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Southampton Contact Case - Greys, Hybrids, Other Beings, Abductions, Visitations, Body Markings, Implants, Missing Time, Information Downloads, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report
Author: Dave Hodrien
Release Date: 05/05/2018

Note: For reasons of anonymity, many of the names in this report have been amended and certain location names have been omitted.


Since beginning investigation into UFOs and the contact phenomenon back in 2008 I have looked into many contact cases from around the world. While some of these cases cover only one or two experiences, others have been much larger and covered experiences that have taken place throughout the individual’s life over many years. This is one such case.

I was first contacted by Tina by phone back in February 2017. She informed me that she had had a number of unusual experiences, but she had kept them to herself for many years. This was down to the sensitivity of her job as a child behaviour modification clinical practitioner, and due to the fact that she did not want to frighten or concern other family members. However more recently her partner, Richard, had begun to suffer from ill health which she believed may be related to these experiences, and so she needed to tell someone and ask for advice.

The experiences Tina has had have gone on since her childhood. Many of them have physical aspects which cannot be easily dismissed – aspects which have included significant body markings, possible implants, periods of missing time and confirmation from other witnesses and doctors. They are truly fascinating, and if they have actually occurred, as they appear to, their implications are massive.

Over many months of lengthy phone calls, messenger discussions and two face-to-face meetings, I have slowly gone over everything which has taken place to date and created this report. Tina has been extremely open in discussing her experiences, and has provided more photographic evidence, medical records, written notes and drawings than any other witness I have ever spoken with.

The Face in the Light

Tina was born in 1971. In the early years of her life she lived with her parents Leslie and Christine, and three brothers Keith, Norman and Gordon, on Knighton Road in Sholing, Southampton. The first unusual experience she can remember occurred when she was 7 years old.

Aerial map of Knighton Road:

It was early in the winter of 1977 (probably November). She recalls something waking her up in the middle of the night. She had no idea why she awoke but something did not feel right. She did not have a clock in her room at the time so did not know the exact time, but it was very dark outside and her family were all fast asleep in their rooms.

It was dark in the room but Tina would always leave her door open, and the landing light was on. She felt wide awake, and for an unknown reason got up out of bed, walked out onto the landing, took a few steps along it and then stopped. She remained there for about 20 seconds. Then suddenly a beam of white light shot down from the ceiling in front of the cupboard further down the landing. It was about 6-7 feet away from her. She felt frightened and stood staring at it rooted to the spot.

Overhead map of the upstairs of the house showing the position of the beam of light:

After a few seconds a huge face appeared in the beam of light. It was about a foot off the floor and around five feet in height. It was not solid but appeared to be made up of light the same as the beam. The face was human, and that of an elderly man with curled hair and a thick beard. It reminded her of an old Greek man like Socrates, and also like Santa Claus. A moment later the beam and the face rushed towards her without warning. Before she could react she blacked out.

Drawing of the face in the beam:

Photograph of the landing with an overlaid drawing of the beam and face:

The next thing Tina became aware of, she was waking up in the morning back in her bed. She immediately recalled what had happened during the night, and it concerned her greatly. It had seemed far more real than just a dream. She did not tell anyone what had happened, but for several nights she insisted on sleeping in her parent’s room as she was too frightened to sleep in her own. After this she calmed down but would still leave the light of her room on at night.

I have dealt with other similar cases where large glowing human faces have been witnessed. Tina is convinced that this incident took place and was not a nightmare. As with many of her later experiences, she felt fully awake at the time and remembered it in full detail in the morning. It is possible that the face was a screen memory masking its true appearance. There have been many cases where this has been reported, and it is particularly common during childhood years. It is even possible that the being was taking on the form of Santa Claus. Another possibility is that it was in its true form but was a humanoid ET rather than human. Tina has never seen the face again or discovered its true identity.

Drilling Teeth

In May 1978, about six months after witnessing the glowing face, Tina woke up one morning to find blood in her mouth and on her pillow. There was no sensation of pain, and when she checked she could find no source of the blood. She told her father about it and he checked her teeth to see if any were wobbly. In the end he assumed she must have bitten her tongue in her sleep, although no injury could be observed. Tina washed her mouth out and soon the incident was forgotten about.

However in late August towards the end of her school summer holidays, it occurred again. This time her mouth felt dry, and it felt to her like her upper teeth had been drilled. Her father was concerned and took her to the dentist for a check-up. They could find nothing visibly wrong with her teeth.

From then onwards she began to experience the same thing roughly three times a year. As the years went by the sensations of drilling became even stronger, and after a while it would feel like her teeth had actually crumbled into pieces and been glued back together. There was no noticeable pattern regarding when it would occur.

From age 25 it began to happen less frequently, roughly once a year. And at around age 36 it ceased completely. To this date it has not occurred again. Despite the fact it occurred for many years, Tina never went back to the dentist to enquire about it.

Figure at the Window

It is not just Tina who has had unusual experiences. In the summer of 1978, an incident involving one of her brothers took place. It was a very warm night and everyone had gone off to bed like normal. Tina recalls waking up during the night to hear her brother Norman screaming hysterically. He had ran through to his parent’s room and was extremely upset. Everyone in the house rushed into the room to see what the matter was.

Norman explained that he had been lying in bed awake. His two brothers who he shared the room with were fast asleep. Due to the heat both the curtains and window had been left open. Norman heard someone calling for help from outside. He got up and looked out of the window to see what was happening. When he did he was shocked to see that it was daylight outside and he was looking at a completely different location covered in grass and rocks.

Suddenly it was like he could see very far away into the distance. He saw a man and woman who looked like they were in their 40s, and a child around 8-10 years old. The people were running and the adults were shouting out “We’ve got it! We’ve got it!” They appeared to be holding some kind of device. The people were being chased by three very tall humanoid beings. These beings were about 28 feet in height. They had long thin stilt-like legs but shorter arms. They were unclothed and had withered wrinkled skin.

Norman’s drawing of the tall creature and the humans:

The people suddenly became aware that Norman could see them and stopped running. A fourth tall being appeared in the distance and then came running towards the window screaming. It reached it and bent down in order to look directly at Norman. Needless to say the sight of seeing such a thing filled him with terror and he had ran to his parents.

Norman’s drawing of the tall being bending down to look in the window:

Tina’s mother and father questioned Norman about what he had seen. At the time they assumed it must have been a nightmare and got everyone settled back down. After that Norman did not want to sleep near the window of the room, and his parents moved the position of the beds. Even though he is now a grown man, the experience still haunts him.

However this is not the end of the story. In 2002 there was a knock on the door. When her mother answered it, standing on the doorstep was Cynthia, the daughter of their neighbour. She looked really frightened was visibly trembling. She asked Christine for a cigarette. Christine asked her what the matter was, to which she exclaimed “You’re never going to believe what I’ve just seen!”

She went to on explain that she had pulled back the curtains and outside the window had seen an extremely tall figure peering in. She was so scared that she did not want to go back into the house for a good while after. Up until this point Christine had not really believed that there was any truth to what Norman said he had seen, but this really shocked her and she wondered if Norman had seen something after all.

Due to the bizarre details of this experience it could be easy to dismiss it as a vivid childhood nightmare. But it is interesting that it has left such a lasting impression on Norman. And it is also interesting that something spookily similar was reported to the family years later by a separate witness.

Hole in Leg

One night early in the summer of 1982 10-11, Tina had a dream that she was flying high up in the sky through the clouds. Without warning she woke up with a start. Despite having gone to sleep in her own bed, she now found herself downstairs on the sofa alongside Christine who had dropped off there. She felt uneasy so got up to head back upstairs. When she did so she noticed blood and pus running down her lower right leg onto her foot.

She went through to the bathroom and put the light on to get a better look. When she checked, she found a rounded hole several mm across which had blood and pus seeping out of it. The skin and flesh underneath was completely missing. Leslie also awoke, probably disturbed by the light from the bathroom or noise Tina was making. When he saw the injury he asked her what she’d done to herself. When she told him that she did not know how it had occurred he went into her room and checked all over the bed to see if there was anything which could have caused it. He found absolutely nothing.

The injury did not seem to hurt at all. Leslie put antiseptic on the wound and then Tina went back to bed as it was the middle of the night. The injury healed up after several days, however it left a lasting scar on her leg which can still be made out today.

Scar on Tina’s leg ringed in black:

Tina is adamant that the injury had occurred during the night at some point. She said that on the evening before she had a bath and would have definitely noticed it if it was there at that time. As you will see, this wasn’t to be the only time that Tina would discover this type of injury.

Sleep Paralysis

In 1987 when she was 17 years old her father sadly passed away. Roughly a week after she awoke in the night to find that she could not move. She was lying face down at the corner of the bed in an awkward position. Her head was hung over the edge of the mattress and her right hand was under the pillow. Her vision was blurred, she found it hard to breathe and she couldn’t swallow. She could see a light in the room and could sense the presence of something, but could not turn her head to look.

She was frightened of the situation, and felt like she lay there for about 20 - 30 seconds. After this time she blacked out. When she came round it was morning time. Once she was out of bed she told her mother about what had happened. Her aunty came into the room and told her that she had had a similar experience years before. Tina put the incident down to stress due to losing her father.

Even though there is some crossover between contact and sleep paralysis, this experience sounds more like the later sounds like the later, and may not be linked with her contact experiences. Sleep paralysis is more likely to occur during periods of stress. And much of what she describes are common aspects of the condition.

Another Leg Injury

Around April in either 1988 or 1989 Tina had a very similar experience to what had happened to her in the summer of 1982. She was now living in a house on Porchester Road with her boyfriend Lee.

Aerial map of Porchester Road:

Like the first time, the experience began with a dream about flying through the clouds. And just as before she felt like she had been thrown back down onto the bed when she awoke. The situation was immediately familiar to her and she felt very uneasy. She got up to put the bedroom light on and looking down immediately noticed blood running down her right leg. Once again there was a small hole visible. This time there was no pus coming from it only blood. It was about 2 inches above the scar of the original injury.

Due to the movement, Lee also woke up. When he saw the blood he asked her what she had done to herself. Despite knowing this had happened before she did not tell him about the first incident. She felt that he might think she was crazy. She just informed him she did not know what had happened. She washed her leg and then got back into bed. Like before, the injury healed up quite fast but left a lasting scar.

Photograph with both scars marked, showing their proximity to one another:

It is fascinating that Tina had two very similar experiences years apart from one another. If the markings were natural then it seems a very odd coincidence that she would have been having extremely similar dreams prior to their appearance. In both instances the wounds were clearly fresh and had not been caused during the previous day as Tina would have noticed the blood. And in both cases there was nothing on or near to her bed which could have accounted for them.

Could the dreams of flying have been her brain’s way of telling her that she had been taken up into a craft? Were these markings from abduction experiences? Body markings can occur during contact, and although they usually fade and vanish completely, sometimes they can leave scars. These are far from the only unexplained injuries that Tina has endured over the years.

Missing Time

In the spring of 1989 an incident occurred where Tina missed not minutes, not hours, but a number of days! She had now moved to a bedsit elsewhere on Porchester Road. At the time she worked at a dry cleaners in Bitterne, which was roughly 25 minutes’ walk away.

One Tuesday evening she came home from work feeling quite tired. She entered the bedroom and bolted the door from the inside. Then she took her shoes off and lay down on the bed in her uniform.

She was woken by her boyfriend heavily banging on the bedroom door. She felt a little dazed and drained of energy. Lee had a key to the bedsit, and she initially assumed that a couple of hours had gone by and that he had brought round some Chinese food for her.

She opened the door and let him into the room. He immediately exclaimed “What the hell’s going on? I’ve had your company on the phone, you’ve not turned up for work!” Confused by his outburst Tina asked “I’ve just come home from work, what do you mean?” Lee responded “That was four days ago! You’ve lost your job, you’ve not phoned in sick!”

Tina was understandably shocked by this revelation. She checked the clock and found that the time was now 10am. But with no indication of the date at first she thought that he must be playing around. However as she continued to talk with him it began to sink in that he wasn’t joking, and that four days really had gone by.

Early in the afternoon she rang her workplace. The assistant manager picked up and informed her that they’d been phoning the house. After two days had gone by and she still did not get in touch they had decided to fire her. They had also contacted her mother which is how her boyfriend had found out about what was going on. Her mother did not head over to the flat to see if she was there because at the time they were not speaking much due to an argument.

Lee stayed with her a couple of days. Tina wondered how she had managed to sleep for such a long period of time without hearing any of the phone calls to the house. However she did not speak with her doctor about what had happened.

Within days Tina collapsed and found she could not walk. She was taken to Royal South Hants Hospital, where she was kept for about three weeks. They seemed very concerned, and performed various examinations. Eventually they informed her that she had a kidney stone which had caused internal scarring. She had to go for ultrasound to break the kidney stone up before she was discharged from hospital.

This is certainly a bizarre incident, as it is of course very unusual indeed to sleep for days without any notable reason or long-term after effects. There is the possibility that the incident is medical-related, due to the fact that soon afterwards Tina was admitted to hospital to have a kidney stone removed. However these do not usually cause extreme tiredness - they tend to cause pain, which would have been more likely to stop Tina from going to sleep, or wake her from her sleep if she did drop off.

Periods of missing time are very commonly reported with contact experiences. Could Tina have been abducted for a number of days? If so she has no current recollection of this at all. However this could explain why she did not hear the phone ringing on multiple occasions. Abductions of this length have taken place before, such as the infamous five day abduction of Travis Walton. While it may seem unlikely that this is what took place, it cannot be entirely ruled out.

Hooded Figure

By 1997 Tina was living on her own in a third floor flat on Burgoyne Road, Thorn Hill. One evening she went to bed as normal about 10.30pm. Usually she would sleep deeply until morning, but during the night something unexpectedly woke her. Her senses felt alerted and she sat up in bed. The room had a huge panoramic window along one edge. The curtains were mostly drawn, but open enough to let some light into the room from the adjacent flat.

Aerial map of Burgoyne Road:

The bedroom door was to the left side of the bed and closed. Suddenly a huge figure entered the room stepping through the closed door. It appeared to be fully solid and was wearing a black coloured hooded cloak that covered its face. The door was about 7 feet in height and it appeared at least a foot taller than that. The cloak it was wearing looked like it was made out of a satin-like material. Tina immediately thought to herself “What the fuck is that?”

Drawing of the cloaked figure:

The figure then moved about 7 feet into the room around the left side of the bed. It appeared to walk rather than float, although its legs were hidden inside the cloak which went down to the floor. As she watched, it then began to turn towards her. At this moment she blacked out.

Witness drawing showing the layout of the bedroom and movement path of the figure:

When she came round she was lying flat on the bed and the figure was nowhere to be seen. Tina was extremely scared by what had just taken place. She reached out and put the bedside light on. She then got out of bed and began exploring the flat one room at a time putting all the lights on, half convinced that it was still going to be there. She did not check the clock to see what time of night it was but she feels that it must have been the early hours of the morning.

After fully exploring each room Tina was satisfied that the being was no longer present. She stood still for several minutes before making herself a cup of tea. She cannot remember if she then went back to bed or just stayed awake until morning. She felt un-nerved by the experience for weeks afterwards and found it hard to get to sleep.

While dark hooded figures are sometimes observed during sleep paralysis experiences, it should be noted that Tina was not paralysed at this time as she was able to sit up in bed before its arrival. This suggests that the being had a more paranormal explanation. It could potentially have been an ET, or there is the possibility it was a ghostly apparition of some kind. Numerous contactees have reported seeing shadowy manifestations around their homes, commonly referred to as “shadow people”. Could this have been what Tina encountered?

Implant Extraction

By 1999 Tina was now living with her second husband Gavin who had moved in with her at the flat. One Thursday night she dreamed of a dull white glowing light and what Tina describes as a “grey fog in her mind”. Despite not consciously experiencing this before in her life, it felt familiar to her. She would later come to learn that this sensation would precede telepathic communication with beings, and refers to it as “the link”. However she was unaware of any direct communication at this time.

 The following morning when sat up she felt a sharp stinging sensation in her right buttock. It felt almost like she had been stung by a bee. She asked Gavin to check the location. He confirmed that there was no marks or signs of soreness. She tried pushing on the point of pain and could feel something small under the surface of the skin.

Gavin confirmed the presence of the lump. He recommended that she went to her GP about it. However the pain began to get more intense. Whatever it was, Tina wanted it out of her as soon as possible. She asked Gavin to use some toenail clippers to cut her skin and then use a pair of tweezers to attempt to take it out. He initially refused her request, but in the end agreed to it.

He managed to make a small incision and then used the tweezers to take the object out. When he did so the pain immediately went away. They were shocked to find that the object looked like a small silver ball-bearing about the size of a match head. It was covered in a black and grey web-like membrane but was clearly metallic.

Drawing of the object held by the tweezers:

Gavin was able to cut through the outer membrane with the nail clippers, but when he attempted to cut into the silver ball it bent them until they snapped! There was no sign of how the object got there. Unfortunately Tina did not keep the object and simply threw it away.

Drawing showing an enlarged view of the object:

A few months later she was in the shower with Gavin. He suddenly exclaimed “What have you done to yourself?” Tina asked him what he was on about. He informed her that there were two rounded scar marks on her buttock, one either side of where the object had been extracted. These did not seem to hurt at all. Tina wondered if they were in some way related to what had occurred.

The object removed from Tina could well have been an implant that had been placed inside her during an abduction experience during the night or on a previous occasion, and for whatever reason it had started to hurt. The lack of any noticeable skin trauma, the description of the object and the fact it was covered in a membrane all point towards this possibility.

There are many cases on record where very similar looking objects have been detected and then extracted. The membranous outer covering has been reported before. There are numerous theories regarding the reason for this. Some feel that it may prevent the body from rejecting the implant. Others have proposed that it allows it to connect directly with the nervous system of the individual for monitoring purposes.

It is a shame that Tina threw the object away but at this stage of her life she had not started looking into contact so did not realise what it could have been.

Flying Dreams

In 2001 Tina began to have dreams of flying more regularly than before. These dreams seemed very vivid, like they were actually taking place. She would tend to get a number several days in a row then they would cease for a period of weeks before returning.

They would begin with white light all around her in which she would be floating up and down. She would then see a flash of bright light and would suddenly be high up in the atmosphere with clouds around her. Sometimes it would be daylight, other times after dark. Most of the time she would just be observing rather than controlling her movement. But as the dreams became more regular she would attempt to fly to specific places. By thinking about where she wanted to go to she would immediately fly towards it.

Sometimes the dreams seemed only a couple of minutes long, other times they would last for hours. While travelling she would sometimes see landmarks of places she recognised. At the end of the experience it would sometimes just end, other times she would get lower and lower in altitude until she was about to hit the ground.

Tina still gets these dreams, roughly once every couple of months. Of course many people have dreams about flying. However this is something which is regularly reported by contactees. And as you will see these dreams hav sometimes coincided with contact experiences. It is possible that it is the brains way of recollecting being taken up into the sky. It cannot be proved that this is the cause, but it is still worth noting.

Grey Examination

In late 2002 Tina experienced several days of flying dreams. On the fourth night she and her husband went to sleep at 10pm. Other than the weather being particularly warm for the time of year it was a normal evening. During night she recalls being surrounded by bright glowing white light and the sensation of flying upward.

The next thing she became aware of was of lying down on a flat bench. The white light was still all around her. She found that she could not move her body at all, she was only able to move her eyes and look around. Due to the brightness of the light she could not see the size or shape of the location she was in.

About 10-20 seconds later she seemed to black out for a second. When she came round from this she found that she was now lying down on a different bench, larger than the last. It was also tilted up at 45 degrees. The light was less glaring and she could see clearer now.  She was in a dome-shaped room with glowing white walls that had no visible markings or seams. About 10 feet above her was a white light with an indeterminable source. This light was reflecting off the surface of the bench she was on. The bench appeared to be made of metal, but despite this it did not feel cold to the touch. Somehow these surroundings felt familiar to her. She felt like she may have been there on previous occasions.

Drawing of the dome-shaped room:

Tina then felt “the link” begin – the same sensation in her mind that she had felt during the night before the discovery of the implant. She then briefly saw the side of a being lean round into her vision from the right. The being had white-coloured smooth skin which reminded her of marshmallow, and black eyes which were shaped like an apple pip, rounded at one end, pointed at the other. Its nose was not very pronounced and it had a thin slit for a mouth. Within a moment it had leaned back out of sight. The being was of course a Grey, although Tina had not looked into contact at this point so did not recognise it as such.

She did not know it at the time, but she would come to establish a deep connection with this particular being. She senses a male presence from this being, and refers to him as "the one who knows me" as she has never been given a name.

Drawing of the side perspective of the Grey:

Next an orange light split into rectangular sections appeared over her legs. It was quite hot and her legs warmed up immediately. When she saw this it immediately triggered a flashback to a childhood abduction experience where the same procedure had been done to her. She recalled being about 7 years old and seeing the same pattern of light over her legs.

Drawing of the light over Tina’s legs:

She lay there for what seemed like two to three minutes in a paralysed state. Her eyes were drawn down to the section of light just above her kneecaps. It appeared that the skin was shrivelling up like it was being exposed to extreme heat. However there was no pain or reddening of the skin, and no detectable smell.

She isn’t sure whether at this moment the beings became aware that she was conscious of what was going on, but she suddenly felt her mind cloud over with the grey mist and that was the last thing she recollected. The next thing she became aware of was of waking up in the morning. She immediately recalled what she had just experienced, it felt extremely real and like it had just taken place. She checked the clock and found it was about 7.30am. Like usual her husband had already got up and left for work.

When she checked in the mirror she noted that her face had more pigment in it than usual. Usually she would look quite pale, but this morning her skin was more flushed. Other than this she felt completely normal and there was no sign of any damage on her right leg. She decided to keep the experience to herself and did not tell her family what had happened.

The Conveyor Belt

A couple of nights later, Tina had another very detailed experience. She came round to find herself hanging in mid-air in a standing position. Once again she was paralysed and could not look around, but it felt like she was attached to something via her upper back. She was not aware of whether she was in her night clothes or not as she couldn’t look down. Positioned in front of her was a large and extremely bright light. Due to its brightness it was initially hard to see much else.

Suddenly she was smoothly moved to her left, which moved her out of the glaring light. She was now able to focus and see what lay in front of her. The first thing she saw was the source of the glaring white light. It appeared to be a large circular spotlight about 10 feet across, with a black square box at the centre of it. It was positioned about 10-15 feet off the floor and about 15 feet away from her position. The spotlight appeared to be attached to the front of a large structure made up of several platforms. It was hard to see the colour of these due to the brightness of the spotlight. Positioned around it were several small Greys. They were all holding flattened objects in their hands that looked like oval-shaped dinner plates.

She then moved again and rotated slightly to the left. This gave her a clearer view of what she was attached to. There were a line of people ahead of her. They were all attached by the shoulders to some kind of black conveyor belt by what appeared to be a metallic pole that came down to the middle of his shoulder blades. At the end of the pole it split into two and these each went under each arm. All the people were clothed in normal daytime clothing. They appeared to all be adults between 30 to 40, and were a mix of men and women. Everyone had their eyes open but appeared to be in a trance-like state. It was only her who appeared to be aware of what was happening. The person hanging ahead of her in the line just a few feet in front of her was a man with short brown coloured hair wearing a silvery grey suit. She could not see his facial features as he was facing away from her positioned at the same angle that she was.

Drawing of the conveyor belt, and the structure with the spotlight and Greys:

It was now darker as she was further away from the spotlight. In front and below her was some kind of control area. Due to the lack of light it was hard to see the colour of the floor, but she was able to make out numerous metallic panels positioned around the area. There may have been controls or other electronics on them, but as they were facing away from her she could not confirm this. The area was split into two main sections with a clear walkway down the middle. There were about fifteen Greys visible, positioned at varying distances from her and working in groups of two or three. They appeared to be performing different tasks and some appeared to be looking at the panels.

The closest group of three were roughly 10 feet away. All of the beings were unclothed. Two of them were white in colour, had very smooth skin and were about 3 feet in height. They had a slight curve to their belly, and reminded Tina of jelly babies. The third Grey looked different. It about 4 to 4.5 feet tall and had glowing white skin.

In the middle of the control area was a Grey which looked darker in skin tone than the others around it. It had a flat oval-shaped object in its hand about a foot wide. The being was touching this object with its other hand and looking down at it. There were flickering lights/buttons on the object, Tina could see the light reflecting off the being’s skin.

Right at the back of the area was a raised walkway. On this walkway semi-hidden in shadow were two identical looking Greys standing alongside one another. These ones looked quite different from the others visible in the room. They were about 3 feet tall and had very slender bodies with bulbous heads. Their skin was much more wrinkled with visible protruding blue veins on the side of their belly and head. Their eyes looked rounder than the other beings. They stood silently without moving. Tina got the impression that they were extremely old.

Drawing showing the front and side profile of one of the elder Greys:

Tina felt a telepathic link begin with the taller Grey closest to her. When I asked Tina to explain how she knew this she said “They can hear you listening to them. It’s like they can see everything you are and all the information in your head.”

She sensed a male presence from the being, despite the fact that it had no visible sex. She could hear him issuing instructions to the two shorter ones. Suddenly she sensed he had become aware she was awake and had connected with them. He stopped speaking to the other Greys began to observe her, perhaps wondering what she was going to do. The shorter beings looked at the taller one seemingly puzzled as to what was taking place. The other beings in the room were all now aware of her.

Drawing of one of the shorter Greys and the taller one:

The dark-skinned Grey in the middle of the area looked up from the oval object it was holding. Tina sensed that he was angry with her. She then heard the tall Grey speaking with him. He said that she was “from an old line” and so had the ability to connect with them telepathically. However this did not seem to calm the dark-skinned Grey. Without warning he charged towards her! As he reached her he leapt up into the air extremely high and touched the top of her head with either one of his fingers or a stick-like object.

Drawing of the control area showing the positions of the various Greys:

Immediately everything went black. She then saw the image of a huge spider. The situation she had been in dissolved away to blackness. What seemed like a couple of seconds went by and she leapt up, finding herself back in her bed. She was extremely frightened by what had just happened. The vision of the spider was still there for a few seconds before she got her bearings and realised where she now was.

Drawing of the spider Tina saw in her mind:

In the months following this experience Tina would occasionally feel a tingling sensation in her head which eventually went away. She believed this was linked with what the darker-skinned Grey had done to her.

This highly unusual experience has many strange aspects to it. It could easily be interpreted as a vivid and strange nightmare. However much of it fits in with Tina’s other contact experiences – the beings she saw, the telepathic connection, the way they were interacting with one another. If we assume that it was a real experience, then what could have been taking place? It appeared to be a human production line of some kind. Was something was being done to each of the people attached to the conveyor belt? Why was the spotlight shined on them? What were the beings in the control room area doing?

It appears that Tina was not supposed to have been awake during this experience. This would explain the reaction of the Grey in the control room. The vision of the spider which the being placed in her mind could have something horrifying to cause her to forget what was taking place. Or perhaps it was just punishment for the fact that she had seen something she was not supposed to see. Tina informed me that earlier in her life she had a fear of spiders, so perhaps this was the reason why this particular vision was chosen.

Chest Operation

Within a few days of the conveyor belt experience, Tina appears to have been abducted yet again. Once again she had no memory of travelling, but found herself in the familiar dome-shaped room with glowing walls.

She was lying down on a bench and unclothed and elevated at a slight angle downwards. She could feel some kind of device over her stomach area pushing down on her. There were several short Greys around her including the one who knows her. It was standing closest to her head. It leaned in close to her and stared into her eyes. Like before she then felt a psychic link with it open inside her mind.

Tina sensed that the being was amazed she was awake. It then began to show her symbols in her mind which represented human reproduction. Tina asked him telepathically “Which part does life come from?” The Grey explained to her that the female ovum was like a dead battery which gets charged during fertilization. He informed her that they did not fully understand the process themselves.

Drawing of the reproduction symbols Tina was shown telepathically:

While she was being shown these symbols the other beings were performing some kind of operation on her using the device over her chest. Suddenly she saw a spurt of blood come up into her eye-line which landed on one of the beings causing it to panic. She then blacked out for what seemed like a couple of seconds.

When she came round, one of the beings held up a bag filled with clear fluid and a 10 inch long tube. Her friend spoke to her, informing her that she was going to die unless they gave her the fluid. Tina informed him that she was worried as she did not know what it was. He responded, informing her that it was cloned blood, and that when it was induced into her body herb blood cells would attach to it and it would take on her DNA. With this explanation Tina was happy for them to proceed. Her friend informed her that it was unsure of where to insert the tube. Tina showed the being a memory of having blood taken from her left forearm.

Drawing of Tina lying down on the bench with the device over her chest and bag attached to her arm:

She felt one of the beings insert the tube into her arm. At this moment the image froze and there was a flash of white light. This was the last thing she recalled taking place.

When she got up in the morning her chest ached. She also noted that her neck felt stiff, although she could not relate this to anything that she recollected from the experience. When she checked in the mirror she noticed a small round indentation on the left side of her chest. It did not seem to hurt at all. She was certain that it had not been there previously as she would have noticed. She was unaware at the time, but this could well be a “classic” scoop marking, one of the more commonly found contact-related body markings. These are caused by the ETs removing the upper layer of skin without breaking it, which leaves a round indentation but no blood.

Photograph of the possible scoop mark on Tina’s chest:

She also found a round reddish mark on her left forearm where the tube had been inserted. Again she was certain that it had not always been there. This marking left a lasting scar which is still clearly visible today.

Photograph of the scar on Tina’s left forearm:

Both of these markings appeared during the night (to Tina's knowledge), and one of them she could link directly to what she remembered taking place. This lends a lot of weight to the incident being a genuine abduction.

Unexplained Neck Bruising

The stiffness in Tina’s neck did not go away. A couple of days later she went with her mother to get some passport photographs taken at a photo booth in Bitterne Post Office. When the photos were developed she was shocked and loudly exclaimed “What the fuck?” The photographs appeared to show areas of dark bruising around her neck area. She asked her mother, who confirmed that nothing was visible directly.

The passport photographs showing the neck bruising:

Tina initially assumed that the marks may have been caused by the particular photo booth she had used. She and her mother drove to Woolworths and had some more taken at the photo booth there. Once again the markings were clearly visible. Her mother was very concerned and recommended that she should go to her GP to try and get some answers.

The following morning Tina went to her GP to see what he would make of the photographs. After showing him them, he confirmed that it looked like bruising caused by muscle damage. He informed her that sometimes bruising will only show up under certain kinds of light, which may have accounted for why nothing could be seen directly.

He confirmed that the markings were too low down on her neck to have been caused by strangulation. As her neck was not hurting at all, he recommended that she kept well rested and then she should return to the photo booth after four days to take some further photographs to see if the bruising had reduced in extremity. She followed his instructions and four days later went to get more photos.

Second set of passport photographs:

As you can see, on this second set of photographs the markings were still visible but were much less pronounced. This confirmed that they were not a photographic artefact, and that they were healing up as expected.

The fact that these markings were found soon after numerous vivid abduction experiences certainly suggests that they were related to one of these experiences. Tina’s neck had felt stiff after the experience involving the chest operation. This suggests that she may have sustained these injuries during that, although she cannot recall anything being done to her neck which would account for the damage. It is possible that further procedures were performed after she blacked out.

Another possibility worth considering is that the injuries were linked with the device that had attached her to the conveyor belt, and it just took a few days for the symptoms to materialise.

The Black Pods

Soon after she had recovered from her neck injuries Tina had another abduction experience. She had gone to bed with her husband like usual. During the night she awoke and felt that there was a presence in the house. Without waking her partner she got out of bed and checked each of the rooms. Finding nothing out of place she got back into bed and settled back down.

Tina then found herself in a very small room with a low ceiling. She was laid down on a flat surface and could not move. There was bright white light all around her and she couldn’t clearly see the walls of the room but could sense that it was quite small in size.

She attempted to establish telepathic communication with any beings which might be present there. Immediately she heard the familiar voice of her friend in her mind. He assured her everything was going to be ok. He then leaned over her from the right, looking down at her face. Due to his height, she realised that if he was standing next to her she would have to be about 1.5 feet off the floor. However as she could not move she could not verify this. He stared at her for a few seconds before backing off out of sight. Tina felt that he had done this just to reassure her that he was there with her.

After this she suddenly blacked out for a couple of seconds. When she came round she found herself in a different room. The ceiling was domed and was higher than before, and the room scale was much larger. There was bright light coming down from the ceiling from an indeterminate source. She was again on a flat bench in the middle of the room but this time it was raised at a 30 degree angle. She was still paralyzed and could only move her eyes.

Something caught her eye off to the right. She realised that there was a group of at least 6 very short Greys standing roughly 10 feet away from her off to her left. They appeared to be huddled together, more so than they would usually be. Again her friend was standing near to her. He looked at her and then moved back leaving her lying there on her own.

A moment later something else to her right again drew her attention, movement of some kind. Tina had no idea what to expect. But when she glanced to the right she was absolutely shocked by what she saw. Alongside her was a metallic panel of some kind coming up from the floor. At first she thought the panel itself was moving. But then she realised that wrapped around it was a huge snake-like creature! Its skin was completely white and very smooth. Its facial features were similar to those of a Grey, with large black eyes, but its chin was more straight edged and pointed. There was also an indent at the centre of its forehead. Its neck must have been between 12-15 feet in length. Tina realised that the group of Greys in the room were scared of it, and this is why they were huddled together.

Drawing of the snake-like creature and other Greys:

As Tina watched, it began to uncoil from the panel. It then swung round its head in a very slow movement until it was looking down at her. Tina was absolutely terrified and thought that it was going to eat her. It slowly moved upward until it was staring down at her forehead. Tina did not sense that It was trying to connect with her. It then seemed to reverse its movements and begin to coil back around the panel again. As it did so the intensity of the light increased until Tina could no longer see anything.

When she could once again make out the surroundings she again found herself in a new location. This area was much larger. There was bright white light all around her. Outside of this the surroundings were much dimmer and hard to make out clearly. She was lying down on a metallic bench which was raised up at an angle. To her right was a number of Grey beings including her friend. Tina wanted to fully sit up but could feel the beings blocking her from doing so. Her friend stepped forward into her eye-line and connected with her telepathically. When he did she could hear the other beings conversing with one another. He assured her that everything would be ok.  He then said he would allow her to get up but that she would have to behave.

She then found she could sit up. She stepped down off the bench onto the floor. As she did so she now realised she was wearing a gown made out of thin material. It felt like she was under control. She felt a bitter taste on her breath, and also felt quite giddy. She felt that the beings had done something to sedate her.

She stepped forwards, and could feel the presence of the beings behind her. As she slowly walked forwards she began to move out of the light. As she did so she began to see a little clearer and realised how large the room she was in actually was. Tina estimates that it was 30-40 feet across and had a very high ceiling. It was too dark to see the colour of the walls or ceiling, but the floor was a dull grey colour.

She noticed some movement in front of her and stepped a bit closer to see what it was. Out of the darkness about 20 feet away from her she began to make out rows and rows of egg-shaped pods on raised pedestals. The pedestals were about 1.5 feet in height, and the pods were about 2.5 feet in height. They looked like they were made out of black glass. Coming from with the middle of the objects were red glowing lights. The pods were in groups of three and arranged on ascending steps back as far as she could see.

There was a short Grey standing amongst the rows of pods. It was only about 3 feet in height. When it saw Tina inquisitively looking at the pods it stepped forward as if to protect them from her. Tina could sense that it saw her as a threat and did not want her to approach the pods. In her mind she heard her friend order the shorter one to step back and let her approach.

Drawing of the rows of pods and the small Grey:

Tina stepped closer towards the closest group of black pods. As she did she realised that each of them contained what appeared to be a human foetus! Tina estimates they were between 6-7 months gestation from their size. They were floating in fluid inside each of the pods and were lit up by the red glowing light. She could not make out any umbilical cords.

She reached down and touched one of the pods. It felt cold to the touch. As soon as she touched it she heard numerous girl’s voices in her mind. Immediately she knew that all the foetuses were female.The Greys present appeared very surprised that she was aware of this fact. She could sense them scanning her mind trying to work out how she knew this information.

Due to the temperature of the pod’s surface, Tina was worried about the babies being too cold. Her friend spoke up again, informing her that the babies were being kept warm by the red lights she could see and that the temperature was being regulated. He also informed her that the fluid inside was artificial embryonic fluid.

Tina leaned over one of the pods and looked to examine it further. There were three tubes connected to the back of it – one tube about 2 inches in diameter which was attached to the back of the pod, and two smaller tubes attached to the pedestal. All three went down into the floor.

Drawing of one of the pods from different angles:

As she was looking down at the pod Tina suddenly saw a red glowing pulse of light appear under her feet below the surface of the floor. It shot away on a straight path at a fast speed and was lost from sight. A few seconds passed and then she saw the light again. This time she decided to follow the path it was taking to see where it was going to.

Drawing of Tina following the red pulse:

She began to walk across the room in the direction the light had gone. She was intrigued by what it could be. In response to this her friend informed her that it was related to energy passing around the craft. He then projected a vision into her mind to give her a visual representation of how this energy system worked.

From what she could gather the red pulses she could see under the floor were pulses of energy. As the energy is used up by the craft this pulse gets bigger in size and moves faster. It then enters three cube shaped structures one at a time, carried by a wave of some kind which Tina interpreted as a sound wave. Inside each box the energy pulse bounces around, and as it does so it gradually slows down. By the time it exits the final box it has been fully powered back up and is ready to use around the craft again. It continues this way in a continuous cycle.

Drawing of the energy system of the craft:

After seeing this vision Tina was suddenly pulled backwards towards the bench quite forcefully. Before she knew it, she was once again lying down and could barely move. The short Grey she had seen amongst the pods approached the foot of the bench. It was holding something wrapped up in a blanket. The being held this bundle up and pulled back the blanket to reveal a baby girl who was clearly not entirely human. She appeared to be between 3-6 months old. Her skin was bright pink and she had dark black hair. Her eyes were completely black.

Tina realised what the beings had done. She knew that this baby was a cloned hybrid they had made using her DNA. She then sensed the baby connect telepathically with her. Tina realised that this baby had all of her memories up until recent months where the memories suddenly stopped. She sensed a particular coldness from her, like she was lacking in emotions. This was all too much for Tina to deal with and she began to panic.

Drawing of the Grey bringing her the hybrid baby:

The small Grey hurriedly took the baby away and Tina was pulled back down onto the bench with force. She was deeply concerned by what was happening. Her friend approached her side and informed her that her panicked state had frightened the baby. However the baby would need to connect with her again in order to form a bond with her and obtain a memory of her. It would later share this memory with the other hybrids once they had reached gestation.

The short Grey approached from the left side of the bench. Once again it pulled back the blanket and, like before, the baby connected with her telepathically. It then formed a memory of how she currently looked. Tina was able to see this image, like looking into a mirror. She looked flushed and bedraggled, and her hair was in a mess.

Drawing of the Grey bringing the baby to her a second time:

The baby was then covered up and taken away. Tina was quite upset, and asked her friend what they were going to do with her. This question was not answered. Instead the light around her began to get brighter until it completely enveloped her.

She then found herself in another room. This one was quite cramped, no more than 10 feet across. It had a low curved ceiling. Again she was lying down on a flattened bench. The only being now present was the one familiar to her. It was standing alongside her. Looking over at the wall of the room, Tina saw a wall with lots of lines on. When she looked closely she saw that these lines were made up small moving images almost like living cartoon strips. Tina was informed that they were memories from different times and places.

Tina suddenly felt the urge to gain an understanding of where human life had originally come from. She asked her friend. In response to this he directed her towards one of the memories, and Tina began to experience a vision in her mind.

She found herself in a clear spherical object like a bubble alongside her friend. There was blue sky all around them. She looked down below her and realised they were hovering above another planet. It looked absolutely vast. There was a huge open field of thick green grass-like vegetation which stretched for miles into the distance. On the horizon she could see a distant mountain range.

The sphere descended until they were hovering about 10 feet off the surface. Tina stared into the distance towards the mountains. As she focused on them the sphere immediately sped up to an incredible speed and shot towards the mountains. Within a couple of seconds they were there! When the sphere stopped again Tina saw what appeared to be a strong muscular horse with a man riding bareback. The man reminded her of a Native American Indian. He had light brown tanned skin, and was wearing clothing around his waist and a necklace. He did not appear to see the sphere that Tina was inside.

Suddenly the sphere moved again, shooting forwards across the surface of the planet. It went over the brow of a hill. Ahead of her Tina briefly saw an ocean of water. The sphere descended down into the water, and quickly made its way to the sea bed. Here she saw what appeared to be an underwater volcano, with heated bubbles of air emerging from it. Near to this she saw a few other spheres with Greys inside in a seated position. Tina became aware that they were performing some kind of research on the underwater volcano.

One of the spheres moved closer to it. Suddenly there was a bright flash and a violent explosion. The force of this blast sent the sphere they were in backwards at an extreme rate. As it did so she received information about what had happened from her friend. He informed her that the magnetic field around the sphere had reacted with the volcano causing it to erupt. This catastrophe was going to cause the death of this planet. His race only had half an hour to obtain as many biological samples as they could, including humans who were living there.

Drawing of the man on the horse and the ground beneath them contained within one of the spheres:

The sphere continued to ascend up through the atmosphere and out into orbit of the planet. Here Tina could see a couple of extremely large cigar-shaped craft. Countless spheres containing Greys were emerging from these and heading down towards the planet to obtain samples while there was still time. Tina then witnessed the destruction of the planet. As it broke apart she was sent hurtling through space amongst debris and many other spheres.

This course led to our solar system. Tina was informed that they were trying to find a habitable planet to preserve the life they had obtained. They flew past Mars and then Tina saw them approach the Earth. As they got near, the sphere slowed right down. Tina watched as the debris entered the atmosphere. It was mostly made up of small pieces of rock, but there was one huge piece which collided with the planet. Her friend told her that once this impact had subsided they took the biological samples and used them to seed the Earth. This was where the vision ended.

Tina awoke with a start and sat up in bed. It was morning time. As with her other experiences they seemed far more vivid than a normal dream would. Could this huge series of events have actually taken place during the night? Was it memories of a previous experience that she was now recollecting? Had everything she had seen actually taken place, or was it a mix of reality and a dream? There were so many unanswered questions. But whatever the answers, this experience left a lasting impression on her.

Triangle of Dots

For a number of years Tina has been aware of a small triangle of dots on her right wrist. She cannot recall exactly when she first noticed them but is certain that they were not there during her childhood. She just recalls washing her hands one day and seeing them there.

Photograph of the triangle of dots:

The dots are a lighter tan colour compared to other moles on her body, and lie flat against the skin as opposed to being raised. They may well be small moles, and Tina cannot directly link them to any particular experience. However there are a number of cases on record where contactees have discovered very similar markings on them, so I felt these images were worth including.

Elevated Enzyme Level

In 2009, at 38 years of age, Tina began to feel unwell. It started as spates of extreme tiredness, and an aching underneath her ribs. At the time she was already suffering from other medical issues which required her blood to be sent regularly for testing. When she next sent in a sample, her doctor called her on the phone and asked her to come and see him to discuss the results of the test.

She was informed that the level of the enzyme Alanine Transaminase (ALT) in her blood was much higher than would be considered normal. She was informed that having a level of 22 units per litre would be considered high. Hers were currently at 52 units per litre! This would usually be indicative of inflamed or damaged liver cells but her doctor performed further tests and could find no explanation. He asked her to come back two days later.

When Tina returned, the doctor found that the level had gone up even more to 57 units per litre. He informed her that he would need to refer her to a specialist, and that they would contact her. Sure enough, a week later she had a phone call asking her to go to Southampton General Hospital.

At the hospital she spoke with a consultant. They asked her for her medical history, and asked many other questions including whether she had been on an aeroplane, scuba diving, visited other countries and was on any medication. Like her doctor, the consultant could not explain why her enzyme levels were so high. They did not know of any way to reduce the levels so she was asked to return home. She would have to live with the side effects and hopefully over time the levels would go back to normal.

A couple of months later when another blood test was performed they found her ALT level was now up to 90 units per litre! Her consultant was really concerned and informed her that if the level continued to increase drastic measures would have to be taken. Unfortunately it did, and when her ALT level reached 149 units per litre she was put on a three year long drugs trial. Luckily the trial worked really well and by the end of it her ALT level had dropped back down to 48 units per litre. She has continued to have blood tests three times a year ever since.

There may be a completely natural explanation for the rise in her ALT enzyme level. However looking back over the years she has suffered from this, Tina has noted that the level has been particularly high around the same time she has had contact experiences, suggesting they may be connected in some way. Whether there is a direct link between the ailment and her experiences is yet to be determined.

Internal Damage

On 18th May 2012 Tina suffered from an ectopic pregnancy which almost claimed her life. She became aware of the situation via a strange dream in which a baby boy spoke to her saying “Mummy you’re hurting me!” When Tina mentioned the dream to her mother, she recommended she went for a pregnancy test.

Tina’s GP told her that there was nothing wrong and told her not to worry, but that night she woke in extreme pain. She was rushed into Princess Anne hospital where the doctors discovered she had a ruptured pregnancy. Due to the fact that her blood pressure was dropping she was immediately taken to the operating theatre.

When she came round from the operation there were three surgeons standing in the room at the end of the bed. They appeared puzzled and began to question her, asking about her medical history and asking her when she was last in hospital for procedures. Tina informed them that she had not been in for any major operations before.

They then told her that she had a lot of internal damage which her official medical history did not account for. They said that it looked like her pelvis had been stabbed with a needle again and again, and that they had removed a mass of black membrane from around her pelvic area. The doctor confirmed that they had removed a lot of it, but that there may have been some which they had missed and couldn’t see.

Medical notes confirming internal damage found:

The doctors could find no rational explanation for what was observed. The internal damage was, and still is, a mystery. Without a mundane explanation, there is the possibility that it was caused by one or more procedures performed on her during abduction experiences.

Embryos aboard Craft

In the summer of 2014 Tina had another detailed abduction experience which has clear links with the hybrid breeding program. It occurred during the night at an unknown time.

When she first came round she found herself standing on a raised step aboard a craft. In front of her was a metallic panel of some kind and a long rectangular window. Standing close to her was her friend. Tina looked out of the window. In the distance she could see the Earth. It was mostly covered in shadow but she could see sunlight illuminating the Northern curvature.

Drawing of Tina looking out of the window:

Modified photograph to show how the Earth would have looked from the window:

The craft she was on was moving further away and beginning to speed up. Suddenly everything went black for a moment. When she could see again, she was still looking out of the window, but the craft was now on approach to Jupiter. It was moving very fast, and a couple of objects, possibly moons, zipped past in a blur. As the planet got closer Tina was shocked to see that alongside it was an absolutely massive black coloured cigar-shaped spacecraft! Its scale was absolutely epic. There were no markings on the hull visible apart from a series of lines towards the left side of it that looked like a grill of some kind.

It became evident that the ship she was on was heading towards the massive craft rather than the planet. As it flew towards it Tina suddenly received an information download. She saw a series of numbers in her mind which started slowly but then began to speed up. These numbers then changed to symbols made of lines and dots. Tina was aware that these symbols represented other numbers, but she had no idea what they referred to.

Drawing of the huge craft alongside Jupiter:

They reached the giant craft and slowed to a half alongside it. It was so huge that it blocked her entire view from the window, all she could see outside was the dull black coloured hull. She wondered how such a huge object would not have been detected on Earth. She then felt “the link” begin in her mind, and her friend spoke to her. He informed her that the craft could not be detected from the particular position it was in.

A glowing white light enveloped her. When she could see again, she found herself standing in a narrow and very long corridor. She assumed she was now aboard the giant craft. The corridor was about 8 feet high, but only several feet wide. There was a dim blue glow from long thin lights that ran along the ceiling. The walls of the corridor appeared to be made up of 4 foot by 2 foot rectangular black panels. The floor was black in colour.

Tina tried moving and found that her movement was very restricted. She could sense a very short Grey standing behind her but could not turn to look at it. Instead she felt a strong urge to walk forward, like she was being controlled. She began to shuffle forward along the corridor in short steps. She wanted to lift her hands up to touch the walls of the corridor but could not. Further down the corridor she could see another Grey. It appeared to be observing her and did not connect with her telepathically.

After walking a number of metres along the corridor she suddenly halted. Then her arm was lifted up. Her hand moved towards of the black panels. As it got near the panel sprung open and began to slowly slide out from the wall. At this point Tina realised it was actually a drawer containing something. The interior of the drawer was white in colour and emitted glowing light.

Drawing of the corridor with the Greys present:

Drawing of the panel opening in the wall:

Inside it she could see rows flattened circular containers. They were clear like glass and reminded her of small petri dishes. Tina looked more closely at these containers. She was shocked to see that each one contained a tiny embryo floating in clear fluid. This single drawer contained at least 50 of them. The enormity of this revelation hit home. If this was inside a single panel, and the others also contained embryos there would be hundreds upon hundreds in this corridor alone!

Drawing of the embryos inside the drawer:

Tina asked in her mind “Why have you done this?” The being behind her responded and told her that these were hybrid embryos which were to be used to populate another planet elsewhere in the universe. Without warning a vision of the journey the ship would make to reach this other planet began in her mind.

She viewed the journey from the ships perspective, almost like she was strapped to the front of it. She saw stars zipping past her as the shop flew extremely fast through space. At one point she was informed that they were passing the Andromeda galaxy. Tina does not have much knowledge of space so was unaware at the time that this was a real galaxy.

Photograph of the Andromeda galaxy:

Soon after this the ship began to speed up even more and perform corkscrew manoeuvres rolling over and over. Tina was informed that this was required to prevent the craft from breaking up due to its size and the speed it was now travelling at.

As she witnessed the journey of the craft, the information download she had received began again, exactly the same as before. The craft shot forwards extremely fast, with stars flying past in the blink of an eye. Its course through space was mostly straight, but at one point it diverted. Tina wondered what this diversion was for. In response to her thought, the Grey informed her that there was “black space” at this location and that they could not pass through it.

After continuing on its path the craft began to slow down. They had arrived close to the destination. In the distance Tina could see a large black-coloured planet. Rather than being completely spherical it appeared sliced off at the top, perhaps suggesting it had been damaged from an asteroid strike at some point. There was light coming from beyond it which allowed her to see its shape against the blackness of space. Around it were four or five smaller moons, one of which was moss green in colour and emitting a dim light. The craft approached the main planet and orbited it several times on a descending arc.

Drawing of the destination plamet and surrounding moons:

She was informed that this is where the babies were being taken to, and that it would take us thirty million years to reach this location if we were to attempt it using our current technology. Tina wondered how the babies would survive this journey, but was informed that the white light kept them in a state of suspended animation so do not age while aboard the craft. She was also told that there were only several beings on board, and when they approach the destination they would start a process to revive the embryos so they could begin to develop further.

Tina then began to witness the return journey of the craft to Earth. It began travelling at an incredible speed and everything around her became blurry. She was informed that the craft was on a pre-programmed course, and so had to make the journey at a particular time so as not to collide with anything else on route.

This was the last thing that Tina recalled. When she awoke it was early morning and the sun was up outside. She still had the numbers and symbols she had seen in her mind, but almost immediately her memory of them was beginning to fade. She quickly grabbed some paper and began to write down those that she could remember.  In her mind was an eight digit number. She knew that this was in some way related to the planet Jupiter. She also recalled a number of four digit numbers and one of the symbols she had seen.

Tina claims that when she entered the eight digit number followed by Jupiter into Google on her laptop soon after waking up she was amazed to see that it represented the mass of the planet. She is unclear as to whether she wrote this eight digit number down prior to entering it into Google. If she did, it is not with her other notes and it is possible that a page of her notes may have been lost.

When I spoke with Tina she could not recollect what this eight digit number was. According to Google the mass of Jupiter is 1.898 x 1027–kg. If the number 18981027 followed by the word Jupiter is entered into Google a page referring to this comes up:

We can therefore assume that this is likely to be the number which Tina must recollected when she awoke, but without written notes it is impossible to confirm this. If this was the number then this would be quite impressive, because it is far too obscure to have been something Tina would have picked up from elsewhere. As already mentioned she does not have an interest in astronomy.

While we do not have the notes referring to the eight digit number, Tina did manage to locate notes referring to numerous four digit numbers. However I have not been able to find any connections between Jupiter and these numbers, or any other possible meaning behind them:

Sadly Tina could only recall one of the symbols she had seen, but knew that the one she did remember represented the number 17:

She is unclear as to why some of the numbers came through in digits whereas others came through as symbols. However there are many other cases on records where contactees have received similar downloads of information. In most of these cases, the individual is not informed of what this information means or why they have been given it.

Possible Implant & Hole through Arm

One day in the spring of 2014 Tina went round to visit her mother. When she grabbed hold of the door handle with her right hand she felt a sharp pain. When she checked her hand she saw that there was a small lump under the surface of the skin, about 5mm across. It was situated a couple of inches below her middle finger.

The lump continued to cause her irritation so she decided to visit her GP to enquire about it. He performed an X-Ray and informed her that there was something present inside her hand but was unable to confirm exactly what it was. He referred her to the hospital for day surgery to have it removed. Several days later she received the appointment via letter.

The operation was only minor and was over extremely fast. Within several minutes the object was removed from her hand under local anaesthetic using surgical scissors.

Drawing of the object held in surgical scissors:

Tina only got a quick glimpse of the object. It appeared to be a black slimy looking spherical object a few millimetres across, possibly covered in a membrane. Attached to either side of it was a black and grey membrane with white at each end.

Drawing showing an enlarged view of the extracted object:

The surgeon swiftly placed the object into a small glass jar and it was taken away. He then sewed up her hand, then put a pressure bandage on her right arm up to the elbow.

Scar left on Tina’s hand from the operation:

After the operation Tina noted that the surgeon and others present seemed puzzled. When she asked about what had been removed they informed her that they had not seen anything like it before, and that it had to be sent off for further analysis. She was asked to return to her GP two days later to have the bandage removed.

During the following night Tina saw a white flash of light and woke up with a start. She then realised her hand was no longer aching, where as it had been when she had gone to sleep. Looking at her right arm she noticed a drop of blood close to her elbow. When she pulled back the bandage to check she found a neat round hole either side of her arm. There was no pain at all and the holes seemed clean, the only blood being the drop which had seeped into the bandage!

In the morning she returned to her GP as scheduled. When she showed him the holes in her arm he was extremely shocked. He exclaimed “Tina did you fall over? Have you impaled yourself on something? What happened?” She explained that she had just gone to bed like normal and had not injured her arm in any way. He was fascinated by the wounds and lifted up her arm and squeezed her skin and hand in various ways.

He confirmed to her that the hole went right through her arm, and that he had never seen anything like it before. He was amazed that there was no pain or swelling, and hardly any blood seeping from the holes. He was also concerned that perhaps this was down to nerve damage in her arm, but soon confirmed that this was not the case. He said that he did not want to stitch up the wounds as he could not explain how they had occurred.

The only sensation Tina had that the wounds were there at all was slight irritation which lasted less than a day. Within several days the holes had healed over with skin leaving dark red-brown coloured circular scars. These scars are still clearly visible today.

Photographs of the scars caused by the hole through Tina’s right arm:

Could the object which was removed have been another implant? It certainly appears quite similar to the object that Tina got Gavin to extract back in 1999. If so this would explain why the surgeons were so puzzled by it. It is a shame that they never informed Tina of what it could potentially be.

If it was an implant that was extracted, perhaps Tina had a contact experience during the night as a result of this extraction. If so, then the hole through her arm could have been caused by an instrument which was used on her during this experience. It is hard to put this injury down to something mundane. There was nothing in Tina’s house which could have accounted for the injury, and she would have had to have pushed her arm against something extremely forcefully for it to have punctured a neat hole right the way through. She is not prone to sleep walking or thrashing her arms about in her sleep. And of course if she had somehow managed to injure herself in this way she would have woken up in agonising pain. There would also have been much more blood and irritation around the entry and exit hole.

The fact that the injury occurred just a day after the object was removed from her hand certainly suggests that they may have been related. If so, this is the most extreme injury I have ever investigated relating to contact.

Partner’s Abduction

In August or September of 2015 Tina and her partner Richard decided to have an early night. It was very hot so they left the windows open and the blinds up. It was a full moon and the stars were visible in the sky. As she lay in bed Tina suddenly began to feel worried and alert, but didn’t know why. After a while the feeling went away and she settled down to sleep on the left side of the bed like usual.

She awoke at some point during the night. She was in a foetal position facing to the right and could not move. She realised that Mark was missing from alongside her. Her eyes seemed to be bulging out more than usual, and the bed sheets were also drawn back.

Standing in the room close to the door about 3 feet away was a strange being. It had milky white luminescent skin and was about 3.5 feet tall. It was very slender like a Grey. However its head appeared to be shaped like a flattened cylinder, almost like a biscuit tin. Beyond it was a glowing blue-green light with no determinate source.

The being was facing side on to Tina, so she could not see its facial features, but could see the side of, and even part of the back of, its head. Around the side of its head was a raised ridge which reminded her of a bandage. The back of its head looked less smooth than the sides, and was covered in lumps which reminded her of mashed potato.

Drawing showing the flat-faced being:

As Tina watched, the being leant forward bending at the hip. It appeared to be looking at a photograph and several teddy bears that were on the bedside table alongside Richard’s side of the bed. Tina felt sure that the being knew she was awake and observing it, but it did not interact with her in any way. The last thing Tina recalls is seeing a bright white flash of light.

Drawing showing the position of the being and the bedside table:

She woke up in the morning like usual. Richard was back alongside her. He appeared to have no recollection of anything odd taking place. However he soon began to complain that he felt unwell and that his throat hurt. Tina did not want to worry him so did not mention what had happened during the night.

Unfortunately Richard did not recover and his symptoms steadily got worse and worse from that point. He also began to lose weight at an alarming rate. About six weeks later, Tina finally informed him about what had taken place. He was quite disturbed by what she told him.

In the end Tina took him to see a specialist at the hospital. When they performed a blood test they discovered that, similar to Tina, the level of one of his enzymes was massively higher than normal. However instead of ALT, it was his level of Amylase, an enzyme produced by the pancreas. The level was so high that the specialist felt he did not have long to live. At first they assumed it may be cancer, however when they performed a scan they could find no sign of that.

Both he and Tina had also began to suffer from pains in their chest. When further tests were performed the doctors discovered they both had stomach ulcers at exactly the same place!

Medical notes confirming Tina’s and Richard’s stomach ulcers:

Over the next 10 months both he and Tina took pills to treat their ulcers. These steadily subsided, and Richard’s enzyme levels also dropped back down. However he remains in a very ill state and has been prescribed liver cancer treatment drugs despite the fact they have not been able to find any sign of this. They have recommended that he remains on these drugs for the foreseeable future.

Whatever has caused both Tina’s and Richard enzyme levels to greatly increase, the doctors confirmed it was not contagious, and is not something that one of them could have passed on to the other. Also the fact that they both had a stomach ulcer at the same location cannot be put down to this explanation.

While it would be easy to view their symptoms as purely medical conditions, there is the possibility that they have both been taken and had procedures performed on them which has led to these ailments. So far I have not come across any other cases where this has occurred, but I am continuing to search for some.

Partner’s Chest Marking

One morning in February 2016 Richard got up out of bed. Tina noticed a sore looking patch of skin on the left side of his chest just under his rib cage. She was certain it had not been there previously. The marking looked like a curved heart shape. They checked the bed but found nothing which could account for it. Tina says that he is not prone to sleepwalking so it is unlikely he got out of bed and bumped into something during the night.

Richard tried touching the marking and confirmed there was no pain. Within a couple of hours the redness died down but a pale scar still remained, a scar which is present to this day.

Photograph of the scar on Richard's chest:

This marking did not seem linked with any particular experience, at least none that Richard could remember. It may of course have a mundane explanation, however it does seem significant due to the fact that it left a lasting scar.

Implant Replacement?

In late 2016 Tina’s right hand began hurting again. She noted that another small lump was now present about an inch above the scar from the previous extraction. There was no signs of any puncture marks and no explanation for what the lump could be. She went back to hospital but was informed that this time due to the position of the lump it would be too difficult to remove without the tissue around it being damaged so Tina decided to leave it alone.

Luckily after a while the pain died down. The lump has remained in her hand to this present day. It appears to change position, coming up to the surface and causing pain for a while, before moving deeper into her hand again.

While it is likely that this lump has a medical explanation, there is the possibility it is an implant which has been put in to replace one that was taken out previously. The first step to determining if this is the case is to check whether the lump is metallic or not. I intend to check for this using a stud finder later this year when we next meet up.

Wrinkled Grey

On the 17th January 2017 Richard and Tina were over her mother’s house on Knighton Road. During the night Tina suddenly woke up for an unknown reason. Richard was there next to her fast asleep. She tried sitting up in bed but realised she could not sit all the way up, only lift up off the mattress.

Looking towards the base of the bed she was surprised to find at least several Greys standing there. Most of them were completely hidden in shadow. However the nearest one she could see clearly enough to make out details.

This one looked different to the others she had seen during her other contact experiences. It was quite short, no taller than 3 feet high, with white coloured skin. However what was most noticeable was that its skin was very wrinkled, making it appear really old. Also its head was more of a flattened heart shape, with two distinct sides separated by an indentation at the centre of its forehead.

Drawing of the face of the wrinkled being:

There are a number of other cases on record where this type of being has been encountered. Tina was not frightened by the presence of the beings. She sensed that they were there for her but that no harm would come to her. She felt resigned to whatever was going to take place. She cannot recall anything else after this point, just that they were there.

The Mutilated Buffalo

The following night Tina had a very strange dream. She was inside a clear sphere similar to the one she had been inside during the vision of the other planet she had been shown back in 2014. The sphere descended and entered a small square shaped room which was only about 10 feet across. She appeared to enter the room by floating through the upper corner. The room was completely white and very sterile looking. However it had some double doors which were made out of wood with glass windows. They appeared to be man-made rather than alien.

There was some white coloured piping around the upper edge of the walls, and small devices positioned at intervals down the walls which appeared to be small cameras or lasers. Looking down Tina was shocked to see a large brown-haired buffalo lying on its side on the floor. It appeared to be dead and one of its front legs was cleanly severed and missing. There was no blood on the floor beneath it. The buffalo was lying next to a large rounded metallic device of some kind, and appeared to have been involved in a test or experiment of some kind.

Drawing of the layout of the room showing the position of the dead buffalo and device:

Tina wanted to see what lay beyond the wooden doors. In response to this thought, the sphere moved downward and towards the doors, before passing straight through them. She was now in a white walled corridor. Further down the corridor she could see a number of men dressed in white scientific lab coats. One of the men began walking along the corridor heading in her direction. He got close enough to see in detail. He was about 5 foot 8 inches tall, had short brown hair and was in his late 30s to early 40s. He was wearing an ID badge with the name “David Bue” on it.

Suddenly the man stopped moving. Tina was shocked and wondered if he could see her. She began to panic. The sphere retreated back into the room with the dead bison and then back into the top corner from where it had originally come. This is where the dream ended.

When she woke up in the morning Tina recalled what had happened. Like her other contact experiences the details felt very vivid, like something she had actually experienced. Once she had got ready she tried entering the name David Bue on Facebook to see if anyone significant came up, but nobody did.

This is a bizarre experience, and may well have been nothing more than a dream. There was no sign of any ETs present, and due to the fact that Tina has had many other encounters with Greys, it seems unlikely that they were using a screen memory in this instance. That said, the dead buffalo with the missing leg is interesting and could be linked to the animal mutilation phenomenon. Also the white clinical environment was somewhat similar to a craft. There is also the fact that she was inside floating sphere similar to one of her previous experiences. Whatever the explanation, I felt it was worth including in the report.

Light Examination

On a night in mid-December 2017, Tina went to sleep like normal. During the night she awoke to find that she couldn’t move or open her eyes. There were no sounds or noticeable smells. The temperature seemed normal. She was in a sitting position and felt like she was sitting on a curved chair made out of joined metallic cylinders. Above her was a very bright light which she could see through her eyelids.

She remained in this position for what seemed like a long period of time. It felt like her forehead was being intensely blasted with strong light for an unknown reason. After a while she felt more relaxed for just a moment. She breathed in and her chest touched other similar metal cylinders positioned over her. At this point she realised she was not in an open area but was in fact caged.

Towards the end of the experience, she felt like she was suddenly moved sideways. Her hand moved a small amount and touched one of the cylinders she was sitting on. It felt smooth and metallic, but not as cold as metal would usually feel.

Soon after this she blacked out. When she woke up in the morning she felt really tired and drained of energy. However she forced herself to get up and go to work.

The following night she had another very similar experience. This could have been a second separate abduction, or could potentially have been a flashback of what had occurred the first time. Since then it has so far not taken place again.

Joint Abduction & Arm Marking

During the night of Saturday 10th March 2018 Tina came round to find herself in a small room which was very dark. She was standing up and in front of her what was looked like a metallic reclining chair positioned at a slight angle, similar to a dentist chair. In this chair lay her mother who was fully dressed and appeared to be asleep.

Tina felt like she had been drugged, her movements felt sluggish. Out of the darkness stepped two men. One was wearing a white polo neck shirt and brown trousers, and what appeared to be a latex pig mask which covered his head. The other man also had a different mask on but Tina cannot remember what it was. He walked up to her mother and took a hold of her right hand and began talking to her.

Suddenly one of the walls of the room lifted up like a tent flap being opened. Beyond it Tina could see white light. A figure stepped forward into the room. It was a short Grey only about 2.5 feet in height. Its skin was white and smooth. Unlike the other Greys she had encountered in previous experiences, Tina sensed a female presence from this one. She was holding a round silver tray upon which was a large two-pronged fork-like instrument. It looked like it was made out of pale yellow coloured crystal and was at least a foot in length.

Drawing showing the surroundings including the positions of Tina, her mother, the men and the short Grey:

The short Grey began to walk towards Tina before stopping between her and the two men. The man wearing the pig mask picked up the fork-shaped instrument off the tray. The Grey looked directly at Tina. She got the sense that something was about to happen which the being was not happy about. The man in the pig mask dismissed the Grey with a wave of his hand and she exited the room.

Before Tina could react, the man lurched towards her and stabbed her in the forehead with the instrument. She fell backwards and almost passed out at the impact for a couple of seconds. As she did so she felt her right arm bump into something solid. The man looked shocked that Tina was still conscious. As she tried to raise her arm to protect herself he stabbed her a second time in the same place and she blacked out.

When she came to it was 7am and she was waking up in bed. She initially felt completely normal. As it was Mothers Day, she went down to the hall to lay out some flowers and a card for her mother, still in her nightie. Tina keeps her laptop on a side table in the hall. She decided before going up to get dressed she would log on and check her E-Mails.

While she was doing this her mother came downstairs. She immediately exclaimed “Oh my god what have you done to yourself? Have you had a flu jab?” Tina asked her what she meant. Her mother pointed at her right arm which was exposed. Her upper right arm appeared reddish and swollen. In the middle of this irritation was a lump with what appeared to be numerous puncture marks around it. This was at the position where she had bumped her arm in the strange dream.

Photograph of the sore area of skin on Tina’s right arm:

Tina confirmed that she was fine, and said she had not hurt herself in the night. Her mum responded saying “Don’t talk to me about last night!” Tina asked what she meant. She informed her that she was lying down in a dark room. Alongside her was an old woman that she knew from her past. The woman wanted to her stand up and go somewhere with her. She then grabbed hold of her right hand, and her touch was so cold that it burnt.

The dream had un-nerving similarities to what Tina had dreamt about. She decided not to tell her mother about her dream as she did not want to frighten her. Instead she went back upstairs to get dressed. At this time she was feeling absolutely fine but as the hours passed she began to develop a headache that got progressively worse and worse. She took some paracetamol but this did not seem to help. That evening she settled down to sleep with her head still pounding.

During the week Tina began to feel gradually more and more tired despite the fact she was getting enough sleep. The following Saturday morning Tina found that she could not move and was finding it very hard to breathe. She felt like she had a burning fever and was very dizzy. Richard realised something was very wrong. He helped her to her feet and put her on her mother’s stair lift to get her downstairs. Suddenly Tina felt a massive surge of extreme pain. She collapsed to the floor and began vomiting. Her mother immediately phoned an ambulance.

Tina blacked out. When she came round she saw two female members of the ambulance crew looking down at her. She was in and out of consciousness but remembers them putting a heart monitor on her. They then attempted to use a defibrillator on her. But when they did they found it was drained of power. They also tried putting a cuff on her to take her blood pressure. But once again they found that it had no power. Tina overheard them calling for another emergency ambulance.

Eventually the other crew arrived and lifted her on a stretcher into the back of the ambulance. Tina recalls that once again some of the equipment in the ambulance appeared to have ran out of batteries. It is unknown if these power failures were just down to bad luck, or if Tina was somehow draining them of energy. I have investigated numerous contact cases before where experiencers have informed me that electrical objects often drain of power in their proximity.

When she arrived at A&E they performed numerous tests and found that her blood pressure was very low indeed. Tina still had a high temperature and felt feverish. The nurse in the room took some blood and began to perform some tests.

After a while a doctor entered the room. She explained that they didn’t know what was going on and had to take some more blood. They asked her if she’d had a fall and informed her that the nerve at the back of her brain was swollen, and that this was a common indication of bleeding. However when they performed a brain scan on her, they informed her that there was no evidence of fluid build-up and this did not appear to be the reason behind her symptoms. They informed her that they were going to get equipment to test for a stroke.

Suddenly another nurse wearing a yellow gown and mask entered the room. She pushed the doctor out of the way, forcefully grabbed hold of Tina’s arm. The doctor asked “What are you doing? We’ve already taken blood!” The nurse said that they needed to re-test her blood. She then jabbed Tina’s arm and took another blood sample. She then said that they were going to take her elsewhere.

Angrily the doctor asked “I didn’t authorise this. Who are you? Where are you planning to take this patient?” The nurse informed her that she didn’t know. The doctor continued “How can you take her if you don’t know what ward you are taking her to?” This question was never adequately answered. The nurse wheeled Tina out of the room and took her to an isolation room on the night ward. She then left the room leaving her on her own wondering what was going on.

After a while the doctor entered the room. She was clearly furious at what had taken place. She said “I don’t know why they have put you in here. I’m not happy about it, you’re my patient.” She then continued to check her face and toes for signs of bleeding. This went on for about ten minutes and then the doctor left. A different nurse entered and gave her some antibiotics. The nurse visited twice more through the night.

She asked the nurse “Why am I here? Have I got an infection?” The nurse informed her that she was not qualified enough to answer her question. In the morning another doctor who she had not seen before entered the room. They informed her that she had suffered a migraine and that she would be able to go home. Tina exclaimed “You kept me in isolation overnight just for a migraine?” The doctor did not respond to this. They instead cleared up all the blood samples that had been taken and left the room.

After a short while the nurse entered the room again. Tina explained to the nurse that she’d been released and could go home. The nurse asked “What do you mean?” Tina explained what had happened with the doctor. The nurse looked puzzled. She informed Tina that the ward doctor had not yet come round. She had no idea who the doctor was who had taken the samples away!

That evening Tina was finally given some migraine tablets and then released from hospital. The discharge sheet said she had suffered a migraine but this made no sense to Tina considering what she had been through. And as for what happened at the hospital with unknown doctors and nurses taking samples, this remains a mystery.

Discharge paper for the isolation ward confirming a migraine as the reason for the symptoms:

Had this just been down to a break in communication? Hospitals can be chaotic places at times and perhaps due to the urgency of the situation certain individuals had not been properly informed of what was taking place. But at the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder whether the strange dream Tina recalled was a joint abduction of her and her mother, perhaps partially changed through screen memories. And if so had they done something to her blood, something which certain people wanted to test for? I can only give you the facts as Tina reported them to me - facts which can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Attempted Abduction of Friend’s Daughter

In late December 2017 Tina went on holiday to Bodmin, Cornwall for the weekend with her friend Samantha, and Samantha’s daughter Karen. They stayed at a bed & breakfast in the local area (name ommitted for privacy reasons), as Samantha was friends with the owners Peter and Margaret.

On the Sunday evening they all had a meal together. After dinner Tina began washing the dishes. Suddenly the small lump in her right hand began to cause extreme pain. Samantha and Margaret could see she was in trouble. They took a look at her hand and could actually see it pulsating with the pain. It lasted for about 2 minutes before easing up and stopping completely. Margaret seemed a little disturbed by what had happened. She noticed the scar on Tina’s hand, and Tina mentioned that she used to have something else in her hand which was taken out.

After staying up a while longer everyone headed to their respective rooms to go to sleep. Tina soon dropped off and slept really well. At around 4am she got out of bed to use the bathroom. When she exited her room to walk across to it she found Samantha standing in the doorway of her room. She looked pale and shaken up. When Samantha saw Tina she immediately exclaimed “Oh my god Tina! We’ve had a really freaky night. Did you not hear us?” Tina replied “No, I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. Is everything alright?” Samantha said “No. There was something in my room last night. They tried to take Karen!”

At first Tina thought she was joking but soon realised she was not. Samantha asked her to go downstairs with her to chat. They got a hot drink and then she went over what had happened. According to Samantha, Karen was finding it hard to get to sleep. She kept complaining that she was too hot.

After a while of sitting up with her, Samantha saw what appeared to be some small glowing white orbs of light drifting across the room near to the window. She then saw the window and surrounding wall start to vibrate, almost like interference of some kind. She asked Karen if she could see what she could see, and she confirmed that she could.

When I met with Samantha to discuss this incident, she informed me that Karen possesses a psychic gift and can sometimes see things others do not. What happened next could only be seen by Karen. All Samantha saw was Karen start to react to something which was taking place. After she had calmed back down Samantha asked her what had happened. According to Karen she had seen three beings enter the room through the window. Two of them were very tall and shadow-like, the other was shorter and could be seen more clearly. They had come there to take her with them. The smaller one backed off out of the window leaving the two tall beings.

Karen believes that she has a guardian angel who watches over her. In her mind she heard him shout at the beings “You’re not taking this one!” This blunt refusal seemed to work, and the two figures had then exited the room. Karen was understandably very upset about what had taken place.

After telling Tina what had happened, Samantha took a cup of tea up to Karen. After a few minutes they both came back down. It was immediately obvious how much the incident had affected them both, so Tina did not press them for further information.

Tina expected both Peter and Margaret to join them for breakfast. However only Margaret came downstairs. She then mentioned that Peter had had a really strange dream during the night. Instead of his room he had found himself in a hospital-like location and there were a number of teenagers standing around the bed looking at him.

It soon became apparent to Tina that Margaret was not happy about her being there. It seemed almost like she was somehow blaming her for what had happened. Tina says that Margaret is quite superstitious so may have associated the unusual pain in her hand with what happened during the night.

The fact that both Samantha and Karen, and Peter and Margaret had strange occurrences go on during the same night is fascinating. It certainly sounds like Samantha and Karen underwent a visitation, one which very nearly led to an abduction. Although Samantha did not actually see the entities themselves, she did observe other phenomena taking place in the room beforehand.

The dream that Peter experienced also sounds like it may have been either a visitation or abduction covered with a screen memory. Tina has no recollection of anything taking place directly, although there is always the potential that something did which was subsequently blanked out. But could these other experiences have taken place because of her presence?

Possible Scoop Mark

On the 18th February 2018 Tina was lying in bed alongside Richard watching TV. Suddenly she felt a slight soreness on her right hip. She initially assumed she had accidentally laid on the remote control. However when she checked she found this was not the case. Instead she found a small rounded indentation in her hip.

Photographs of the indentation:

Tina was quite sure that this was new and not something which had been present a while. This is backed up by the fact that she had only just felt any pain from it. There was nothing on the bed that she could have leant on to cause the injury. It has remained there ever since.

While a mundane explanation cannot be ruled out, like the indentation found on her chest this could potentially be a scoop mark. There is the possibility that Tina had an abduction experience during the night which was wiped from her memory.


This is an absolutely massive case with many unusual elements. Tina has seemingly had some incredibly deep and complex interactions with ETs over the years. While these interactions could be dismissed as nothing more than vivid dreams considering the fact that they have occurred mostly during the night while Tina has been in bed, there are many aspects which do not suggest this explanation.

Firstly the majority of the beings Tina has encountered over the years, the surroundings she has found herself in, and the experiences she has undergone fit very closely with other known contact cases from around the world. These experiences began for Tina a long time before she started looking into the contact subject so it is very unlikely she dreamt them up based on things she had seen or read about.

The various body markings that Tina has found have often been linked directly with these experiences, and have sometimes been quite dramatic or backed up by official medical statements. While it is easy to dismiss a small area of sore skin, it is much harder to dismiss extensive bruising, or actual puncture wounds. It would be ridiculous to suggest that these were down to accidental damage or have a psychometric explanation. It is clear that Tina has had numerous genuine medical issues over the years, but not everything which has taken place can be attributed to this.

The possible implants which have been extracted are also fascinating, as at least the first one appeared to be metallic. While a metal splinter of some kind cannot be entirely ruled out, there are certainly a number of aspects which would fit with it being contact related.

As with a number of other large-scale repeater cases I have investigated, it appears that it has not just been Tina who has experienced these things. Her partners, family and friends have also sometimes been involved to one extent or another. This again supports the idea that these experiences are actually taking place.

Tina has expressed interest in going for a regression to explore some of her experiences and see if any further details come to light. If this goes ahead as planned in the coming months, and if the regression is successful, I will update this report with the findings. It is also extremely likely that Tina will have further contact experiences in due course. If she decides to keep me up-to-date on proceedings they will be also be added as necessary.

I will end by once again thanking Tina for her extensive efforts in sharing all this information with me. Throughout the investigation she has been open, honest and patient. Putting together a report of this magnitude requires dedication from the witness as well as the investigator, and without her on-going involvement this would not have been possible.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2018