more comfortable with what happened. I acted in a very human way. If it happened now I’d probably try to send a message back to him and tell him we were going to stay!”

In June 2015 Ricky provided some written statements about experiences he had been present for. Regarding this incident he said the following:

"Me and Dave were driving back home from a place called Brill Hill one night. We entered Bicester and were driving past a place the locals call the Ghost Fields and we were looking around, and in the sky was a big glowing orb falling slowly from the sky side to side like a leaf would fall. It looked like it was landing a couple of fields over from the road so we decide to stop and investigate. We got out of the car and jumped over a fence that had a sort of walkway into the field through some trees. 

We entered one field and looked around and could see the orb was in the next field over, but the trees and bushes were far to dense to make it through to it, we stood and just watched for a while. I started to have a strange feeling and as I looked into a different field next to us I said to Dave "This feels weird, it's like we are in a farmers field and there should be some cows around or something." Within a second there was about 50 cows or more in the field next to us. We were feeling a bit tripped out from this and just chilled for a little while, then decided to go through the sort of walkway back towards the car. 

On the way there was a gate that you could view the whole field where the cows had appeared but there wasn't any cows anymore. Instead I looked across the field and saw about 9 humanoid beings about 30-40 yards away in some kind of white suits walking across the field in single line. I pointed it out to Dave and we watched them for a minute then one of them turned and looked at us. I felt like he was right in front of my face and then as clear as anything I heard a voice in my head saying "Fuck off, go away!" I turned to run away back through the trees and towards the car. At the same moment Dave did the same thing. We made our way and jumped over the fence and got back to the car. I asked Dave why he ran and he said he had a voice say to him "Fuck off" as well, exactly the same way I did. We then got in the car and drove home."

As you can see Ricky's testimony largely matches what David described. The only real difference is that David did not mention the appearance of the cows in the field prior to them seeing the line of beings. I quizzed him about this and he says he cannot recollect this happening, but it was dark so perhaps did not notice them.

Back To The Fields

In the months following the landing incident David and Ricky talked about what had happened with other people, including their friend Marcus. He was so intrigued by their story that he wanted to go back with them to the location that it happened for a sky watch in the hope of seeing something else.

So one evening David and Ricky took him out to the area. They arrived about 8.30pm when the sun was still going down. David and Ricky had come to terms with what had taken place so were not frightened to return there. They found a suitable spot in the same field that I visited as part of the investigation.

By 10pm it was fully dark. It was a warm and clear evening with the stars visible in the sky. The men did not have torches with them as they wanted to get the best view of the night sky. Suddenly their attention was drawn to a glowing object in the sky to the North of them. David remembers it looking like an orange glowing disc-shaped UFO. He says it was quite sizeable, at least as big as a helicopter. Astounded they watched as it glided in from the right of their vision. It was only about 500 feet in the air and appeared to be silent. The object moved on a straight path. As it arrived at the adjacent field to them it came to an immediate abrupt halt. Everyone watched in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

The UFO hovered motionless for several seconds. Then it retracted its movement heading back the opposite way that it had arrived. Marcus moved around through some overgrowth to get a better look. They watched the object until it had gone out of sight.. Everyone was quite shocked by what had just taken place. For a moment there was absolute silence. This was broken by Marcus, who suddenly started shouting out that there was something inside his jeans. In a panicked state he pulled them down expecting to find a large spider or other animal. What he discovered was a large branch with leaves on! It had been alongside his upper thigh.

After Marcus removed the branch they sat down and discussed what they had just witnessed. Later in the night Marcus decided to take some photographs on his camera and get the others to take some with him in. Nothing else took place so they headed for home about 12.30am.

The following day Marcus excitedly contacted David. When he had checked the photographs there were orange glowing lights seen in the background behind them!

I finally got to speak with Marcus when I visited Bicester in May 2015. He confirmed that David and Ricky had mentioned to him what happened to them and that he had been responsible for initiating the sky watch. While his recollection of what happened there is similar to David’s in some regards, he does not recall seeing an orange disc-shaped object. He remembers just seeing a brilliantly glowing yellow-ish coloured light. He says it caught his attention because it looked too bright and large to be a normal aircraft. When asked about the movement of the UFO, Marcus agrees that it came in, stopped a while, and then moved away from the area. He does not believe that the branch was anything unusual, he just says that when he moved around in the overgrowth it must have accidentally slid up the inside of his leg and broken off. Marcus informed me he would send through the photographs for me to analyse, although he does suspect that the orange lights are merely reflections from the street lights on Charbridge Lane.

Below are the photographs taken on Marcus’ camera, which he sent to me soon after my visit:

The orange lights are most pronounced in the third photograph of Marcus and David, but can still be seen on the others to a lesser degree. Below is a zoomed image of some of them:

However Marcus believes that they are merely street lights from Charbridge Lane, as the photographs were taken in that direction. As they are in a line and also quite low down I too feel this is the most likely explanation for them.

Nordic Body Scan

About 4-5 months after the landing incident, David was stood in the back garden of his house and chatting with Ricky. It was about 12.30 am, and a clear and dry night. Janet and the children had already gone to bed.

Aerial map of Market End Way:

Coming from over the rooftops at the left far corner of the garden they suddenly noticed an angular silver coloured saucer-shaped UFO. It had a raised central section with a line of dark rectangular windows along it. There were no lights visible on it, it was only visible due to the reflection of street lights on its surface. It was completely silent. The whole object looked almost old fashioned in its appearance. It was about 20 feet across and no more than 50 feet in the air.

David’s drawing of the UFO over the garden:

The UFO approached them at walking pace and then came to a halt over the tree line at the base of the garden, hovering motionless in the air roughly 20 feet away from them. The presence of this object felt completely surreal to David, despite his previous experiences.

Almost immediately David then got a strong telepathic message in his mind telling him to go inside the house and sit down. He was in a state where he was on the verge of losing control. He turned to Ricky and said “Come on then, let’s go inside”. David says that he did this because he trusted the beings, but says that he doesn’t think it would make any difference if he didn’t. Ricky was in total shock and a place of open awareness, and David says that he would have done anything he was told at that time. They both stopped looking at the craft and went back into the living room, which lead directly off the garden. David closed the door behind them. He did not switch the light on so the room was quite dark. He has no idea why he did not put the light on as normally he would have.

David sat down on one of the two sofas, Ricky sat on the other. They both sat cross-legged as if they were preparing to meditate. About 10-20 seconds later three Nordic beings entered the room, actually stepping through the solid back door of the house! The first was the one that looks very similar to David. Accompanying him were two other males, probably two of the ones he had seen during the abduction, although David cannot be certain of this. The one that looked like him appeared to be co-ordinating the other two and David sensed that there was communication going on between them telepathically.

The Nordic that looked like David stood between the two sofas. One of the other males got down on one knee close to David. The other went and sat on the other sofa alongside Ricky. Ricky continued to stare straight forward. The being alongside him turned and looked intensely at him. David believes that it was controlling him in some way. A moment later David blacked out and was not aware of what happened next.

David’s drawing of himself, Ricky and the beings in the living room:

However afterwards Ricky explained what had taken place. He said that David turned and lay down on the sofa, like he was being controlled to do so by the beings. The Nordic who had been kneeling near him then began to run a device which looked like a bar covered in lights up and down under David’s body. This would of course usually have been impossible without lifting him up off the sofa, but Ricky said that this did not happen. The beings arm appeared to be going through the sofa under David and he could see different coloured lights spilling out from under him. The being would move the device to a part of David’s body, stop it over that place for a time, at which point the lights would change colour like it was responding to something in his body. It was some kind of body scan, perhaps healing him in some way.

As they did this, the being sitting next to Ricky spoke to him telepathically. He kept ascertaining that everything they were doing was ok and that he didn’t need to panic. Once the activity was complete, the being alongside David lifted him back up into a normal seated position. At this moment David came back around and became aware of what was going on. He looked across at Ricky, who was now looking at the being next to him. At this moment David saw the being wave at Ricky in an almost child-like way. After this the beings got back up to their feet and then all walked out of the room, once again stepping through the closed back door.

For about a minute David and Ricky sat in the darkened room in silence. Everything was still and quiet until Ricky exclaimed “That was fucking mad!” David was still in a state of confusion and responded saying “Yeah....what happened?” Ricky said “Mate they were doing shit on you. Don’t you remember?” David answered him saying “I don’t remember that. I remember the guys walking in.”

As David thought back, he recalled seeing the craft out in the garden, but he says it felt like remembering something that had happened ages ago in his past rather than something that had only occurred a short while before. They started to talk through the event to make it seem real to them. David felt that if they didn’t do this they would possibly forget about it. He says that his contact experiences always feel like this. He wonders if there are other experiences he has had which have been completely forgotten.

In the morning when Janet woke up David told her about what had happened during the night. She accepted it quite well as this was far from the first time that such things had taken place.

Both this experience, and the craft landing which occurred earlier in the same year, deeply affected Ricky’s perspective on reality. In a similar way to David his personality dramatically changed as he began to accept what had occurred. 

Neither of the men had a camera on them at the time, and David believes that even if they did have they were not have been in the right frame of mind to take a photograph of either the craft or the Nordic beings.

Below is Ricky's written testimony of what took place:

"Me and Dave were meditating at his house one night up Kings End in Bicester reaching a higher level of consciousness, or a greater level of awareness, whichever you like to call it. During the middle of the night we decided to go out in his back garden and look at the stars for a while as it was a clear night. Dave went to the back of the garden looking towards the house and I was standing looking the other way towards where the Highfield Club is near there. I was looking up and a huge black rectangular shaped craft came over head moving really slow and not very high in the sky at all. I could see symbols on the craft and so much intricate detail all over it. I watched it slowly fly over towards the Highfield Club until it got so low I couldn't see over the fence anymore but it looked like it was going to land somewhere close  by.

I realized I was so gobsmacked I didn't even get to point to dave to show him so I told him wat I just saw, we decided to go back inside and meditate some more in his living room. About 10 minutes later I had a feeling that someone was in the room with us so I opened my eyes from the meditation and looked around and saw some beings walking straight through Daves back door while it was still closed. They were humanoid and looked like they had glowing shells to them. You could barely notice features of their faces or anything but they were in the room with us. One of them came and sat on the sofa right next to me, another came to the center of the living room and another stayed near the back door.

I had a thought in my head to go and sit next to Dave on the other sofa but as soon as I had that thought Dave lay down. The being in the center of the living room walked over to Dave and started running his hand around Dave's body and the beings hand had light coming from it it looked like they were scanning his body for something. This went on for a few minutes then the being turned and walked back towards the back door. The being sat next to me then looked right at me and put a hand up and started waving and waving right in my face. I smiled and watched them walk back through the back door. A few seconds later Dave sat up and looked at me and said "I think we just had contact Rick!" I laughed and said "Yeah, you think!?"

While the general details of what took place are very similar, it is clear that there are a few aspects of this testimony which don't match David's version of events. Ricky seems to recall the craft looking like a black rectangle where as David described a more classic saucer shape. However it is clear from both testimonies that there were no lights on the craft and it was only visible because of ground lighting reflecting off its surface. As Ricky was standing at a different position to David perhaps his interpretation of its shape was different as a result.

David is adamant that both he and Ricky were under control during the experience, yet Ricky's testimony suggests that they had free will throughout it. Also David is certain that Ricky mentioned that the being which performed the scan was holding an instrument of some kind, yet in his testimony he suggests that the light was coming from the being's own hand. However these are minor points which could well have been down to individual perception. In most multiple witness cases it is common for there to be discrepancies. It is clear that both witnesses lived through the same experience.

Orbs Photographs

Around this period of his life David was in a heavy metal band called Primeval with Ricky and another friend Luke, who is now the bass guitarist for technical metal band Scream Blue Murder. They decided to get some band photographs taken at Rodney House, a civil servants club on the outskirts of Bicester. When they checked the photos there were lots of orbs on them. On one photograph there was a massive orb right next to David which appeared to have a human male face inside it. Both David and Luke say that this seemed too pronounced to be a simulacrum.

Aerial map of Rodney House:

Obviously many orbs captured on photos can be explained as dust particles or water droplets captured in the lens, but I have mentioned this because all of the band members have had other experiences. Luke thinks he may still have the photographs and may be able to send them to me in due course.

Luke recalls David and Ricky speaking about the experiences they were having at the time. When I interviewed him in May 2015 he stated the following:

“I didn’t see much directly with them around that time as I had a girlfriend and stuff so a lot of the time didn’t hang around with them. But they were having experiences at the time, I remember them talking about them with me.”

He also confirmed that they spoke to him about the Ghost Fields landing incident:

“I remember them telling me about this, just about. I can’t tell you much about the detail, but I can remember it being mentioned.”

Close To Death

One day in June 2006 David was at his parent’s house in Bridgend, Wales, when he began to experience a very unusual feeling. It felt like a very strong malevolent presence in his proximity. David described this as “the feeling you would get if you were standing in an elevator alongside a murderer who wished you harm but was not able to touch you physically”. This feeling was horrendous, like an invisible entity right there which he felt certain wanted to cause him harm.

David decided that the best thing to do would be to try and ignore it and go to sleep. As he dropped off he could still feel the presence there with him.

The next thing he became aware of he found himself waking up from a four day long coma in a bed at Princess Of Wales Hospital. There was a pretty Chinese nurse leaning over him and for a brief moment he thought he was dead and had gone to heaven! As he came out of the coma he mentioned something, he cannot remember exactly what as he was feeling extremely dazed.

He remembers the nurse responding to a question he had asked, saying “No, you’re in hospital”. She then told him that they were going to put him in a wheelchair and move him to another ward. He was lifted out of the bed as his muscles were not functioning well. As she moved him, the nurse explained that he was being moved through to the psychiatric ward for 28 days observation. When David asked why, the nurse said “You were asking about aliens, you said you’d been with the aliens.”

David was soon able to speak with the doctors and find out what had taken place. They informed him that for an unknown reason he had got out of bed at 2 o’clock in the morning, dressed himself and walked downstairs. He then drank both his mother’s bottle of Diazapan followed by an entire bottle of whiskey. After this he left the house, walked half a mile away, and then collapsed at the edge of a farmer’s field.

David could well have died there, either from what he had ingested or of exposure due to the cold. However an ambulance was driving past the field. The driver decided he needed a quick cigarette break so pulled up at the edge of the field - right alongside where David was lying! He got out of the ambulance, walked into the field and looked down to see David at his feet. He of course rushed David to hospital, and luckily managed to save his life.

During the following month, David’s parents came to visit him regularly. His friends Ricky and Marcus also made the journey to Bridgend to come and see him.

While recovering in hospital David actually experienced an ET visitation! One afternoon he was just relaxing on the bed and fully awake. As with most hospitals, the bed was surrounded in tall curtains segregating it off from the rest of the ward. Suddenly his key contact appeared, accompanied by two other male Nordics. As with previous experiences, David was focused on his key contact so did not see the other two in great detail, they were just there in the background.

His key contact explained to him that he had undergone a spiritual attack, and that it had been an attempt on his life. They informed him that although they had not been able to protect him from what happened, they had ensured that he survived. David believes that they may have played a part in getting the ambulance to stop at that exact place, and may have also taken him meta-physically aboard a craft while he lay in the hospital and assisted with his healing. The being said that he was still in danger while he was in the hospital, which is why they were watching over him.

David was not able to ascertain exactly what had attacked him. His contact informed him that there were other interests which did not want him here. David got the impression that it was complex, and that it likely involved another ET species. The telepathic communication with his key contact seemed to go on for about five minutes. After this the beings departed just as rapidly as they had initially appeared. Nobody else on the ward had any clue as to what had just taken place.

During his time in hospital David regularly chatted with the nurses about his contact experiences. Some of them were absolutely fascinated by what he talked about, and even asked him if he would be interested in going out for a drink after he was discharged!

Towards the end of the month David had a meeting with twelve doctors to assess his mental health. They called him into a room and asked him to sit down. However it soon became apparent that all they were interested in asking him about was the aliens he had mentioned. David sensed that he should tell these doctors the truth, so he held nothing back.

The meeting went on for about four hours, and the individuals present wanted to know every little detail of his contact experiences. One of them seemed to be trying to wind David up, perhaps to see how he would react. At the end of it they told him that he appeared to be mentally stable and that he was free to go home.

David later found out that on the same night he was admitted, two UFOs were both observed and photographed hovering motionless right over the hospital by multiple witnesses! According to David, the incident made the national newspapers including The Sun. Police helicopters were actually sent out to engage the UFOs, which looked like glowing white lights. However whenever the helicopters got close to them they would vanish. When the helicopters moved away they would reappear. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to track down any of the articles, but if I do they will be added to this report.

Shadow People

There have been numerous occasions where David and others around him have seen shadow-like beings either enter him or emerge out from him. One day he was standing in the kitchen on his own doing the washing up. He was in quite a relaxed state of mind at the time. Suddenly he felt the feeling of something rushing up behind him really fast. At this unsettling feeling he turned around to see what was there. He didn’t see anything at first.

Then without warning he saw a dark shadowy human-like shape run around the bottom of the stairs. It ran straight at him extremely fast. As it got closer he could see its limbs actually moving back and forth like it was sprinting towards him. It continued to approach and ran straight into him, disappearing as it did.

On another occasion when he was 30, David was around Luke’s house. He and Luke were out in the back garden while Luke’s girlfriend was in the kitchen. She could see them out of the window. Suddenly David felt enlightened like something had lifted up out of him. At the same moment Luke’s girlfriend screamed from the kitchen.

Luke ran into the house to find out what had happened. A few minutes later he came back outside and asked David to leave. When David asked why, Luke informed him that his girlfriend had seen a black shadowy form rise up out of him and shoot straight upwards into the air. Luke had been right next to him and hadn’t seen anything. However his girlfriend was convinced that it had not just been a trick of the light, and was so disturbed by what she had seen that she didn’t want to see or speak with David! Reluctantly he agreed and headed back home.

David says there have been other similar incidents to these, but finds it had to remember the specific details.

Driving Lessons

Late one evening in 2006 David was out driving in Bicester, enjoying his relatively new car. It was between 11.30pm - midnight and there were hardly any other vehicles on the road. He was driving along Charbridge Lane, a bit further along from the field where he and Ricky had previously witnessed the UFO landing.

He looked in the rear view mirror and was surprised to see a male Nordic being sitting on the back seat. This one was familiar to him and was one of the beings he had seen on previous occasions. He had short brown hair, handsome facial features and a pale complexion. It was quite dark at the time so David could not really see what he was wearing. The sudden appearance of this being did not really frighten David, by 2006 he was completely comfortable with his contact experiences.

The Nordic began to speak with David telepathically, conveying the message that he wanted to take control of David’s body in order to experience what it was like to drive a car. David was aware that the being did not want to completely take him over, he just wanted to share the experience of driving while giving David enough control over the situation to remain safe. David was quite happy with the Nordic’s request and agreed.

A moment later he felt the being inside his mind. He allowed the being some control over his actions so he could experience driving the car. He sensed that the being was thrilled by this and was enjoying the experience. They approached a roundabout, drove around it, returned back along the stretch of road to the next roundabout and then came back round again. This lasted about 10 minutes as they were driving quite slowly.

After this the being departed and David felt he had regained full control over his actions. He then continued on his journey back home.

An Implant Detected?

In 2007 when David was 30 years old he worked for a number of months at Bakels bread-manufacturing company on the industrial estate in Bicester. His job was to fill bags with processed grain and pile them up for fork lift trucks to take away. The grain would reach him via a conveyor belt. Just before it reached him it would pass under a metal detector that lay over the conveyor belt. This was designed to ensure that the grain was free of any small metal fragments before it was bagged.

One day David got impatient at the speed of the conveyor belt. He put his right hand through the metal detector to grab hold of the grain and push it through faster. To his surprise the metal detector went off! The conveyor belt immediately stopped and the supervisor approached him. He asked what had happened and David explained. He informed David that he should not put his hand through the detector with metal jewelry on. This is where David told him that he wasn’t wearing any jewelry.

The supervisor asked him to put his hand through the detector again. Once more it went off. He then tried doing the same with his own hand, to which nothing happened. He informed David that he must have something metal in his hand. David was by now fully aware that he was experiencing contact. He was also aware of alien implants, and wondered if there was one inside his hand. Of course he did not explain all of this to the supervisor; he just shrugged it off and continued with his work.

David has not yet looked into this incident any further. He is unaware of what the object could have been or whether it is still there in his hand. It is of course possible that it was some kind of metal splinter; however he could not find any scars which would suggest injury. In the coming months we hope to get hold of a metal detector and verify whether or not the object is still present. If it is then we may attempt to obtain an X-Ray photograph of it. Any updates on this will be added to this report in due course.

Ego Loss

In the summer of 2007 David, Ricky, Ricky’s brother Shane, Phil, Sam and a couple of other friends all headed down to Wiltshire to visit locations, look for crop formations and do some sky watching. It was really nice weather, clear and sunny. The group took a large tent with them which they set up two fields behind Silbury Hill, a prehistoric artificial chalk mound close to Avebury.

Aerial map of Silbury Hill. Note the faded crop formation in the wheat field towards the top:

Photograph of Silbury Hill:

It was the early hours of the morning and everyone was sitting in a circle inside the tent relaxing and socializing. All of a sudden David got the sense that his Nordic contacts were in the vicinity. He felt that they were right outside the tent. They then started speaking to him telepathically. He sensed that they wished to use his body as a vessel as they had done on previous occasions, and demonstrate some things to the others present in the tent. David was not surprised by this as when they had set off on their excursion to Wiltshire he felt that they may have been travelling down there for a reason.

The next thing David knew he had a slight visual sense of them coming into the tent through the entrance. He sat cross-legged and put himself into a meditative state. A moment later he felt one of them become part of him. As on previous occasions it was not a complete takeover of his body, he was still aware of what was taking place, but allowed them to use him however they wished. They were in control of his actions.

Under control, David turned to his right and looked directly at Phil who was sitting next to him. He also reached out and held his arms. Phil looked back at him and then immediately began screaming extremely loudly. He fell backwards onto his back still screaming as he went. Everyone else in the tent was understandably shocked and were staring at Phil. Within 5 minutes he had calmed right back down and was acting normally again. By this time David had felt the Nordic leave him and depart.

He asked Phil what had just taken place. Phil said that when he looked into David’s eyes it was like staring into infinity, just blackness. He then felt like he was falling into this blackness, almost like falling off a cliff. This is why he had literally fallen backwards. He was understandably quite shaken up by what had taken place but was not frightened. He sensed that something unusual had gone on and was more than likely to do with David’s contacts.

Soon afterwards Ricky confirmed that he had seen a figure leaving the tent just as Phil was starting to recover. He initially assumed it was one of the group, but when he looked around he found that everyone was still present. Ricky believes that he was able to see one of the beings physically exiting the tent.

David did not fully explain what had happened to everyone in the tent. He felt that some of the people present were not ready to hear such things, so allowed people to make up their own mind about what had happened.

At a later date David was informed by the Nordics that what Phil had undergone was something they referred to as “ego loss”. They explained that this can be the most disorientating experience that a human being can have.  David feels that this was done to set Phil off on his spiritual journey and begin to open up to the reality of these beings. This would lead on to a more direct experience in 2012 (see later).

Hooded Grey

By the time he was 31, David was used to the fact that odd things were occurring in his property and that he was experiencing contact on a regular basis. One night he was lying in bed in the dark. Janet was asleep next to him but he was having difficulty sleeping. He closed his eyes a while to try and settle down.

Suddenly he felt a little unusual. Opening his eyes he was greeted with the sight of a Grey standing in the room on the far side of the bed. It looked extremely physical and solid. It was wearing a black hooded shawl. It had pale grey coloured skin and large jet black slanted eyes. Its nose just looked like two small nostrils and it had a horizontal slit for a mouth. It appeared to be about 5.5 feet tall. The clothing it was wearing looked like it was made out of velvet.

Witness drawing of the hooded Grey:

David stared into the eyes of the being. They reminded him of the eyes of a spider – black and shiny, with no sign of any emotion. Despite the presence of this being he felt completely in control and so didn’t panic. He was more intrigued to see what it would do.

The Grey was standing still but had a bit of movement to it indicating that it was very much alive. He decided to attempt to converse with it telepathically. In his mind he asked “Can you hear me?” To this question he got no response back. Lying there he thought to himself “I’m going to reach out and grab a hold of him!”

He plucked up enough courage, then suddenly reached out towards the being. It instantly reacted to this movement like it had already anticipated what he was going to do. It moved its arm back away from David’s reach, and then immediately dissipated away to nothing. David still wonders what it was doing there on that particular evening and what its intentions were.

Psychic Connection

In the summer of 2007 Ricky came to visit David in Bridgend. They were walking through town and were chatting about psychics. They wondered what it would be like to visit a psychic and get a reading done. At that moment they looked up and noticed a sign on the wall of Bridgend Spiritualist Church advertising a medium who would be giving readings that evening! They decided out of interest to go along.

Aerial map showing the location of Bridgend Spiritualist Church:

Photograph of Bridgend Spiritualist Church:

That evening they and over 100 other people sat inside the church hall while the medium took to the stage in front of them. At first she was giving a reading to another lady for about five minutes. But soon she looked directly at David and said “I’ve got someone here to talk to you, but you’ve got to decide for yourself whether you are happy for it to be said out loud or not. I’ll give you a few minutes to decide.” She then continued with the other reading.

David was surprised that she had picked him out of such a large audience as he had not spoken to her beforehand. However he decided that it would be ok for her to proceed with his reading. After a few minutes she came back to him and began to talk.

She said that she had a man there with her who looked just like him. She said this man had strange powerful energy which she had never experienced before. She then started telling David about himself. She told him he was interested in song-writing and poetry. She said he had been through a hard time recently, but had strong convictions and was here for a purpose. A lot of what she was saying was quite open to interpretation and not particularly specific which annoyed David a little. He was also a little embarrassed at how long she was taking with him considering the number of people there who would also no doubt be after readings of their own.

At the end of the night just as he was about to leave, the medium approached David. She appeared overcome with emotion and just said “That was amazing! That was amazing!” She then asked if she could touch his arm, which he allowed. She informed him that she had connected with a being which looked similar to him in facial features, but who had shoulder length white hair and a beard. It was clear to David that she was talking about his key contact. As he left the building he looked back and could see her still staring in his direction. She certainly appeared to have been deeply affected by what had taken place.

Stoke Woods Possible Abduction

In 2008 David used to live with Ricky on the outskirts of Bicester. He would regularly walk back to Market End Way to visit his daughters. To make this journey he would walk along the B4300 which led past Stoke Woods. One early afternoon he was heading along the usual route, walking along the grass verge at the edge of the road. It was a pleasant and still day. The road was quiet and there were no other pedestrians around. Stoke Woods was ahead of him and off to his right about 500 yards away.

He was looking over at the woods as he walked. Suddenly he saw what appeared to be a glowing orange saucer-shaped object. It appeared to be at least the size of a small aircraft. It rose up into the sky from the direction of the woods and moved towards his location at quite a fast speed. Within a few seconds the object was about 150 yards away from him and he was looking up at it at quite a steep angle.

Witness drawing of the UFO rising up out of Stoke Woods:

Then all of a sudden it had vanished. It was now that he realized he was no longer on the grass verge but was standing in the middle of the road at roughly the same location he had been in just a moment before. He felt slightly dazed. He walked back to the verge, lit up a cigarette then continued his journey to Bicester. Once he arrived he informed Janet about what had happened, and later on told Ricky too.

The fact that David instantly switched positions tends to suggest that he may have been abducted by the UFO, put back down near to the location he was picked up at, and had the memories of the experience completely wiped from his memory. This would also explain why the UFO was there one moment then suddenly disappeared. David is unaware if he experienced any missing time. If so, it was clear that this was not extensive. But he did not have a watch or mobile phone, and the walk was so long that there was no way of knowing if any time was lost when he finally did arrive at Market End Way.

Imaginary Friend?

Later that same year Ellie began to see what she believed was an imaginary friend. She would see her regularly in her proximity, and have discussions with her. Ellie went over this in quite good detail during her recorded testimony:

“I never had an imaginary friend before, and I was eight years old. And she was always there, whenever I got in she was there. She had really pale skin. She looked like an angel but not dressed like one. She didn't have wings or nothing. She was my best friend. I don't believe now in imaginary friends, but she was so real.

At that point I think I was feeling lonely almost. And I was feeling like I needed someone. I kept trying to have imaginary friends but I couldn't. And then all of a sudden this girl called Amy was there. She told me her name was Amy and that she was ten. I know that she was two years older than me, she was ten. And then all of a sudden she told me that she had to go and that we'd never meet again.

She was like a typical angel, she had blue eyes, pale skin, really light blonde hair, she was about as tall as I am now. She just talked to me like a friend would, like she'd known me all my life. I always believed in guardian angels. I thought she was like someone sent down to me sort of thing. She used to just talk to me, comfort me and make me feel better. Like when you talk to people you feel better, that's how it'd be.”

David recalls hearing Ellie speak with Amy on numerous occasions. Looking at it from a contact perspective, it is clear that Amy had a similar appearance to a Nordic being. Could Ellie have been in contact with an ET during this period? David certainly feels that this was the case. And eight is quite an old age to see and interact with an imagined individual. On the other hand, Ellie did say that she was lonely and desperately wanted an imaginary friend. We are unlikely to never know for sure, but it is yet another example of possible contact with David’s direct family.

Car Wash

Ellie has another unusual memory of an event which David is convinced did not actually take place.  She recalls an incident where the neighbours asked her if she wanted to go for a car wash. She agreed to this and they picked her up and took her there. She then recalls being in the back seat and watching the car being washed.

Below is an extract from her recorded testimony where she discusses this memory:

“We were all out in the garden and they asked me if I wanted to go to the car wash, ‘cause I was talking about how I'd never been in one. So I went over the fence through their house. They lifted me over the wall. And we went to the car wash. And I remember sitting in the back seat. And I'd never seen a car wash before, I remembered what it looked like, the big twizzly things that washed it and all the spray, it was quite fun being in it and not spraying on me. It was lit up.

I don't remember them being in the car though. Or coming back. But I remember it like it happened, I remember it like my other childhood memories, not like a dream, I remember some things as a dream and some things as life. I remember it like I remember doing anything.”

David assures me that this incident did not take place. His neighbours would simply not have taken Ellie without asking permission and he is certain that they never did. He wonders if Ellie is recalling a screen memory of an abduction experience. As there is evidence that Ellie is experiencing contact this is certainly a possibility worth considering.

Mind Reading

Just like David, it appears that Ellie too may have psychic abilities, something which has a clear link with contact. When she was younger she was seemingly able to read the minds of her classmates. She also felt like she knew her grandfather and had spoken with him on numerous occasions, even though he died before she was even born.

Ellie described these experiences in her recorded testimony:

“When I was in year five we'd be on the playground, and my friends would be talking about me, but I wouldn't be anywhere near them, and I would know what they're talking about about me. I used to ask them "Why were you talking about me?" and they'd say "How did you know that?"

I also feel I have a connection to granddad. I feel like I know him, but I've never met him before in my life. He died before I was born. I just felt like I knew him and that I met him all the time. I remember I used to talk to him.”

It certainly appears that like her father Ellie has experienced incidents of a psychic nature, another sign that she may well be a contactee.

Octopus Man

In June 2008 David went camping in Avebury, Wiltshire with Ricky, Ellie and Sacha. They went down there to relax, sky watch and look for crop formations. They set up their tents in the field just North of Silbury Hill.

On the first night David decided to go to sleep around 11.30pm. Ricky decided to stay up later and go for a wander around the area on his own. In the morning Ricky popped his head into the tent and asked Dave if he had some spare tobacco. David was well aware that Ricky had his own tobacco so asked him what had happened to it.

Ricky said that while he was out during the night he had been visited by an ET being who spoke with him for a short while. Ricky referred to this being as an “octopus man”. He said he had tentacles on his face which reminded him of Davy Jones off the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The being told him that they would meet again in the future. Strangely the being had then asked him for his tobacco. Ricky handed it over to him and then the being vanished, taking it with him.

This story was of course bizarre, but David says he had no reason to doubt Ricky, and he appeared to be telling the truth. Ricky then went back outside. David decided to join him for a morning cigarette so got out of the tent. Ellie also got out. Ricky was facing away from them at the time, and standing about 10 feet away. David looked at him, waiting for him to return his tobacco so he could roll a cigarette.

Out of the blue the missing tobacco seemed to re-materialise in thin air about 2.5 feet above Ricky’s head! It dropped down and landed on the top of his head, before falling to the floor. Ricky bent down and picked it up saying “Oh cool, that’s nice of him, he sent it back!” David was quite certain that Ricky had not thrown the tobacco up into the air himself, as he was in the middle of rolling a cigarette and his arms did not move. Ellie had also seen what happened and exclaimed “Did you see that?!”

The remainder of the Wiltshire visit went by without further incident. However just as Ricky had been told this was not to be the last time he would meet this strange being.

Ellie recollects witnessing the re-appearance of the tobacco. In her recorded testimony she states the following:

“I remember being stood behind Ricky who was going to the toilet, and then like some baccy sort of fell on his head from the sky. He picked it up, and I remember him telling dad and everything. About the baccy he'd lost the previous night. It was in the morning. ‘Cause I remember we were at Silbiry Hill. He'd gone to the toilet, and I wanted the toilet as well ‘cause I'd gone over with him, and he showed me where to go to the toilet and it was the morning. And it was just after we'd all woken up and were getting up. I remember dad was walking towards us at the time. I was stood behind him, and it just fell.”

The following summer David and Ricky went on another camping trip, this time to Dragon Hill in Uffington. There is some castle ruins at the location and they felt it may be a good place to experience something paranormal.

Photograph of Dragon Hill:

It was after dark and they were sitting on the field where the ruins are situated. Suddenly they noticed a very bright white light moving in their direction. It was at an altitude of about 500 feet. It appeared to be about 20-30 feet across but this was quite hard to discern. As it got near to them at an angle of about 85 degrees in the sky it came to a halt. They both looked up staring at it. David was getting nothing from it, no telepathic messages or feeling that it was his usual contacts.

Suddenly Ricky exclaimed “Ahhh are you getting this?” David simply responded “No”. Ricky said “It’s the octopus man who took my baccy last year!” David said “OK” and then remained calm so as not to interrupt Ricky’s communication with this being.

After about 20 seconds the light began moving again at quite a fast speed, faster than a helicopter or low altitude plane would fly at. Ricky told David that the being had said “I promised you I’d see you again and here I am. I would have come down but I can’t come down while he’s there, I don’t like those guys.” The being was seemingly aware that David was experiencing contact, and for an unknown reason had an issue with the ETs he was in contact with.

The Door Bell

On a night in 2011 Derek was woken from his sleep by the doorbell of his current house in Bridgend ringing. When he opened his eyes he realised there was a figure standing in the room near to the bed. It was nothing more than a silhouette due to the darkness in the room. David says that his father used to keep a sword under the bed in case of burglars and that he reached down to grab it. When he looked back up there was nobody there.

Derek then got up out of bed and went to the front door. When he opened it there was nobody there either. He stepped outside onto the front garden and had a look around. The garden is quite open and there is nowhere really for anyone to hide. After finding nothing, he went back inside and back up to bed without waking his wife.

This incident could certainly be put down to a vivid hypnogogic experience. Perhaps someone rang the doorbell for a joke and then as Derek awoke his brain briefly imagined a figure standing in the room. Or maybe both the sound of the doorbell and the figure were both part of a dream. However we should also look into more paranormal explanations.

Perhaps the being seen was a humanoid ET visiting Derek which quickly vanished when it realised he was consciously aware of it. However if so then you would have to assume the door bell was related to this experience. You would have to question exactly why the ETs would physically ring the doorbell of the household, or cause it to ring, if they were trying not to be seen. Perhaps a more fitting explanation would be a haunting of the property. Poltergeist cases often feature activity such as this, with electrical devices functioning by themselves and appearances of ghostly apparitions. We are unlikely to ever know for certain either way.

Woodland Nordic Visitation

At numerous times through his life David has decided to get away from everything and move away from his house and family for periods of time. For several months in mid-2012 David lived in a tent at the end of a long path through an area of woodland close to Bure Park. He nicknamed this location “Eden”.

Aerial map showing the location where David’s tent was pitched:

Photograph of the pitch location:

While he was living in the tent his friends would come to visit him from time to time. One evening in September Phil came down to see him. They went out for a walk around some open fields close to where his tent was pitched.

By the time they came back it was about 12.30am. It was a clear night with the stars visible above them. There was nobody else around at the time. They reached a tree in the middle of the path. David needed to use the loo so continued along the path to find some privacy. Phil remained behind waiting for him.

A minute later David returned to where Phil was standing. He immediately became aware that he was no longer alone. Phil was standing alongside the tree. Standing in front of him was the same female Nordic he had seen in his trigger abduction experience. Instead of wearing a blue jumpsuit she appeared to be wearing a suit that was mottled green and brown colours, almost like army camouflage.

Across the other side of the path in the background were two male Nordics. David could not see them clearly as it was quite dark, they were just silhouettes. He believes they were likely to be two of the male beings he had seen aboard the craft, but was not able to confirm this.

Aerial map showing the visitation location:

Photograph from David’s perspective:

Drawing by David from his viewpoint:

Photograph from Phil’s perspective:

Phil and the female Nordic were staring at each other. David could not hear any words being spoken, but afterwards Phil confirmed he had been in telepathic communication with her. David just stood still and let it happen. It was clear to him that this was intended for Phil rather than himself.

After a couple of minutes the female being lifted her right arm up in the air. Seemingly mirroring this action, Phil also lifted his arm into the air. Then without warning the three beings faded away into thin air over a couple of seconds, almost like smoke. Phil was left standing there on his own again.

David approached Phil and asked him what had just taken place. Phil was understandably quite shocked by what had happened. He said that he had felt very controlled and absorbed in the situation, which is why he had not called out. He said that he had been speaking telepathically with the female. He could not really put into words what had been communicated. It had felt like a massive amount of information on many different concepts and themes had been transferred directly to him, rather than actual audible words. David believes that Phil was being “triggered” in a similar way that he himself had been during the abduction experience.

During the communication Phil was having a hard time accepting the being’s reality and had asked her if she was real. She had confirmed that she was, and Phil had asked her to move for him to prove this, as she was standing quite still and he was worried that he was going into a psychosis and having a visual hallucination. In response to this the Nordic had said “Look I’m real” and had lifted her arm into the air. Phil did not realise that he had copied her and lifted his own arm almost like a child would do.

Phil’s whole perception on reality has changed since this experience. He is now deeply spiritual and also runs a website looking into contact and conspiracy theories. On 31st August 2014 Phil sent me a written testimonial of what took place:

“On an evening in September 2012 I was visiting Dave; he was homeless at this time. Dave had setup a camp in a small nature reserve located in Bure Park. We’d decided to go for a walk; at this point it was the early hours of the next morning.

As I was walking down the lane toward Eden, I noticed something I’d never observed before; in my peripheral vision. This attracted my attention, so I turned to my right; I was now facing a humanoid being which appeared to be female. I seemed at peace, so I continued to walk the short distance toward her.

She was roughly the same height as me (6ft), as we stood eye to eye when facing one another. This being had long dark hair with a pal skin tone. Her eyes were big and black, yet angelic. I noticed that her jaw-line was elongated, which caused both her chin and mouth to be disproportionate to her eyes. This didn’t match the overall facial features of a person. The space around her was colourful but distorted. I’d never seen that before and was what initial attracted my attention.

So by now I had some questions forming in my mind about the validity of what I was experiencing. Before I could form a sentence, every question was getting answered. This seemed far beyond the rate of intelligence that I’ve ever observed in myself. I’m sure we were communicating via telepathy.  All I could hear was ambient noise’s, I was never able speak; not one word spoken.

I felt compelled to check the solidity of this humanoid figure, so I placed my right hand on her left shoulder. At this point I realised that this was very real, I felt slightly uneasy. Then I looked behind my right shoulder to gain a reference on the scenes unfolding before my eyes, it was still the environment that I knew as Bure Park. Something seemed unusually about the area behind me, I got the impression that I was looking at two other beings; but was unable to see anything. It seemed as if I were observing physic traits, what I would describe as characteristics picked up from telepathic chatter. When I looked back this being was pointing in the direction in which I just looked; I never saw her move her arm.

She was trying to direct my attention toward the area behind me, I looked back in the direction that she pointed; I didn’t see anything. After looking around I realised that I couldn’t seen Dave. It was suggested that I go and retrieve him from the bottom of Eden. My next question was “What if you aren’t here when I get back”. Then I could see this mental imagine of this being Dave and I all stood communicating. I felt fine about leaving and continued to walk to the bottom of the lane.

Sure enough Dave was at the bottom of Eden, I asked what he was doing but he wasn’t sure. So I asked if he wanted to say hi to this being I’d just met. Dave’s personality didn’t seem any different and agreed. So we continued to walk back down the lane. As we did so Dave had already acknowledged the being as we approached, I didn’t need to point it out. As we got closer he said “Hiya mate”, this action validated my perceptions even further. Once arriving back, we all stood in one another’s company not speaking. At this point I became fearful of the reality I was facing, I raised my hand to the being and then it disappeared.

After this Dave and I walked back toward the camp, I stayed all night in the end.”

On reading this testimony from Phil it is clear that there are a few discrepancies between his and David’s recollection of events. On all the times that David has met with the female Nordic being she has appeared to have almost human-looking eyes, only slightly larger and more almond-shaped than normal. However Phil remembers her eyes as being large and black in colour, similar to a Grey. Also he recalls seeing shimmering colours around her, whereas David did not see this, either at this time or on any of the other times he has seen her. David believes that she may have projected a different image to Phil than to himself, perhaps due to his direct connection with the beings.

Regarding the other two Nordics it is clear from David’s recollection that he was able to see them standing in the shadows. However from Phil’s testimony we can see that he did not physically see them, but did get the impression that there were two other beings standing there. It is possible that on that night David was more attuned to seeing them than Phil, or perhaps they were simply more visible from David's perspective.

The most unusual discrepancy is related to what each witness recalls happening towards the end of the experience. David is quite certain that he walked back from the area with the tent of his own free will, and at this moment saw Phil standing in front of the female Nordic, while the other two waited in the background. He watched until the female disappeared after which he approached Phil and discussed what had happened.

As you can see from Phil’s testimony, he recalls actually going and getting David and returning with him. He even remembers David speaking directly with the being as they approached. Neither witness believes that they are confused about what happened. David feels that Phil was in an altered state of reality which led to the differences with his recollection of the experience.

Both witnesses are completely open about the fact that there are discrepancies within their accounts of what happened, and there is absolutely no indication that either witness is making anything up.

Grey at the Window

Tracey currently lives in a bungalow in Bridgend, Wales. She sleeps in the front room of the house. The window that looks out to the front garden is right at the head of her bed. At night she draws blinds across this window to block out the light given off from a nearby street lamp.

One night in the summer of 2012 David was stopping over at the bungalow. Everyone had settled down and she went to switch off the light in her room. As she did the glow of the street lamp outside of the window lit up the silhouette of a figure standing outside. It looked like a Grey being, short in height with an over-sized head. Tracey was absolutely terrified and could not move.

David has no idea of how long she saw it for and whether it moved or not. All he knows is that his sister informed him about it the following morning. She blamed David, and in a way felt that this experience was his fault because of the fact he was staying over. If Tracy provides a written testimony of her experiences at some point this may shed more light on what happened that night.

Sports Field UFOs

One night in November 2013 David and Adam were out in Caversfield, North Bicester. It was around 7.30pm but due to the time of year it was already dark. David received an unexpected call from their friend “Howard” (Name changed for privacy reasons). Like David and Adam, Howard is a musician who regularly plays at folk rock gigs and festivals, and is also a contactee. He has known Adam for many years after meeting him at one of these gigs. As they live close to one another in Bure Park, Bicester they became good friends.

At the time Howard was having trouble coming to terms with the reality of his own contact experiences, and wanted to speak to David about this. David suggested they meet up with him at the local sports field.

Aerial map of Caversfield sports field:

They arrived their first, and Howard shortly after. No sooner had he arrived that there started to be some UFO activity up in the sky over the field. They saw roughly 7 or 8 white lights moving in different directions across the sky.

Both David and Adam are aware of what satellites look like, but there were far too many at once for them to have been this. Also the movement patterns these lights were performing made it clear they were not satellites. They watched as two lights travelled towards one another. As they got to a short distance of one another they stopped moving and then began arcing and tumbling around one another while continuing to move across the sky. Another couple of lights moved towards one another then suddenly both performed a right angle turn and began moving across the sky alongside one another. They then both lit up extremely brightly, before continuing on their way.

David’s drawing showing the movement patterns of four of the lights:

In addition to all the white lights, a number of orange coloured lights lit up in the distance. They started going on and off hovering motionless in the sky.      

Despite these unexplained glowing objects, Howard seemed more interested in speaking with David. Adam was bemused, as he was sitting against the fence watching all this activity going on while David and Howard were talking. When I met with Howard he explained to me the reason for this:

“I had become aware of the energy source we are all linked to, and for that month or two all I was focusing on was connecting with this. On that day I was in a lot of sorrow because I felt disconnected. I knew that it was my own doing, the only reason I wasn’t at peace was because of the thoughts in my head. So I got out to the field and there were fucking loads of craft above us and I didn’t give a shit.”

Although he was largely ignoring it, Howard did still see the UFO activity:

“At first we saw a few on the horizon. And then they started to move around. They started disappearing and reappearing, and then they just started moving around. They were moving around the sky, following each other, almost like dancing with each other around the sky. That lasted quite a while really. I remember them being white, but they were mainly orange ones on the horizon.”

The UFO activity continued for about 20 minutes. After this time the white star-like objects departed. Some of them shot away at incredible speeds, while others faded away or simply blinked out. The orange lights remained in the distance for the duration. But once the white lights had gone they too seemed to switch off.

David feels certain that the orange lights in the distance were not Chinese lanterns as they remained visible for around 20 minutes and were stationary in the sky for this time. Lanterns tend to drift into different patterns or all travel on the same path in more windy conditions. Even though it is in fact theoretically possible for lanterns to burn for this long they usually don’t stay lit for this length of time.

Due to the extreme manoeuvres of the white lights seen above the sports field I feel that mundane explanations can be ruled out. They could not have been satellites as these do not change direction or speed. They were moving far too fast and controlled to be white coloured LED balloons, and the speed also rules out the idea of them being distant helicopters.

David pointed out that it was a clear night with no cloud, so the lights could not have been caused by laser lights from a show or nearby nightclub bouncing off the cloud layer. He feels sure that the experience was linked directly to Howard, and when he came to the sports field he brought the UFOs with him.

Musical Intervention

In the early noughties David and Adam wrote and performed musical tracks under the moniker “Unnamed 23-1”. In early 2014 David spent a week working on music tracks at Adam’s recording studio. Each day during this week he would head on round there about 9.30am and stay until the evening.

Early in the week they worked on a track called “Major Tom”. This is not a David Bowie cover but is a song about an extra-terrestrial being who gets stranded on Earth and then questioned by the military. They were having difficulties with the mixing of the track. They decided to sleep on it and try again the following morning.

During the night Adam awoke with the sense of someone in his vicinity, and the feeling that he should keep calm. He looked across the room and saw a humanoid figure standing at the mixing desk. It was in semi-darkness but the figure was translucent and looked almost “glassy”. Rather than jump out of bed or try to communicate, Adam simply dropped back off to sleep.

In the morning he checked the track and found that it was now mixed perfectly! He immediately sent David a text saying “You need to come over and hear this!” When David arrived Adam went over what he recalled taking place before playing the track.

If this incident had been the only thing that took place that week, one could argue that Adam had simply had a dream and had completed the track himself in a state of semi-awareness. However there was more to come.

Two days later Adam felt a little unwell. He rang David and asked if he could wait until mid-day before coming round. David agreed and then sat down on the sofa, thinking to himself that he had a few hours to kill.

The next thing he became aware of he was waking up, still seated on the sofa. He felt he must have been asleep, but this did not make sense to him as he had not felt tired at all. Initially he was worried that he had massively overslept and missed his meet up time with Adam. He quickly confirmed that this was not the case by checking the clock. It was around 10.45 am.

David then realised that he could hear the lyrics of a song in his mind. It was as if he already knew how the entire song would go, both the chords for it and the words he would sing. He did not have to think about it at all. He just went into the kitchen, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the lyrics. There was no considering the wording, or crossing out and replacing words like he would usually do when coming up with a new track. It was already inside his mind. David says it felt like writing a cover for a song that already existed. Once the lyrics were down, he then grabbed his guitar and started playing. Everything happened near automatically. By 11.30 am he had the song entirely written.

He headed across Adam’s house for mid-day as agreed. As soon as he arrived he just exclaimed “Mate I’ve got the tune! You have to hear this!” He played it for Adam who agreed that it was fine and required no changes. By 1pm the song was fully recorded in a single take!

Strange as it may seem, David feels certain that this song has come directly from his Nordic contacts. The song, entitled “Love Is Here”, is a profound song about the existence of real love on Earth. David feels that the beings wish for others to hear the message within the song, using David as the vessel for this

David also informed me of a third strange incident which took place later in the week. He and Adam were close to a window overlooking the street. All of a sudden both of them felt like they were being watched. In the same moment they both independently glanced at the window. For a split second they thought they saw a man standing in a particular window in the building on the opposite side of the street. The man had appeared to be staring at them. However it soon became clear that there was no-one there. They confirmed with each other about what they had just seen.

Living Room Visitation

Soon after the recording studio incidents David, Adam and Phil were stood in David’s living room discussing their music. David’s two daughters were also present and listening in to the conversation. Janet was out at the time with friends. It was a dry and clear evening outside. It was about 9.30pm and Adam and Phil were planning to leave as they had been there for at least a couple of hours.

Everyone was standing in a semi-circle. They were all talking normally. But suddenly everything seemed to slow right down and the conversation began to fragment. Both Phil and Adam remarked that someone had opened the gate and was coming up the front drive of the house. After this it felt like everything had frozen in time. They remained there for a period of time without saying a word. Then Ellie blurted out “I’m scared!” This seemed to somehow cause everything to return to normal.  David turned to her and asked “Are you alright?” Then Adam exclaimed “I’ll go and close the front door.”

It was at this moment that everyone noticed the front door of the house was open and should not be. Nobody knew why the door was open. It was clear to everyone that they had not lost much time at all, only a few minutes, although they did not check the clock to confirm this. They all confirmed that something unusual had taken place. There was nothing more to be done, so Adam and Phil set off on their journey home. David says that for the next 20 minutes or so Ellie was very “clingy” and wanted to remain close to him.

Ellie mentioned this incident in her recorded testimony, stating the following:

“We were all sat talking and the gate opened, and there was someone coming up, and then all of a sudden I was scared, and then Adam got up and the front door was open, not much but it was open. I was sat down, I remember being sat down. I think mum had gone out for drinks. I don't remember if everyone else was sat down. Everyone was going "Oh there's nothing to be afraid of it's just the wind" and I was really scared so Adam, I think it was Adam, went over to the door and it was open.”

That night David had a very vivid dream. In this dream he saw everything which took place earlier in the evening. He saw three Nordic beings walk up the drive, open the front door and come into the living room. One of the trio appeared to be taking the lead on proceedings. This being looked like a normal human male. He had white skin with blond hair. He appeared to be slightly shorter than David.

The being began to speak with everyone telepathically. Rather than actual physical words, he conveyed particular thoughts into the heads of those present. The general theme of what was being conveyed was that they needed to stick with the music and not give up on it. After this message the three beings silently left the room and walked back out of the house.

The following morning David decided to keep the dream to himself, as he had no way of proving that it was what had actually happened.  However he did note that everyone seemed very enthusiastic about progressing with song recording. It is hard to say if this was a direct result of the incident or not, but this is certainly a possibility.

Flying Triangle Sighting

In 2014 David’s friend Emma began planning a book themed on ET contact. At the time she was quite sceptical towards the subject but found it fascinating. She was aware of David’s experiences so asked him if he would be in the book. He agreed and they went and visited a number of locations where Emma interviewed David on dictaphone in much the same manner that I did during my investigation.

David is a great listener, and often helps his friends through tough times. In April 2014 Emma came round at about 11pm to pick up David from his home and ask for his advice on something personal. It was a calm night but there was a cloud layer blocking out the stars and moon.

David knows of a great outdoor location called Brill Hill near the village of Brill, South East of Bicester. This has a nice view of the surroundings and is nice and peaceful, the perfect place to chat. He suggested to Emma that they drive to Brill Hill and she agreed. They set off on their 20 minute journey.

Aerial map indicating Bicester (A) and Brill (B):

About 6 minutes into the drive they were travelling along the B4011. Due to the time of night there was no other traffic on the road. They were passing through Upper Arncott and were close to Bullingdon Prison when Emma suddenly noticed something in the sky ahead of them off to the right.

She asked David “What’s that?” David immediately noticed the object too. It appeared to be equilateral triangle shape and black in colour, although this could have been due to the darkness. At each corner of the underside was a white light. In the centre of the object was a reddish-orange coloured light. The precise height and size of the object was quite hard to gauge, but it appeared to be at around 1500 feet at most, and about the size of a small aircraft.

Aerial map showing the estimated location of the sighting:

Photograph of the stretch of road where the incident took place:

David’s drawing of the UFO:

David responded to Emma’s question saying “Looks like a UFO!” Shocked by the sight of the object Emma slowed the car right down to about 30 mph but did not stop. David leaned his head out of the right side window to get a better view of it. The object was travelling at between 200-300 mph. It continued to approach and then flew directly over the car. David could see that it was blocking out the clouds so was definitely a solid object rather than just lights flying in formation. As it passed Emma asked David “Can you still see it?” David turned to her a moment and said “Yeah”. When he looked back the object had completely vanished from sight, even though there was nowhere it could have been hidden from view. In total they had observed the UFO for about 20 seconds.

Emma continued to drive slowly for the remaining 10 miles to Brill. She was clearly shaken by what had taken place and did not really say much. However once they had arrived at their destination she started to panic more, and also wanted to talk about what they had just seen. David informed me that this sighting totally changed her attitude towards the UFO subject. He was also very impressed and told me “It was one of the most impressive craft I’ve seen, with all my friends, even when we’ve had contact. It was one of the closest of craft that have ever come to us.”

Due to the time of night and how rural the area was David is not sure whether anyone else would have seen the UFO. However he says that if someone was outside in the prison grounds at the time then they may well have spotted it.


In the summer of 2014 David and Adam decided to re-form their band under the name Cosmosis. They were initially joined by Phil as their bass guitarist and another friend Paul (nicknamed "Pabz") on Cajon drum. In the spring of 2015 their friend Grant replaced Phil as the bass guitarist in the band.

Since then Cosmosis have produced and recorded many tracks, and have played regular gigs down in Oxfordshire. Many of the songs have deep lyrics about ETs, contact and spiritual awakening. The group members feel that the band provides them with a great way of sharing information on these deep subjects with the wider public.

Panoramic photograph of Cosmosis playing at the O2 Arena in Oxford, August 2015:

The bands first music video, “Hodrien”, is themed on ET contact and is named after myself for my work on the case. It is a fascinating mix of music and spoken word, and features a full conversation between a contactee (played by Adam) and an extra-terrestrial being. Here is the video for the track, which contains audio samples from my 2013 UFO Truth Magazine conference lecture, and footage of other well-known Ufologists:

The Facebook page for the band, on which you can find details of upcoming gigs is:

Shadow Being Interaction

On 5th September 2014 David got in touch with me to go over an incident which had happened on the night of the 2nd. That evening David was out working on a music video. He returned home with Phil at around 11pm. Soon afterwards Phil left and David decided he would get an early night.

David often sleeps on the floor of his daughter’s bedroom. When he went upstairs he found the girl’s bedroom light was on. Both his daughters were fast asleep. He switched the light off and laid down on the floor between their beds. He tried dropping off to sleep but was not particularly tired.

The bedroom has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and as the light had been on these were glowing brightly. As David lay there in the dark staring up at them he suddenly heard a noise which came from the far corner of the room next to the cupboard. It sounded like something had moved. He looked over but could not see anything so lay back down.

Two minutes later there was a sudden flash of light which came from the same corner. It was almost like someone had switched a torch on and off extremely fast. At this moment he felt that something was about to kick off and his heart started beating faster. He wondered what was going to happen next.

Ellie was asleep on her bed but suddenly began to talk in her sleep. She began by saying “Uh. Uh huh...ok...yeah.” 10 seconds later she said “Uh....what, again?” Another 10 seconds passed. “What now....uhhh ok.” At this moment she sat bolt upright in bed. As soon as she did David noticed a shadowy form of some kind in the corner of the room where the flash had occurred. It began moving across the room towards Ellie's bed. As it passed the window it blocked out the light so was clearly there in the room, but it was not fully physical as it passed right through some boxes on the floor as it went.

When it reached the edge of the bed it continued on into it and positioned itself behind Ellie. It then seemed to envelop her, almost like it was hugging her. As soon as it did Ellie said “Oh man, I hate this bit!” She and the shadowy form then remained silent and unmoving for about 2-3 minutes. After this it seemed to slowly dissipate. Once it had gone Ellie lay back down on the bed, still fully asleep. David was amazed and realised that he had just witnessed an interaction between his daughter and an entity of some kind. It appeared to have been talking to her in her mind and she was audibly speaking her responses.

In the morning David came downstairs. Ellie was there getting ready for school. He said to her “What was going on with you last night?” Ellie responded “What?” She was clearly intrigued by what David had just said. David responded saying “Oh you were saying things during the night.” He did not want to tell her about the shadowy form as he did not want to frighten her. However Ellie responded saying that she had gone to bed about 10 o’clock but every time she turned off the light she would see a black figure standing in the corner of the room! She would put the light on and the figure would vanish. She said this happened several times and in the end she had left the light on and dropped off to sleep with it on.

After realising that Ellie had seen the same thing that he had seen he responded saying “I saw that being last night when I was lying in bed.” Ellie said “He was there all night.” Ellie could not remember any interaction with it, but she knew that it was there waiting in the room when she was trying to fall asleep.

Ellie mentioned this and similar previous experiences in her recorded testimony:

“I don't think I've ever been awake for the entity, though I felt weird in the morning, waking up. I remember sometimes waking up and feeling like people are there, I'm talking to them, like I'm talking to dad, I can see them pretty much, it's like I'm in a dream but I'm awake. And dad like says "What you doing?" and it snaps me out and they're not there anymore. And then I sit up and turn the alarm clock off.

One time was when we stayed at Shaun's house, and we were sleeping in one of the bedrooms, me and Sach, and this shadow was stood in the corner, it was bending down and looking at me. And at first I was really scared, then I fell asleep, I don't know how I fell asleep.

And then when I was sleeping in the little bedroom, cause I'd been in a room with Sacha and then I come back again, and I used to wake up to this like really tall shadow used to be stood right over me. And it used to really creep me out. And it happened for a few weeks and then all of a sudden stopped. But I remember putting my lamp on and it'd go.”

Regarding the incident at Shaun’s house, David says that he was downstairs at the time and actually felt a presence enter the house. He even questioned Shaun afterwards just to make sure because he lived in quite a big house. He asked him whether he'd had any instances of ghosts or anything like that in the house and he assured him that nothing had ever happened.

Ellie also mentioned occasions where she has sensed an invisible presence in the room:

“It's usually when I'm on my own. I'd just be on my own in my bedroom and all of a sudden I feel more cold. I was in my bedroom when we'd first moved in, I was watching mum and the dog in the front garden and something spoke to me. Something said to me, it went "What?" So I turned round and I was like "Ahh didn't really hear that" and then I heard a mumbled voice like going "Hurrr". And nobody was in the house, I don't know where dad and Sacha were but I know they weren't there.”

Lights through the Trees

There are a number of fields on the Northern edge of Bicester where David and his friends like to meet up, walk and chat. Alongside these fields lies an area of woodland known as Cotmore Covert. One evening he and Adam were down at the fields and were planning to go and hang out at this wooded area.

Aerial map of Cotmore Covert showing the postion of the witnesses:

As they walked along the edge of the field towards Cotmore Covert they suddenly saw some strange moving glowing lights coming from within the trees. These lights were blue-white in colour and seemed to move through the trees quite a distance rather than being at a particular location. They felt they were close enough to hear other people, but it was completely silent. They were a little spooked as they knew there were no houses or roads out on the far side of the woods, so they decided not to go in there.

They turned round and started walking back into the adjacent field. Suddenly there were three loud thudding noises in quick succession. They were so loud that they could feel the vibrations in the ground. The first two thuds came from ahead of them in the direction of another copse of trees about 100 yards away. The third thud came from off to their left and seemed to come from one of the other surrounding fields. David does not believe that it was an echo of one of the first two sounds.

Aerial map of the copse of trees:

A moment later there was a bright sparkle of lights which exploded from inside the copse down by the ground! It was extremely bright but again there was absolutely no noise. Inside the copse is a clearing where people sometimes like to relax and even have bonfires. However David and Adam were certain that there was nobody there at the time as they would have been able to see the glow of the fire or hear people talking.

Photograph of the copse of trees from the location the witnesses were when they saw the lights:

They both felt uneasy by all this strange activity going on around them, so decided to leave the fields and head for home. They did not investigate further to find out the source of any of the lights they had seen. 

On a later occasion when they visited Cotmore Covert they came across signs of possible witchcraft, including small wooden figures hanging from branches, piles of cones which had clearly been collected by hand and other branches leant up against trees. David and Adam wonder whether there was some kind of magical ritual going on in the woods at that time which they had witnessed from a distance.

Meeting Aboard Craft

One night David’s friend "Howard" invited him to come along to his friend Kat’s house for a social gathering. At the time David believed that he had never met Kat before. When they arrived Kat came up to them and greeted them warmly. Immediately David began to get vivid flashbacks. He realised that he had met her aboard a craft during one of his abduction experiences!

He recalled seeing her standing in a small sized room, quite dark and with long benches. She was stood up and wearing a long black T-shirt. Her legs were exposed suggesting these were her bedclothes. She was in a state of shock and was crying uncontrollably. He was standing next to her with his hand on her back. He was assuring her that the ETs were ok and that she didn’t need to panic. Despite this reassurance she continued to cry.

David felt a bit overwhelmed at this realisation. At the time it appeared that he had recognised her straight away but she had seemingly not recognised him. He kept what he knew to himself as he didn’t think it was appropriate to bring it up out of the blue.

Over the next few weeks they happened to meet on other occasions. On about the 4th time they met Kat began to speak about the abduction. She told David that she remembered meeting him aboard a craft. David simply responded by saying “I know” and smiling at her. Not much more was said about it. David believes that although they had shared this experience, Kat was not really ready to open up about it.

After this conversation they seemed to part ways. David later heard through friends that she was frightened to speak with him. Kat is no longer in touch with either David or Howard. David says that she has locked herself away from everything and does not seem to have come to terms with what is happening to her.

Further Surveillance

Earlier in this report I have gone over numerous incidents where David felt he was being watched by Military Intelligence, including one involving an unidentified van. In 2014 David noticed another van that kept parking directly opposite his house for extended periods of time. It looked like a motor home and was in good condition. It was parked there on numerous occasions, and certainly felt out of place.

David wasn’t the only one to be concerned by this vehicle. His next door neighbour Becky also noticed it. One day she came and spoke with him about it. She said that she had seen a man in overalls get out of it and walk off. She wondered if the man was living in it. They went out to take another look at the van. It was now that David noticed that the licence plate was OXF MI5. This could of course have just been a coincidence, but considering the fact that Bicester is in the district of Oxfordshire, he wondered if the van was related to Military Intelligence and that they were letting him know that he was being watched.

David got back in touch with me at the end of September 2014 to go over several unusual experiences which had taken place during the previous week down at the sports field in Caversfield where they had previously seen the glowing UFOs.

Most evenings David would take his pet dog over the field for a walk. On both the 23rd and 24th September David noticed couples who were acting very strangely. They were continuously looking over their shoulders at him, looking away when he glanced in their direction. They were also stretching far too regularly for the entire 40 minutes which he was down there. Obviously there was no way to prove that they were monitoring him in some way, so he decided not to take it on board.


On the evening of the 25th David noticed a short lady with dark hair wearing sunglasses. Again she seemed to be staring at him, and would actively look away when he looked at her. He started to pay close attention to what she was doing. As he walked around the outer fence he kept an eye on her. The lady turned around and just stood seemingly staring at nothing. She had her back to him the whole time, but there was nothing for her to be looking at as she too was close to the fence on the opposite side of the field.

David decided he would approach the lady to see how she would react. He began to walk towards her across the field. As he approached she continued to stand facing away from him. But as he got within 5 metres of her without warning she took off her sunglasses, put them in her pocket, turned and briskly walked away out of the gate to the field. She was walking so fast the sunglasses fell out of her pocket. David thought about shouting after her but he let her walk away. He picked up the sunglasses. They were like no shades he had ever seen before. They were quite wide, and on the outer inside edges was mirrored glass. He put them on and his thoughts were immediately confirmed – the sunglasses allow you to see behind you over both your shoulders, almost like vehicle wing mirrors.

It was clear that the woman had been staring at him all along, and that when she was facing away from him seemingly staring blankly at the fence she in fact could see everything going on behind her! David took some photographs of the sunglasses and sent them to me.

Within a week of the incident the sunglasses had gone. David says that he had kept them on the window ledge of the main window of his living room. He noticed one day that they were missing. Neither Janet nor his daughters had any reason to move them, but he asked them just in case.

After I had taken the details from David about this unusual experience, I of course actively searched online but could not find a match for the sunglasses anywhere. For a long while both myself and David wondered if the woman seen down the park was involved in surveillance. However in 2017 the shades were traced back to E-Bay alongside other mirrored "spy sunglasses". This tends to suggest that the lady was not involved in officially monitoring David. However the reason why she was clearly watching him as he walked around the park remains a mystery.

Electronic Interference

David has experienced many occasions where electrical devices have seemingly been affected by his presence, sometimes with other witnesses present. This is a well-documented side effect of contact, and has been reported in many other cases I have investigated.

At the North West end of the sports field in Caversfield there is a running track. Sometimes David and his friends like to walk around it while they talk.

Aerial map showing the location of the running track:

Photograph of the running track:

As you can see from the above photo, there are a number of lamp-posts around the track which come on during the evening. On numerous occasions while walking around the track the streetlights have switched off one at a time as they have walked past before switching back on again! Both Adam and Howard have witnessed this while down the track with David. On at least a couple of times they have decided to walk round numerous times and even back track on themselves, and they continued to switch off whenever they got close to them. David said that on these occasions they were only walking at a normal speed so would not have been causing excessive vibrations. This can therefore be ruled out as a possible explanation.

David says that most times this has taken place they happened to be discussing deep spiritual concepts. He wonders if this somehow causes the electrical interference to increase in strength or even triggers it entirely.

On the evening of 28th October 2014 I contacted David to continue going over some of his earlier experiences for this report. He had decided to go for a walk around the running track on his own to ensure it was quiet for our chat. As we were talking he suddenly informed me that as he had walked past one of the lights it had switched off. About 30 yards on he then informed me that it had come back on again. Shortly after this it went off and came back on a second time.

He continued around the track. The next time he walked past the same light he informed me that exactly the same thing had just happened, it once again switched off as he walked by it! It certainly appears that his presence was causing some kind of interference with this single light. Unfortunately he has an old phone without a camera so was not able to video this happening, but I have no reason to doubt that this was taking place as he stated.

David’s daughter Ellie has also witnessed this happen on numerous occasions when she has been out with him. In her recorded testimony she mentions the following:

“I remember it started when dad was babysitting and we used to walk home, and as we walked along the lamp post we were walking past would start flickering, and as soon as we got past it and we were a few metres away it would stop. It only did it as we were coming near it.  Whenever we walk past lamp posts, they're flickering.”

There have also been many occasions where David has gone shopping and when he has approached the till to pay it has stopped working. This has also happened with computers and electronic scanners. David believes it is happening far too regularly to be just down to coincidence. It happens so often that David actively avoids using electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones, and leads a relatively tech-free life.

There have been periods of time where loads of light bulbs have blown in quick succession around the house. David has not noted any direct correlation between this and contact experiences he has had. But again it could well be related to his contact experiences.

When I initially traveled down Bicester to investigate David’s case I took along a dictaphone to record the interview. In the morning before setting off I checked it and ensured it was at top battery capacity. However after utilising it about half an hour during the investigation I noticed that it had dropped right down to just 1 bar out of 4. I have not seen it do this before or since. We actually had to stop at a local shop in order for me to pick up fresh batteries as I had not anticipated it would run out.

Reptilian Walk Ins

Over the years there have been a number of incidents where various individuals have seen David’s appearance change to that of a Reptilian. If this had only happened once or twice it could perhaps been put down to imagination or a trick of the light, but according to David it has happened at least fifteen times in the presence of many different people, not all of which have had an interest in the UFO subject. Below are details of just some of these incidents.

When David was 23 or 24 he was staying at his parents’ house in Bicester. At the time he knew a man who most knew by the nickname “Speedy”. He was apparently quite reserved, but was in a band which David was a fan of. One evening Speedy turned up at the front door of the house in quite a drunk state. He asked if he could stay a while, saying that he didn’t want to go back home in the state he was in. David agreed and took him into the kitchen to get him a drink of water. He handed him the glass and turned to walk away.

Suddenly Speedy screamed extremely loudly and launched himself at David. He smashed the glass over his head, reached for his neck and began strangling him. Fortunately David managed to fight him off and threw him into the corner of the kitchen. He stepped away from him into the living room and shouted at him to get out. But instead he got back to his feet and began to walk towards David again with a look of absolute terror on his face. He then charged at David again. David had no choice but to defend himself. Luckily because of his experience as a boxer he was able to fight him off. He then dragged him outside and called the police.

When the police turned up Speedy jumped up to his feet still clearly extremely frightened of David. He pointed right at him shouting out “Look at him! Look at him!” The police just thought he was mad and took him away in their car. David did not get in any trouble as it was clear he had acted in self-defence.

After the incident David did not try contacting Speedy to discuss what had taken place. A couple of weeks went by. Then while out in Bicester David happened to walk into a pub where Speedy and a number of his friends were. As soon as David approached them, Speedy nervously got up and walked out of the pub. David spoke to his friends asking about how Speedy had been. He was shocked by what they told him. They said that he had been warning everyone not to trust David, and that he was not who he said he was. He had told them that he was a lizard man and that he must be a demon.

Nobody could understand what was going on but it created a rift between David and the group and after a while he stopped socialising with them. A number of months later David bumped into one of Speedy’s friends, who informed him that he was so frightened that he had moved away from Bicester all together.

While one could argue that Speedy was in a drunken state of mind, or could have even have had his drink spiked, there have been many other times where everyone involved has been completely sober. Once such occasion happened around 2007-2008. David, Phil and others were out in the back garden of Ricky’s house having a cigarette. Most of his friends went back inside but he remained outside with Phil having a philosophical chat.

David suddenly felt a little strange, like the energy around him had changed in some way. At this moment Phil suddenly exclaimed “This is the most bizarre thing Dave! I’m looking at you and I can see this reptile”. David responded saying “That’s interesting, because I’m not making it happen, and I don’t feel like I’m going to bite your head off or anything”. Phil wasn’t scared by what was taking place. He said “I’m not intimidated by it, I can just see this snake”.  He described it as an “overlay”. He could still see David’s face through it, almost like a holographic image. This went on for about a minute. Then Phil said that the image was fading away, and everything went back to normal.

A more recent example took place in February 2015. David had gone over to his friend Del’s house. It was early evening and they were sitting in the corner of the front room chatting. Mid-conversation Del suddenly gave a brief look of puzzlement. They carried on talking and didn’t say anything of it at the time. A few days later David met up with him again. Without being prompted Del said to him “I had this really weird experience the other day when I was talking with you. I was really listening to what you were saying and looking right into your eyes. And suddenly the whole picture just changed. In the blink of an eye I saw you as this snake man. And then immediately it went and you were back to normal”. At the time he did not know what to make of it which is why he had not said anything to David.

David’s eldest daughter Ellie has also witnessed his eyes change. She mentioned the following in her recorded testimony:

“I remember dad’s eyes changing colour. I don't think I remember his body physically changing, but I've seen his eyes change to reptile eyes. They're green and they're thinner than normal. His eye is round, the bits inside aren't round they're like slits.”

Incidents of this kind are commonly referred to as “walk ins”. They are quite rare, I have not come across a case where this has happened on so many different occasions before. The reason for why it happens is not really known. It could be the ETs manifesting themselves through the individual because of their direct link with them. It should be noted that David’s other experiences do not involve Reptilians, but instead involve Nordics, Greys and other humanoids.

Consciousness at Birth

After going over David’s many fascinating experiences that have occurred throughout his life, we will now return to the beginning with some very interesting details about his birth. Immediately following his birth in September 1976 he stopped breathing for two and a half minutes. The doctor’s had nearly given up on him when suddenly he sprang back to life. They were never able to establish a reason for why this had taken place.

During one of his meetings with his Nordic contacts, he was informed about what had happened at the moment of his birth. He was told that his consciousness was not human and that he was from them. They said that there was an on-going program in which they would switch consciousness with human beings at the moment of birth. This enables them to live amongst us and experience the world through human eyes.

David was informed that he was part of this program, and that the human consciousness within him was switched at birth. Even more strangely, he was informed that this consciousness came into being at a later time inside another body – the body of his sister’s eldest son Paul. David says that Paul is very close to his parents and is like “the son they never had”. On another occasion David’s parents informed him that all the way through the pregnancy they were decided that he was to be named Paul, but when he was born they instead decided to name him David. Obviously neither of these facts prove that this “consciousness switch” took place but they are interesting none the less.

Some of the things which the Nordics have informed David of have been very hard to take in. David says that he tries not to think too deeply about some aspects of what is taking place. However he is aware that nothing the beings have told him has turned out to be incorrect, and that a great deal of what they have said has turned out to be true.

Identical Markings

On the evening of Sunday 18th January 2016 I spoke with David about further activity which had been occurring over the prior fortnight. He informed me that during the night of Thursday 7th January he had a strange and vivid dream. In this dream he was standing in a corridor with a number of other people. The only individual which he recognised was a girl who was standing to his left, a friend of a friend who we shall name Lucy. Everyone appeared to be waiting for something to happen. David felt a rush of excitement as well as fear. However Lucy appeared to be extremely frightened. David held her hand to comfort her.

In the morning when he awoke he remembered the dream. David says that this was unusual in itself, as usually he does not remember his dreams. When he got out of bed he immediately noticed a marking on his right leg. On his upper right thigh was a perfect equilateral triangle of red dots. The dots were about 1 cm apart from one another. He tried touching them. They did not hurt at all and did not appear to be raised in any way.

Representation of thigh marking:

Half an hour later his nose started to feel sore. It almost felt as though he had been punched in the nose, but there was no redness or swelling noticeable.

Later in the day David got in touch with me via text message. I asked him to get a photograph of the marking before it vanished. Unfortunately David does not own a camera or camera phone so he informed me he would get one when he went around to Adam’s house later on.

However over the next two days he was unable to get a photograph. This was not for want of trying. David informed me that he had attempted to get a photo on four different occasions. The first three times he was with Adam. Every time they would discuss getting a photo but would then seemingly forget to do so, and then David would remember later on after he had left. On the fourth occasion he asked Ellie if he could borrow her phone to get a photograph of the marking but again he forgot to do so after he had the phone. This felt very un-natural and David wonders if something was directly interfering with his attempts to photograph it. By the end of Saturday the marking was no longer visible on his thigh.

On Sunday he, Janet and Ellie were driving to Banbury for the day when he decided to tell them about what had happened. He mentioned the fact that his nose was still sore. At this Ellie informed him that her nose had also been aching since the Thursday night! David asked her if she had found any markings on herself. She said not at that time but that she had found similar markings on her in the past.

The following day Emma came round to David’s house for a chat. She informed him that recently she had been having psychic experiences more powerful than ever before. She said that she kept on hearing low voices which sounded like they were coming from somewhere near to her. She also said that her night’s sleep had been disturbed by strange and repetitive dreams. And in the morning she had found a red triangle of dots on her right forearm. David says that the marking on her arm was identical to what he had seen on his thigh – an exact triangle of red dots about 1 cm across!

Later in the week Lucy came round to David’s house by herself on two separate occasions. This was extremely unusual as she would usually just accompany David’s friend and sit there without saying much. But she now seemed to want to talk. They did not discuss ET contact at all, but David finds it to be too much of a coincidence that she would start turning up to chat so soon after he had experienced the strange dream which involved her.

Shadowy Figures

On Tuesday 12th January Cosmosis played a gig. The evening went really well and David was feeling extremely happy. He returned home and sat on the sofa relaxing. Eventually he decided that he should try to get some sleep. He switched the TV off and lay down on the bed in the darkness. It was about 1.30am when all of a sudden he sensed a change in the atmosphere of the house. He then began to hear objects being moved around in both the kitchen and the living room. It sounded like things being slid along shelves. The sounds made his hairs stand on end as he was still very much awake.

He then glanced over at the door to his room. At that moment he saw a shadowy form peer round the doorway. Terrified by this presence he lay extremely still and closed his eyes. He began to picture a white glowing light all around him, a technique he knew for trying to ward off evil. He opened his eyes again and could now see that the entity had now entered the room and was moving slowly around the edge of the bed. He began closing his eyes for a number of seconds before opening them. Every time the figure was still present. He tried speaking with it both telepathically and out loud asking if it wanted to speak with him, but he got no detectable response from it. Eventually he felt the atmosphere change again and when he opened his eyes the shadowy form was gone. The noises of moving objects had also ceased.

However things were not yet over. The following morning he got a text message from Howard. It said “Dave I need to come round and talk to you, I’ve had an experience, it was stronger than anything I’ve experienced before.”

Howard arrived at David’s house and began to go over what had taken place. David was astounded by what he heard. Howard said that during the night he had found it hard to drop off to sleep. He had been lying in bed around 1.30am and had looked down to the base of his bed. In the corner of the room he had seen a patch of shadow where there would usually not be. From this shadow emerged a shadowy form which approached the side of the bed and stared right at him. Dave was amazed to hear that Howard had experienced almost exactly the same thing he had experienced at around the same time of night!

Later on he spoke with Adam on the phone. Adam said that he had woken up around 1.30am for an unknown reason. Finding it hard to drop back off he decided to go down to the garden for a smoke. While out there he suddenly began to feel that there was a dark presence watching him from the base of the garden. He decided to head back inside. Seemingly Adam had also had something take place.

In the afternoon another of David’s friends, "Pete", came around to the house for a chat. They were relaxing in the living room. Pete was sitting in a chair which gave him a view through the open doorway to the adjoining kitchen. Suddenly David heard the sound of something sliding along the work surface. At the same moment Pete jumped up and ran into the kitchen. A moment later he came back through holding a golden-coloured stag head Christmas decoration. He exclaimed “Fucking hell mate, I’ve just seen this move across in front of the microwave!” It appeared that whatever David had experienced in the night was still present in the house. Although many people would put this down to poltergeist activity, David believes it is something else, although exactly what he cannot currently say.

Daugher’s FT Sighting

On the evening of Wednesday 13th January Ellie went out to a local youth centre. When she was home she excitedly informed David that she had seen a triangular UFO. She said that when she had left the centre she observed a dark triangular shaped object with a reddish-orange glowing light in the centre of the underside fly overhead. It was travelling on a straight and level course and was definitely within the atmosphere.

As it approached she managed to grab her mobile phone and take some video footage of it. Unfortunately only the light of the object is visible on the footage due to the fact it was after dark, the camera was not good quality enough to capture the edges of the object, but these were certainly visible to the naked eye.

David has informed me that he will send the footage to me soon. Once I receive it I will add it to this section with full analysis.


As you can see David has had an incredible number of experiences, many of which have been in the presence of others. It is clear that both he and his family are experiencing contact, although not everyone involved has chosen to embrace it in the same way that he has. It seems probable that David is the key individual throughout these experiences, certainly he is the only family member who they have chosen to speak with on a direct level.

David’s experiences have clearly not only involved his family but also his friends and other associates. Some of his friends have seemingly become contactees themselves through being around David. However others have had contact-related experiences since an early age, many years before knowing him.

I find the evidence for the reality of this case to be extremely compelling. It involves so many testimonies which clearly back each other up with very few discrepancies. I have spoken with David directly for many hours about his experiences. There is absolutely no question that he is talking about real incidents. It is clear that David’s experiences have changed him as a person on numerous levels, and affected many aspects of his life, again supporting their validity.

Although not required as part of my investigation, David asked some of the other witnesses to sign a written statement testifying to the validity of the details revealed. This again serves as a reminder that this case is not simply about David, but has involved many other people too:

Investigating this case has been both fascinating and profound. It has opened my eyes to some of the deeper aspects of the contact phenomenon, and in some ways altered my views on the subject. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David, his family and friends for coming forward with this important information, the details of which would have probably remained largely in the dark. I have formed lasting friendships with David and others I have spoken with, so will very likely be kept informed of other experiences as they happen. Keep checking this report for updates.

As mentioned near the start of the report, many of David’s friends have had other experiences of their own. In order to keep the size of this report down, these have been added to a separate report. You can access it by clicking on the below link:

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2015