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Sheffield Contactee Case - Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, Abductions, UFO Sightings, MIB, Paranormal Activity, Psychic Abilities, Signs Of Contact

Birmingham UFO Group Report
Author: Dave Hodrien
Originally forwarded by Richard Hall
Release Date: 04/09/2011

Note: Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.


Most cases of ET contact focus on one or two incidents which have taken place. But sometimes an individual can experience many different fascinating events from early in their life. This is the case with Laura, a mother and married lady from Sheffield. Her experiences, which go right back to her childhood, are both very interesting and have some astounding implications. There are certain events which have taken place that have forced her to consider the extent to which contact with these beings is occurring. Not only do her experiences affect her, but her sons are also clearly involved. There also appears to have been ongoing monitoring from unknown parties, and a military connection involving her late father. Read on and all will become clear...

The Investigation

Laura first got in touch with me on 6th April 2011 via Richard Hall’s website After initially speaking directly with Richard over the phone, she then spoke with me about some of her experiences. It immediately became clear to me the extent that these experiences had impacted on her life, and I soon decided it would require a direct visit to discuss everything in enough depth. I also felt that some of her experiences warranted a hypnotic regression as they contained missing memories and lost time.

On Sunday 23rd April, I and hypnotherapist Rob Tudge (who until recently assisted me with cases involving contact) drove on up to Sheffield to meet with Laura and her husband Graham at their house. After going over Laura’s experiences in much more detail, including some events she had not mentioned before, Rob then regressed her, focusing on two of her most fascinating experiences. The transcript of this regression can be read later in the report. We also took some relevant location photos.

Since our visit, Laura has had other experiences including another UFO sighting that her husband also witnessed. There are other experiences which no doubt warrant a second regression, so this may be sorted out at some point in the near future.

The Watchers

Since an early age, Laura has regularly felt like she is being observed by an invisible presence. Sometimes this feeling of a presence arrives and leaves with a flash of white light. When she first started feeling these things she was frightened and told her mother Beth. She told her to stop being silly, and that there was no such thing as invisible people. Soon afterwards they went round to see her grandfather. While there Beth told him what Laura had said. When he was alone with Laura he told her that they were nothing to be afraid of, and that he had felt them too at times, and seen the flashes of light. He taught Laura to look for a shimmering effect in the air which would signify their presence. He called them “The Watchers”.

From then on she would sometimes be able to see this effect in the air and knew that “The Watchers” were there. This would generally occur when the presence remained for a long period of time. An area about 2 feet wide by 6 feet high would begin to shimmer, similar to a heat haze. However often the presence would not be there for very long, perhaps only several seconds. Occasionally Laura has noticed her pet cat acting strangely and interacting with the presence by either pawing at the air or arching its back and hissing.

Contactees often report feeling an invisible presence watching over them. This perhaps indicates ongoing ET interaction throughout their life. However it is not just Laura who feels this presence, her grandfather also did. Does this mean that he too was a contactee? Possibly, but perhaps it is related to a haunting rather than being linked with the ETs.

Shadow Beings

As well as regularly experiencing what she refers to as The Watchers, Laura also sometimes sees what she refers to as “Shadow Beings”. It was again her grandfather who alerted her to the reality of these entities. They are dark humanoid forms that appear to possess intelligence. They are semi-transparent like a shadow being cast on a surface. They move very fluidly but walk rather than float.

These beings only tend to appear when she is feeling upset, so are clearly linked to this emotion for whatever reason. They do not always appear, only sometimes. The entity often has a calming effect on her and will remain until her anger has subsided.

These shadow-like entities have been reported by many people before, and are generally given the name Shadow Beings or Shadow People. They have often been seen by contactees while in their home, and possibly have an ET link. However like The Watchers they may have a ghostly explanation. Perhaps it is the heightened senses of these contactees that causes them to be seen.

Psychic Abilities

Like many contactees, Laura claims to have psychic abilities, including a sixth sense which allows her to detect and see ghosts, as well as the other strange entities described earlier in this report. She also has sometimes has premonitions which come to her in the form of dreams.

In 1976 when she was 15 years old she had a nightmare where she was at school with her friend. It was PE and their teacher allowed them to go on a cross country run on their own as they were not very good at hockey. The route they would usually take had a fork in the path. The right fork would take them along the side of a large corn field; the left would go around the field and take 10 minutes longer. In the nightmare they approached the fork in the path. Her friend wanted to take the right fork but Laura was apprehensive as she could see a gang of men at the bottom of the path. In the end her friend persuaded her to take the right fork. As they approached the men, they suddenly grabbed hold of them, dragged them into the corn field and assaulted them. At this moment Laura awoke. She was very distressed and was sweating.

Later in the day during PE, exactly like in the nightmare, the teacher came to Laura and her friend and said they could do a cross country run instead of play hockey. Laura immediately recognised that it was the same thing to what she had dreamed. She was reluctant to go but did as she was told. They reached the fork in the path, and sure enough there was the group of men exactly like she remembered. She told her friend about the nightmare and persuaded her to take the left fork in the path instead. When they approached the school, their PE teacher came running out and said “Thank God you’re both safe, the police have just arrested five men at the bottom of the corn field for gang raping a young girl two days ago!” It appeared that Laura’s dream had stopped the same thing happening to her and her friend.

In 1981 Laura worked as a barmaid. She used to walk to her workplace every evening for her shift which lasted from 7-12pm. She would have to walk across a crossroads on her way to work. One night she had a dream where she was crossing this crossroads when suddenly a car came skidding round the corner, jumped the lights and crashed into her, dragging her along the road.

For the next six months Laura was extra careful when crossing the crossroads because she felt that her dream was going to come true. However nothing happened and in the end she decided that it had just been a dream and nothing more. A short time afterwards she was running late one morning and was in a rush. She was about to step out onto the road when she suddenly heard someone call her name. She turned around but couldn’t see anyone. She turned back and was about to start walking when again she heard her name being called. Puzzled, she turned round a second time, but there was still nobody in sight. She began to step out into the road when suddenly a car came screeching round the corner and drove extremely fast past her. If she had not heard the voice calling her, Laura feels that she would have been in the road and would have got hit, just like what happened in the dream. She would later find out that the occupants of the car had burgled the casino near to her workplace.

In August 1995 Laura moved from London to a house back in Sunderland. Her mother had found her this property and recommended it to her. When Laura asked her mother about the house, Beth informed her that it was a semi-detached two bedroom house with a red front door and central heating. That night Laura had a dream in which she was in front of a blue doored house. She went inside and explored the property.

In the morning when Laura got her sons up, she found out of Peter that he had experienced the same dream! He told her about the dream he had during the night, and it matched her own. About a week later they visited the house for the first time. Laura was amazed when it was what she had seen in the dream. Her mother had been incorrect about the colour of the front door. All the details inside the house were exactly as she remembered.

These are just several examples of the premonitions that Laura has had throughout her life. It certainly appears that sometimes she dreams about certain events taking place, and that as a result she is then able to stop these events from happening. The second incident described also has an aspect of protection to it. Could the voice that she heard have come from an ET? If it did then it seems that the ETs were protecting Laura from harm, as without the voice calling her she would probably have been hit by the car.

It is fascinating that the premonition about the house was experienced by both Laura and her son. This suggests a psychic link between the two of them. We can only speculate as to why this dream occurred in the first place. Unlike her other premonitions this did not seem to have an element of danger to it, it was just an exploration of the new house.

Initial Abduction

The first ET-related experience that Laura can remember took place in September 1981. Back then she shared a house with her boyfriend on Cleveland Road, High Barnes, Sunderland. Her mother Beth and two sisters Julia and Carol also lived in the area on Marcross Drive in the Moorside Estate. On the day of the incident, she had been round Beth’s house helping to decorate. In the evening her younger sister Carol gave her a lift. It was a pleasant and calm evening.

Laura and her boyfriend went to bed about 11.30pm. During the night she had what seemed like a very vivid dream. She found herself down Barnes Park near to her home. She was on a bridge that overlooked the park, and was walking in the direction of her house.

Aerial map of Barnes Park showing the approximate location of Laura's house on Cleveland Road, and arrows showing where Laura was in the dream and direction she was walking:

Modern photograph of the location (The bridge got replaced with a road in 2009):

It was night-time and quite dark. She was clothed in her normal daytime wear. About half way across the bridge suddenly the sky above her lit up a glowing bright white. The light was so bright that it made it seem like it was daylight all around. She thought to herself how odd this seemed as it could not have changed to daylight that quickly. Then she began to feel afraid of the light, and thought that she had better get back home as quickly as possible. This was the last thing she remembered.

In the morning when Laura awoke it was pouring with heavy rain outside. She could remember the details of the strange dream described above. She got out of bed and went to get dressed. She would always leave her daytime wear neatly folded at the base of the bed. However the clothes were now lying in a crumpled heap. When she picked them up she was also puzzled to find that they were soaking wet!

It was clear that during the night she had been outside in them, though she could not remember doing so and was not prone to sleepwalking. She then thought back to the dream and wondered if there was more to it. She did not dwell on what had happened for too long, and soon put a different set of clothes on and went about her day.

Regression Transcript Part One

Laura has had many fascinating experiences, but we only had enough time to cover a couple of them in the regression. The incident with the wet clothes was one of the most intriguing. It was obvious something had genuinely taken place. Also Laura had recollection of being outside and seeing a bright light above her in the sky. Both I and her felt this was possibly an abduction experience and that most of the memories of what had occurred had been blocked out.

As you will see in the transcript, this turned out to be the case. The regression went extremely well and Laura had a near full recollection of what took place. What she divulged completely explained why she had awoke to find her clothing wet and in a heap, why she remembered being down the park and the source of the brightly glowing light.

Below is the transcript of the first part of the regression. The second part can be found later in this report:

R: Just breathe and put your head back. Allow any tension you have in your neck just to dissipate. As you exhale just let it go. And again. And the next time your shoulders, as you exhale allow the tension to drop out of your shoulders. And as you become more and more relaxed, allow your arms to go just where they want to. That’s fine, that’s great. And just continue to relax with each breath. And allow the muscles across your forehead to let go, relax. And the tiny muscles around your eyes, as you exhale so they just let go, relax. That’s good, that’s fine. Becoming more and more comfortable with each breath. That’s fine, that’s good. Calm, comfortable and relaxed. And the muscles of your upper back, and your middle back, and your lower back, as you exhale so they let go. That’s good. Your stomach muscles, your thigh muscles, as you exhale, let go. And your calf muscles, and the muscles of your legs, just let go and relax. That’s great, that’s just fine. So, I’ll ask you to imagine yourself at the top of ten steps. At the bottom of the ten steps there’s a huge wooden door. You’re looking down at that huge wooden door. But before you make your way down the steps I’ll ask you to imagine a golden bubble of protection around you. It’s above your head, and below your feet. If you stretched your hands out left and right, you wouldn’t be able to touch the inside of this golden bubble, it’s there for your protection. That’s good. And now imagine little tendrils, little roots growing from your heels. Out they grow, down into what you’re standing on, into the subsoil, and down through the strata to lock you to the earth. So you’re totally protected and grounded with those tendrils. And you can move without any bother at all, without any hindrance you can move quite easily and freely, you’ll hear my voice and you’ll be able to answer. So now I want you to take your first step down into peace and tranquillity. That’s good. And the second step down. And the third step down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease, protected and grounded. And step number four. And then five. Half way down now. Now you’re seeing more detail in that huge wooden door at the bottom of the stairs. And six. And step number seven. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease, protected and grounded. Continue onward, continue onward. Eight, and nine, and ten. In front of that huge wooden door. What colour is the door?
L: Brown.
R: Brown door, ok. Now before you go through the door I’ll tell you what’s on the other side. It’s just a neutrally coloured room, that’s all it is. So when you’re ready, just step through into that neutrally coloured room please. Close the door behind you. Ok. Very shortly I’ll be speaking to Laura’s subconscious mind, and I’ll be speaking to Laura’s subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. I’ll ask you not to think about my questions, just give the answers as quickly as they come. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers your subconscious mind will appear as a shape, a colour, a picture or a symbol. One, two, three. Tell me what you have.
L: A blue triangle.
R: Blue triangle. That’s marvellous. Blue triangle, are you Laura’s subconscious mind, yes or no?
L: Yes.
R: Subconscious mind, thank you for appearing in that form. Subconscious mind, would it be appropriate to go back in safety and comfort to the incidents we have mentioned. The incident in Sunderland in 81, and the incident in Dagenham in 83. Would that be appropriate?
L: Yes.
R: Thank you subconscious mind. Ok, just relax and breathe. Just relax and breathe. You’re doing very well. Ok. It’s September 1981. You’re in the house in Sunderland. Now before you went to bed that night did anything out of the ordinary happen in the day?
L: No.
R: Ok. What time did you go to bed that night?
L: Half past eleven.
R: Half past eleven, ok. Were you alone in the house?
L: No.
R: Who was in the house with you?
L: My boyfriend.
R: Ok. So you went to bed at eleven thirty?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok. How did you prepare for the next day?
L: I folded my clothes and put them next to the bed.
R: Put them next to the bed, ok.
L: Yes.
R: You got into bed I take it?
L: Yes.
R: Settled down?
L: Yes.
R: Ok. Did you get off to sleep easily or was there any difficulty?
L: No I went straight to sleep.
R: You went straight away, ok. Tell me what happened next. Take your time, don’t struggle, don’t rush.
L: I’m outside but I don’t know how I got there.
R: You’re outside?
L: Yes.
R: Uh-huh. What are you wearing?
L: My clothes that I put out for the day.
R: Ok. So you put the clothes on and you’ve gone outside, is that right?
L: I must have, but I don’t know. I must have but I don’t know how I got there.
R: Ok, put yourself back in the bed and very very slowly, slowly as you like go to the point where something happens. This is just a memory, we’re looking for something that happened between the time you went to sleep and the time when you were outside with the clothes for the following day on.
L: There’s somebody in the room.
R: There’s somebody in the room?
L: Yes.
R: Ok, this is just a memory, you’re looking at a memory.
L: They want me to go with them.
R: Is this a verbal instruction or request, or how do you know they want you to go with them?
L: I don’t know, I just know.
R: You just know that....
L: Mmm.
R: That there is someone in the room with you and they want you to go with them.
L: Yes.
R: Can you see, whoever this is in the room? Have you got a sense of them?
L: I can feel them but I can’t see them.
R: You can feel them. Ok. Is it just the one or is there more than one?
L: There’s at least three.
R: At least three, ok. How do you sense them Laura?
L: I don’t know I just feel that they’re there, I can’t see them, but I can sense them there.
R: You can sense them there, ok. So you sense three beings in the room with you?
L: Yes.
R: Ok. Are you instructed to put the clothes on? Do you do this of your own accord?
L: They want me to go with them but I won’t go ‘cause I want clothes.
R: Oh I see, they want you to go with them but you won’t because you’ve only got your night clothes on?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok. Do they, how do you know that they want you to go outside?
L: They don’t want me to go outside, they want me to go with them.
R: Oh I see, they don’t want you to go outside.
L: No.
R: But then the issue of the clothes comes up, you just having your night clothes on yes?
L: Yes.
R: So what do you do?
L: I tell them that I’ll go if they let me get dressed.
R: You tell them you will go with them if they let you get dressed.
L: Yeah.
R: And do you do that?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok. And you think you’ve still got your eyes closed?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok. And you can find your clothes ok and put them on without looking?
L: Yes. They’re next to my bed.
R: So you put those clothes on that you were keeping for the next day, then what happens?
L: I don’t want to go with them. I told them I would but I don’t want to.
R: You told them that you would go but you don’t want to.
L: No. I grabbed my keys and I went outdoors.
R: You grabbed your keys and you go out?
L: Yes.
R: Yes. Did you have to look for your keys?
L: No.
R: You knew where they were?
L: Yes.
R: So you still hadn’t seen whoever was in the room with you?
L: No. I know they’re still there but...
R: You know they’re still there, that’s fine. And you ran out?
L: Yes.
R: Ok.
L: I was trying to get away.
R: Yes. What happened next Laura?
L: I went through the park.
R: Went through the park, yes.
L: Walked through the park, and I couldn’t see them.
R: You could see them?
L: No, I couldn’t see them.
R: Oh you couldn’t see them there.
L: So I thought I was alright to come home.
R: Uh-huh.
L: So I started to come home.
R: Yes. So you started to come home, then what happened?
L: Everything lit up bright.
R: Where were you in the park when everything lit up bright, can you remember?
L: Err I’d gone through the park, and I was coming back across the bridge.
R: Across the bridge, uh-huh.
L: Not out the other side, but across the bridge.
R: Yes I understand.
L: And then everything in the dark lit up bright like it was daytime.
R: Ok. So everything lit up bright?
L: I don’t know how it happened ‘cause it’s night time.
R: Yes of course, it’s night time. But suddenly you found it very very bright.
L: Yes.
R: Then what happened? Take your time, you’re ok, you’re doing very well. This is just a memory, you’re perfectly safe. I promise you, you’re perfectly safe, just try to remember.
L: I don’t know how I got there but I’m in a
R: You don’t know how you got there but you’re in a big room.
L: Yeah.
R: Mhmm.
L: A round room...round room.
R: A round room yes.
L: It’s all white.
R: Uh-huh.
L: Everything’s white.
R: Everything is white in this round room, I see.
L: Mhmm. I see other people.
R: Other people?
L: There’s other people in there.
R: Uh-huh.
L: I don’t know them.
R: You don’t recognise these people ok.
L: I don’t recognise them no.
R: Uh-huh. What are they doing, these other people in this round room Laura?
L: They’re all huddling together ‘cause they’re frightened.
R: They’re huddling together because they’re frightened.
L: Yes.

R: And then what happens?
L: Somebody comes into the room.
R: Can you see who comes into the room?
L: No it’s too bright.
R: It’s too bright to see who comes in, ok.
L: Too bright. The brightness hurts my eyes.
R: Ok. The brightness is hurting your eyes but you sense somebody’s come into the room?
L: Yes.
R: Can you see any shadows or movement?
L: No just the people huddled together.
R: Just the people huddled together, that’s fine, uh-huh. Then what happens?
L: He’s looking round the room at the people.
R: He is looking round the room at the people, have I got that right?
L: Yes.
R: Who’s he?
L: I don’t know.
R: Tell me what he looks like, this figure.
L: He’s very tall.
R: He’s very tall, ok.
L: Just very tall.
R: That’s fine, he’s very tall. You just describe him as best you can to me, you’ve got plenty of time, there’s no rush. This is just a memory, you’re just describing a memory to me Laura, you are perfectly safe I promise you.
L: He’s wearing a white robe. Umm...he’s got blond hair, long blond hair.
R: Uh-huh.
L: He’s just looking at all the people.
R: Can you see his face clearly?
L: He appears like just a normal person.
R: He looks like a normal person with long blond hair, is that correct?
L: Yes.
R: He’s white robed.
L: Yes.
R: And he’s very tall.
L: Yeah.
R: Can you see anything other than his white robe.
L: He’s got like a type of belt around the middle but its like, I don’t know, made of gold coloured rope.
R: So he’s got what appears to be a gold coloured rope around his middle.
L: Yeah.
R: Is there an emblem or any sort of marking on his white robe that you notice?
L: No.
R: No, that’s fine.
L: It’s got gold edging but...
R: Gold edging.
L: There’s nothing else.
R: Can you see this chap’s eyes?
L: They’re blue. Blue eyes.

R: Ok that’s fine, that’s fine. So this tall chap is looking, he’s looking at the group of people, did I get that right?
L: Yes.
R: Are you separate from that group of people?
L: Yeah.
R: Are you alone, standing alone?
L: Over the other side of the room.
R: You’re on the other side of the room, I understand. And what happens next?
L: He’s looking at the people.
R: Yes.
L: And then he looks at me...
R: Yes.
L: And he says “I don’t need you this time.”
R: I don’t need you this time.
L: I don’t know why he said that. I don’t need you.
R: Him having said that do you feel you’ve seen this being before, is he familiar to you at all?
L: No I’ve not seen him.
R: Doesn’t appear familiar ok. But he said he doesn’t need you this time.
L: Yes.
R: And then what happens?
L: I’m back on the bridge.
R: Mhmm.
L: And it’s raining.
R: You’re back on the bridge and it’s ranining.
L: Mhmm.
R: However did you get back on the bridge?
L: I don’t know.
R: Just go back again, like you did before. Back to that white room. And go forward very very slowly and take your time. As see if you can find out how you came to be back on the bridge. What happened between that white room and being back on the bridge?
L: (Breathes heavily)
R: That’s fine, you’re ok. It’s just a memory, just a memory. Just take it nice and slowly, and see if anything comes to mind.
L: I tried to ask him why he didn’t need me.
R: You asked him?
L: I asked him “Why don’t you need me? Why do you need them and you don’t need me?”
R: Yes. How did you ask? Verbally?
L: Yeah. I shouted it.
R: You shouted it?
L: I was angry.
R: Why would you be angry?
L: (Distressed) ‘Cause he came and he sent them people and...and they made me go and run away and, and then...he took me, I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t know how I got in there I just know I was on the bridge...
R: That’s ok, just relax.
L: And he was in there and and he took me and I didn’t want him to take me.
R: That’s ok. And then he said he didn’t need you.
L: And then he says he don’t need me.
R: So you got angry?
L: I’m angry ‘cause why did he take me if he don’t want me?
R: And you shouted that at him?
L: Yes.
R: And did you get a response?
L: No.
R: Did he look at you?
L: No.
R: Just breathe.
L: He walked out.
R: He walked out. Just breathe, just breathe. Just breathe, this is a memory don’t forget. It’s a memory don’t forget. That’s all it is. Just breathe for me. That’s great, that’s fine, that’s fine Laura, just breathe. You’re fine, you’re absolutely fine. Good girl, that’s great.
L: And as he going out the room I shouted at him, “Then why did you send them if you didn’t want me?”
R: Yes.
L: And he didn’t answer.
R: He ignored you?
L: He ignored me, he walked away.
R: And that didn’t help. And did that make you even more angry?
L: It’s made me more angry.
R: Yes.
L: And they...they grabbed hold of me.
R: Who grabbed hold of you?
L: I don’t know, somebody, two people, one grabbed each arm.
R: Yes.
L: Put two hands on each arm...
R: Yes.
L: And they grabbed me, and then they said “You’ve got to leave, he doesn’t want you, you’ve got to leave.”
R: Did you hear that? He doesn’t want you you’ve got to leave? Did you actually hear that?
L: Yes.
R: You heard that.
L: I don’t know whether it was in my head or...
R: I understand.
L: Whether I physically heard it, but I heard that.
R: Ok. Where are you looking now, as you’ve got one person on each side of you holding your arms, where are you looking?
L: I’m trying to look at them and see who they are.
R: Yes, and can you do that for me? I still sense you’re very angry.
L: They pulled me out of my bed for no reason.
R: Yes. And those two people who are frog marching you away. Who are these two people who are frog marching you away?
L: They won’t let me see them.
R: They won’t let you, how do they stop you seeing them?
L: I don’t know, I feel them holding my arm but I can’t see them.
R: Ok, that’s fair enough. And where do they take you Laura?
L: They take me out of the room.
R: Yes.
L: Umm, I don’t know. Just on the bridge. I don’t know how I got there.
R: You’re back on the bridge, that’s fine. And you say it’s raining on the bridge?
L: Yeah, it’s raining.
R: You’ve got your clothes from the following day on haven’t you?
L: I’m getting soaking wet.
R: So what do you do?
L: I was so angry I just...
R: You were still angry on the bridge?
L: It went dark again.
R: Yes.
L: And I couldn’t see anybody.
R: Ok.
L: And I knew that they must be up in the sky ‘cause that’s where the light was coming from.
R: I understand, you knew that they must be up in the sky because that was where the light was coming from, have I got that correct?
L: Yeah.
R: Thank you.
L: I looked up at the sky and I called them a bastard for taking me away. (Distressed)
R: Ok, ok, relax, you’re fine. It’s just a memory. You are extremely angry.
L: I was so angry I called them a bastard ‘cause...
R: That’s fine.
L: There was no need for them to take me from my bed, if they didn’t need me why didn’t they just leave me?
R: Absolutely.
L: Umm, I ran home.
R: You ran home.
L: I ran home ‘ cause I was scared now. I thought ‘cause I called them a bastard they might come back.
R: You were scared having called them a name, I understand, ok. You were frightened, and you were scared of repercussions, have I got that correctly?
L: Yeah, I don’t know what they would do.
R: No.
L: So I’m at home.
R: Mhmm. How did you get home?
L: I don’t remember. But I did.
R: Did you get home though?
L: I was soaking wet by the time I got home.
R: Soaking wet by the time you got home.
L: Soaking wet.
R: So you went in the house?
L: I put my night dress back on.
R: You put your night dress back on, uh-huh. What did you do with your clothes, the wet clothes?
L: I just dropped them on the floor.
R: Ok, you just dropped them on the floor.
L: Yeah.
R: Then what did you do?
L: I got back into bed
R: Mhmm.
L: And I went to sleep.
R: Just got back into your bed and went to sleep. After everything that had happened to you, your anger, you just got back into bed and went straight to sleep?
L: I didn’t go straight to sleep, it took a long time ‘cause I was still angry.
R: You still carried that anger with you?
L: I was angry that they took me and they didn’t need me.
R: Yes, of course. Right just breathe. Just breathe and let that go. You’re doing very well, you’re doing very well. Just breathe. And let that anger go, let it just seep away from you. You’re doing very well. Excellent. Just breathe and allow that just to dissipate, you don’t need that. That’s something you remembered, so you can let it go now. It was a memory, let that go.
L: Umm I got even more angry that I tried to wake John up, and John wouldn’t wake up.
R: He wouldn’t wake up. And that made it worse.
L: That made me even more angry, so it took a long time to get back to sleep.
R: Yes, I understand. Let it go, let it all go, let the anger go, let that memory go. Just breathe, that’s it, that’s good. Just breathe and settle, breathe and settle, you’re doing very well indeed. I’m very proud of you. Breathe and settle now.

What was revealed in the regression filled in all the gaps and Laura was finally able to understand what had taken place that night. Her recollection is impressively detailed. It was clear that the ETs initially planned to take her from her own bedroom. As with many other contact experiences, this began with a visitation by a number of beings. She could not verify exactly what they looked like, but it is probable that they were Greys. Afterwards Laura said that during the regression they appeared shadowy to her, like silhouettes. Perhaps this was due to the fact it was the middle of the night and she could not clearly see them in the darkness of her room. Or perhaps the beings did not wish to be seen and were masking their appearance from her. Most of the time when individuals are abducted they find they cannot move. This is probably done on purpose so the contactee cannot fight back against what is taking place. However Laura was not paralyzed at all during this experience, she was able to move around freely.

As well as being un-nerved by the beings, Laura was concerned that she was in her night clothes. The ETs actually allowed her to put her normal daytime clothing on. This is another sign that she had more control over the situation than contactees are usually granted. Perhaps they trusted her or expected her to co-operate. However it seems that she did not co-operate, as instead of going with the ETs she ran away from them. She left her house and ran down to the local park to escape from them. After the regression I asked Laura why she did not try knocking on someone else’s front door. Laura says she doesn’t really know, at the time she just wanted to get away. She had no idea of the time but it was still completely dark. Looking around she saw that the ETs had not given chase. It was now that the light appeared above her. This appears to have come from a craft, probably the same craft which she was originally intended to enter.

Laura was then taken up into the craft. She has no recollection of how she got there. It is common for contactees to forget this part of the experience, so and is known as travel amnesia. Her description of the inside of the craft, with the smooth curved glowing white walls fits in with many other cases. Aboard the craft she saw other people, probably other abductees who had been picked up elsewhere.

The being she met next was what we refer to as a Nordic. This extremely human-like species are often seen working in conjunction with the Greys and other species during contact experiences. They appear to have a number of ongoing agendas. Some believe that they have actually created the Greys to do work for them, as often they are seen to watch over proceedings while the Greys perform tasks. The Nordic told her that she was not needed. This was possibly related to what would take place in later experiences, described later in this report. At the time it served only to confuse Laura as the being would not tell her what he meant by this. She actually got quite angry at the Nordic for seemingly taking her un-necessarily.

Laura was then returned to the park at the same place she had been taken from. It was now that it started raining. The craft left the area and she then had to run back home in the rain. At this point she was frightened that she would be taken again. When she arrived home, she went up to her room, dumped her wet clothes on the floor and got into bed. She then tried to wake up her partner but found she could not. This has been reported many times during contact. It appears that the ETs have the ability to shut down the local area, which is probably done so that no-one will interfere with what they are doing or witness the abduction. In the end Laura settled down and went to sleep.

In the morning she had no recollection of what had taken place aboard the craft, she only had a flashback of standing in the park and the craft lighting up the area.

After the regression we managed to retrace the steps Laura took. She left her house on Cleveland Road and ran down to the junction with Farnham Terrace. She then ran down Farnham Terrace and and entered the park via the gate at the end of this road. She ran through the park and ended up on the bridge on Ettrick Grove. This is where she was abducted by the craft. After her abduction she then continued along Ettrick Grove until it joined with Cleveland Road. She then ran back along Cleveland Road to her house.

Aerial map showing the full route that Laura took:

Laura is very pleased with what she was able to remember under regression, and is certain that this is what took place. Due to her experiences she has looked into the UFO subject, but has only looked into contact a bit, and does not believe that she imagined what she came out with. It was completely real to her and fitted in with what she had consciously remembered beforehand.

Mother & Sisters UFO Encounter

On the same evening as Laura was abducted, her mother and sisters also had a close encounter with a UFO and were also possibly taken. After dropping Laura back at her house, her sister Carol made her way home to her mothers. As she neared the Moorside Estate she noticed an orange glow coming from behind the houses. Initially she assumed it was just the sun going down. But then she realised that the sun was visible elsewhere in the sky so she knew the glow had to be coming from something else.

Carol arrived home and told her mother Beth and elder sister Julia about the light. They decided to head back out to see if they could find the cause of the glow. They stepped outside the house, but the cause of the light was hidden from view behind other housing. So they then got in the car and drove round to the back of the estate to take a closer look at whatever it was.

As they arrived at the back of the estate, there hovering in the air was the source of the orange glow. It looked like a bright orange glowing sphere, which appeared very large in size. It was completely silent and motionless. As they got near to it, suddenly the car engine and lights cut out. Initially this didn’t really bother them as they assumed Carol had stalled the car – she had not long passed her test. Besides this, they had found what they were out looking for. They were all astounded and stared at the sphere for what seemed like several minutes.

Aerial map showing Marcross Drive (A) and the approximate location of the UFO (B):

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Julia became extremely agitated. She screamed at Carol “Get us out of here! There’s something not right here, get us out of here!” When Carol later told Laura about the incident she said that at this point she and her mother “snapped out of it”, implying that they had been in a dazed or trance-like state.

Carol tried the car ignition but the car wouldn’t start. Julia continued to panic shouting “Start the car, start the car, we need to get out of here!” At this point Beth noticed that it had got dark extremely fast, it had seemed like sunset only moments before. She exclaimed “When did it get dark? It’s got dark really quick hasn’t it?” Julia replied that she didn’t really care, she just wanted to get out of there.

Then they noticed that the orange sphere had gone. At this moment, the car started, although the lights were still not working. By then all three witnesses were frightened so Carol began to drive them away from the area anyway. She drove at quite a fast speed. There were cars honking their horns at them because they didn’t have their lights on. Carol kept trying the lights, and further down the road they suddenly began working again.

They arrived home, quite shaken up at what they had experienced. The UFO had only been about five minutes drive away from where they lived. They had seemingly only watched it for five minutes at most, so they felt they had been gone from the house for no more than 15 minutes. But when they checked the clock they found a whole hour had gone by. There was 45 minutes they could not account for.

The following day when Laura went round to visit, her sisters looked shaken up and she asked them what was wrong. They told her about what had happened. Laura did not mention the strange dream and wet clothing to them. Later on she would come to believe that she, her sisters and mother had been abducted on the same night during two separate incidents!

Aerial map showing the distance between Barnes Park (A) and the Moorside Estate (B):

Unfortunately her sisters are not happy with speaking about the incident and have blocked it out, and her mum is too ill to speak with about it with me. So the only information we have on what happened is what Laura was told by her sisters that day.

We have no way to confirm whether or not her sisters and mother were actually taken, but the fact there was 45 minutes missing time does tend to suggest this happened. It is clear that what they witnessed was something out of the ordinary. It was too large to be a Chinese lantern or lit inflatable, and also if it was one of these then it surely would have drifted in the numerous minutes that the witnesses watched it for. The way in which the car engine and lights cut out has been reported many times before when people have got close to genuine craft. It is widely believed that the field the craft projects around it in order to hover and move around interferes with electronics in close proximity.

Whether or not Laura’s mother and sisters were abducted, the very fact that they had a close encounter with a UFO on the same evening that Laura’s abduction occurred cannot just be down to coincidence. Contact often runs through multiple members of a family, so it seems probable that Laura is correct in her assumption that she, her mother and sisters were taken.

Huge UFO Sighting

In February 1982 Laura split up from her boyfriend and moved to a bedsit on High Road, in Seven Kings, London. She lived there until June of that year. At some point during this period, Laura had a stunning UFO sighting.

At the time Laura used to work through the evening. She used to get a lift home with others at the end of each shift. It was between 11.30-12pm and she was on her way home in a full car of people. She was on the right side of the back seat. Everyone else except the driver had dropped off to sleep. They were almost home and were driving along Benton Road. Her road was in sight on the other side of an area of grass and trees, which has since been built over.

Aerial map showing the location of the car, direction they were moving in, and the location of Laura's bedsit:

Laura peered out of the window across to the building her bedsit was in. She then saw a very strange and very large object in the sky, directly over the top of this building. At first she assumed it was some other buildings in view behind her own. However she soon realised it could not be.

It appeared to be a flattened disc, with many tall rectangular shaped objects stacked on top of it. All of these rectangles had squares all over them. It was glowing bright yellow in colour. However this glow did not seem to be illuminating the buildings below it. The object was absolutely huge, Laura estimates it was at least as wide as two football pitches.

Witness drawing of the glowing UFO:

Laura was convinced that it was not an optical illusion. She could not have mistaken the reflection of a group of office blocks for the object because there were none in the area (As she lived there she of course knew what kinds of buildings there were nearby).

The object was hovering about 100 feet high and was gliding very slowly over the tops of the buildings. Laura was of course amazed by what she was seeing. She tried to tell the driver of the car but for some reason no words came out. Neither could she reach out and grab the driver to get their attention. She does not know whether this was due to the shock of what she was looking at, or something else entirely.

The mysterious object was in sight for about 5 minutes as the car drove along Benton Road The car then turned a corner. A few minutes later it arrived at a car park where Laura would depart. She checked once more for the object but could no longer see it anywhere.

Due to the appearance of the object, its size and the length of time Laura watched it for this is a fascinating sighting. It seems hard to believe that such a large brightly glowing object could have hovered in the sky over London for at least 5 minutes without being spotted by lots of witnesses. Then again it was over the tops of some buildings, and the area was not particularly open, so it cannot be ruled out. Another suggestion is that the object was only visible to Laura due to her contact experiences. Perhaps if the driver had looked they would not have been able to see the UFO anyway. I have investigated numerous other cases where this very thing has occurred. Perhaps it was visible to everyone but other witnesses had their memories of the experience removed.

You may feel that the object looks a little similar to the base of the main craft at the end of Close Encounters of The Third Kind, but the other way up. This similarity did not go un-noticed by Laura. She had not seen this movie when she had the sighting, so a hallucination based on it can be ruled out. However when she did finally catch up with the film, the base of the mother ship reminded her of what she had seen, but facing down instead of up. We cannot fully rule out the possibility that it was an odd reflection in the glass of the window. Perhaps there was a bright yellow light source in the area that was being reflected in an odd manner and creating an illusion. That said, surely if it was something like this it would have remained completely still, not slowly glided over the roofs of the houses.

If it was a genuine massive craft of some kind, it seems too coincidental that it was in the air directly over Laura’s bedsit. Could it have been in the area to monitor her in some way, or perhaps even to abduct her? She does not remember anything else strange happening during this time period that would suggest she was later abducted, however she may have been observed against her knowledge.

The Red Sphere

In November 1983, Laura had moved into a house in Dagenham, Essex, with her partner Joseph and his mother. She was ill and had been in bed for most of the day. But in the evening Top Of The Pops was on and she had decided that she would specially get up and watch it downstairs. At 7.55pm Joseph came upstairs to let her know it was going to be starting in 5 minutes. He then went back downstairs.

Laura got up out of bed and went to put her dressing gown on. It was then that she noticed a red glow coming from behind the curtains of her bedroom window. She immediately thought this was strange, as in that direction there was only the playing fields of a local school. She pulled back the curtains and peered outside. There out over the back garden was a glowing red spherical object. It was about 200 yards away, and was not massive in size but was at least as big as a car.

Witness drawing of the red sphere:

Laura stood and stared at the object for what seemed like a couple of minutes. She was intrigued by it but not really frightened. The object then seemed to vanish, so she closed the curtains and headed downstairs. When she entered the lounge, Joseph looked up and said to her “You’re too late you’ve missed it!” Laura saw some program credits on the TV screen and replied “What are you on about? Surely that’s the credits from the program before?” He replied “No, that’s the credits of the program you wanted to watch! I came up and told you it was about to begin. You’ve missed it.”

A whole hour had gone by which she could not account for. She was very confused and felt that it must have been due to the object she had seen over the garden. She told Joseph but he insisted she must have dropped back off to sleep and dreamed she saw the red sphere. However Laura was convinced she had got up out of bed and got quite angry about the situation. As you will see later in this report, there was much more to this incident than Laura initially remembered.

First Pregnancy & The Silver Triangle

In mid January 1984 Laura had a strange dream. In this dream someone who she could not see told her that she was pregnant and that the baby would be born on the 11th August. She remembered this when she woke in the morning, but did not put it down to anything more than a dream.

On 30th January, Laura found out that she was 11 weeks pregnant. She had no idea before that point as she wasn’t showing any of the normal signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness, and was even menstruating like normal. She started to put on weight and decided to go to see a doctor to find out what was happening. The doctor could not explain it so sent her to see a gynaecologist. It was at this point that she was informed she was pregnant, which of course came as a great surprise. She was not trying for a baby at the time and could not understand how she had become pregnant. But when she counted back 11 weeks she realised that this was around the time she had seen the red sphere and missed an hour of time.

The gynaecologist then sent Laura to the antenatal clinic. They informed Laura that the baby would not be due till the 16th September. Laura told them about the strange dream and felt that this was wrong and that she would give birth on the 11th August. She put the dream down to a premonition, which she had experienced on other occasions (see later).

After she had been told about the baby, she then started to experience the normal signs of pregnancy. It’s possible that some were taking place beforehand but Laura had not really noticed or put it down to other things. However her periods had definitely carried on until she was informed of the baby, but from that point on ceased.

These observations were not to be the only strange aspects to the pregnancy. At the time both she and her partner Joseph worked at the same location. Laura would travel with Joseph every morning at 6.30am on the back of his motorbike. The morning after she found out she was pregnant, they got ready to leave like usual. They got on the motorbike on the front driveway. However when Joseph tried the ignition the bike wouldn’t start. Laura happened to glance back towards the house. There hovering in the sky over the roof was a silver-coloured triangular shaped object. It was reflecting the morning light. The object was hovering completely still. It appeared to be upright, and was equilateral in shape. It had a flat surface with no distinguishable markings.

Witness drawing of the triangular UFO:

Laura was not frightened of the object. She felt that it meant her no harm and was watching over her. She did not tell Joseph about its presence. She did not feel the need to do so, it felt to her like it was for her eyes only. The object began to back away, and at this moment the motorbike started up. They set off for their workplace. Along their journey Laura glanced back numerous times, and was astounded to see that the object was following them. It remained up in the clouds but was present until they reached their destination. At this point it suddenly blinked out and was gone.

This object did not appear just once. In fact it appeared every single morning she would travel in to work. It continued to do this right up until she left work on maternity. She never saw it at any other time. It would always begin over the house and would then proceed to follow her and Joseph until they reached their work place. Some mornings it was of course cloudy. The object was at a high enough altitude that it would not be visible on these occasions, but Laura could still sense that it was there even if she couldn’t see it.

It may seem unbelievable to some that Laura saw the object on so many occasions, but she did not tell her partner or anyone else about, neither did anyone else happen to see it at any point. However Laura insists that this was because she knew it was there for her and watching over her. She had no interest in trying to prove its existence to anyone else, her partner included. This is why she never tried to photograph or video tape it. It is possible that there were other witnesses to it who either did not report their sighting, or perhaps did but these reports have not been discovered yet. Another possibility is that only Laura could see the object, it was somehow only appearing to her.

In early August Laura began to experience difficulties with the pregnancy and the doctors recommended that she should be induced. She went in to be induced on 8th August. However for three days this induction did not work as planned, which the doctors at the hospital were baffled by. In the end on August 11th, just as Laura knew would take place, the induction procedure finally worked and she gave birth to her first son Peter.

Peter was a completely normal baby, and has not exhibited any unusual traits or abilities. He too has had experiences and UFO sightings, sometimes in Laura’s presence, sometimes not. At present he does not wish to speak to me about these experiences. It is unsurprising that he has experienced things as well as Laura, as contact often occurs through multiple individuals in a family bloodline. Many including myself believe that the ETs are interested in our genetics and how our genes change over numerous generations, and are slowly making modifications over time.

Regression Transcript Part Two

I felt that the red sphere incident would be another good incident to look at during the regression. There was a close encounter with a UFO followed by a verified period of missing time. This was a good indicator that something more had taken place and that there were possible lost memories which could be retrieved. Laura also felt that this incident was related to the birth of her son, and wanted to know if this was the case or not. Just as with the first incident we explored, Laura had a stunning recollection of what took place, describing everything in a good level of detail. Below is the second half of the regression transcript, along with several drawings that Laura did afterwards to illustrate what she remembered from it:

R: Now two years after that incident, you were living in Dagenham.
L: Yes.
R: And what happened in November 83 in Dagenham, can you remember? Tell me about it.
L: I wasn’t very well.
R: You were not too well?
L: I had the flu.
R: Ok.
L: I felt terrible.
R: You felt terrible and you had the flu, mhmm.
L: Headache, and a sore throat.
R: Headache and sore throat.
L: And my tummy hurt.
R: Yes.
L: I went up to bed and stayed in bed all day.
R: Mhmm.
L: It was Thursday so Top Of The Pops was going to be on, and I wanted to watch it.
R: Top Of The Pops was going to be on and you wanted to see it, I understand. So what did you do?
L: I told Joseph...
R: Yes.
L: To wake me...
R: Ok.
L: When it was going to be on.
R: So you asked Joseph to wake you when it was going to be on so you could see your favourite programme, is that right?
L: Yes.
R: Ok. And did he wake you at the appropriate time?
L: Yes.
R: And what happened then?
L: I got out of bed.
R: Mhmm.
L: And I was putting my dressing gown on.
R: Got out of bed and put your dressing gown on, yes.
L: And I saw a light where there shouldn’t have been a light.
R: You saw a light where there shouldn’t have been a light. Tell me, were your curtains closed at this time?
L: Yeah.
R: They were closed and you could see a light through the curtains, is that correct?
L: Yes.
R: Ok. So what did you do?
L: I opened the curtains.
R: Uh-huh, you opened the curtains.
L: There shouldn’t have been a light there.
R: There was a light there. What colour was the light?
L: It was red.
R: A red light. How big was this red light Laura?
L: It was really really big.
R: Really really big. Did you have to look up, or was it on a level, or did you look down on this light?
L: I had to look up a little bit.
R: You had to look up a little bit. It was really big. How close was this red light do you think?
L: It was at the end of the garden.
R: The end of the garden, as close as that?
L: Yes. It was at the end of the garden. About thirty foot I think.
R: So you’ve got this big red light, thirty foot at the end of the garden, and you had to look slightly up to see it, is that correct?
L: Yes. It was about fifteen foot across.
R: Fifteen foot across.
L: I’m not very good at judging sizes.
R: That’s fine, you’re doing very well. Was this light circular or was it a different shape?
L: It was a ball of red light.
R: A ball of red light as you looked at it.
L: Yeah.
R: And could you see any detail behind the red light?
L: No.
R: No, it was just a red ball, a massive red light, coming, the light was coming in your direction?
L: Yeah.
R: Was there anything else illuminated in the gardens of the other houses by this light?
L: No.
R: No, ok. And what happened next?
L: There’s someone in the room.
R: There was someone in the room. And you’ve got your eyes open, you’re still looking at the red light?
L: Yeah.
R: Where was this someone in the room?
L: It was down and behind me.
R: Behind you, you were aware of someone behind you.
L: Yes.
R: So what did you do?
L: Turned round for a second.
R: Turned round for a second. And what did you see when you looked behind you?
L: It’s like a little man.
R: Like a little man.
L: Like a little man.
R: How many?
L: He didn’t have any clothes on.
R: He didn’t have any clothes on.
L: No.
R: It was just the one was it?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok. How tall was he would you say, this little man?
L: Umm, maybe about five foot, he was just a little bit shorter than me.
R: I understand. Tell me about his head and his face, could you do that. This is just a memory, you’re perfectly safe. Tell me about his head and his face.
L: Got a really big head.
R: A really big head, mhmm.
L: It looks funny.
R: It looks funny?
L: Mmm.
R: Mhmm.
L: It wasn’t scary, he looks funny.
R: He doesn’t look scary, he looks funny. Tell me how he looks funny Laura. What makes you tell me he looks funny?
L: His head’s too big for his body.
R: His head’s too big for his body. And it’s the proportions that makes you think he looks funny?
L: Yeah. Like a dwarf only not, too thin to be a dwarf.
R: He’s too thin.
L: Like a big, big head and a tiny little body.
R: Ok, he’s got a big head and a tiny body.
L: Mmm.
R: Tell me...
L: Really long arms.
R: Really long arms. What colour is he would you say? What colour is he? He’s got no clothes on, perhaps you’d tell me his colour?
L: Well I haven’t got the light on, but he looks, it looks like his skin’s a kinda greeny-bluey colour.
R: Greeny-blue, that’s fine. Tell me all you can about his head and his face.
L: He’s got a really big head and massive eyes.
R: A really big head and massive eyes. What shape would you describe his eyes?
L: Umm...
R: As best you can.
L: They’re I suppose oval.
R: That’s fine thank you. Big oval eyes. Have they pupils?
L: No they’re just black.
R: The big oval eyes are black, have I got that correctly?
L: Yes, big oval black eyes.
R: Big oval black eyes.
L: No colour.
R: No colour, ok. What about his nose?
L: He doesn’t seem to have one.
R: Doesn’t seem to have a nose, ok. What about his mouth?
L: Little tiny mouth.
R: Little tiny mouth.
L: It looks silly on the rest of him.
R: It looks silly on the rest of him. Has he any ears that you can see?
L: None that I can see, not on the outside.
R: That’s fine. Does he have hair this little chap?
L: No.
R: No. So he’s about five foot tall, his head is disproportionately large to his body...
L: Yeah.
R: He’s got oval dark eyes with no pupils...
L: Yeah.
R: No nose, or not one that you can see, and a tiny mouth, is that correct?
L: Yeah.
R: That’s fine. What about his neck, can you see his neck?
L: It doesn’t look strong enough to hold his head.
R: Not strong enough, good gracious.
L: It looks really small.
R: It looks really small, ok.
L: Looks really funny.
R: Really funny.
L: I want to laugh.
R: You want to laugh.
L: Yeah, I’m trying not to laugh at him. He looks so funny.
R: He looks so funny. And his arms are very long arms.
L: Yeah.
R: Could you tell me about his hands, can you see his hands in this light?
L: Really really long fingers.
R: Really long fingers. Can you count them for me?
L: There’s just three.
R: Three long fingers.
L: Really long fingers.
R: Has he another digit?
L: No just three long fingers.
R: Three long fingers. Has he an opposable thumb?
L: I can’t see one.
R: That’s fine, that’s fine, ok. What about his legs?
L: They’re really thin and spindly.
R: Really thin and spindly.
L: They don’t look strong enough to hold him up.
R: Ok.
L: Especially with that big head.
R: This might be difficult for you, but in the darkness can you see this chaps feet at all? You described the hands very well but can you describe the feet to me?
L: No.
R: That’s fine, that’s fine. What about the part that you can see, below his chin, and above the top of his legs. What can you see there on this little chap?
L: Umm...his body.
R: Mhmm.
L: He’s got no belly button, or any nipples or anything, it’s just...
R: He has no navel or nipples, he’s just...
L: Just a body.
R: Just a body. Does he have a badge or insignia anywhere that you can see?
L: No.

R: That’s fine, ok. You’re looking at him and he’s looking at you. And you think he looks funny...
L: Yeah.
R: Because he’s so out of proportion.
L: Yes. He’s like Mr Potato Head.
R: Mr Potato Head. And he’s in your bedroom.
L: Yes.
R: And is the red light still behind you at this point?
L: Yes.
R: You’re looking at this little chap...
L: Yeah.
R: And he’s looking at you. Does he blink at all Laura?
L: No.
R: Does he blink, no?
L: No. It’s like he’s wearing glasses or something.
R: It’s like he’s wearing glasses, I see. And you continue to stare at each other?
L: Yeah.
R: Then what happens?
L: He said I’ve got to go with him.
R: He’s there and you’ve got to go with him. How do you know, how do you know you’ve got to go with him?
L: I don’t know, I just hear him and he doesn’t... his mouth doesn’t move.
R: You hear him but his mouth doesn’t move, have I got that correct?
L: Yeah.
R: Thank you. So he wants you to go with him.
L: Yes.
R: And what does happen?
L: I ask him why should I...why should I go with him.
R: You ask him why should you go with him, and do you get a response?
L: He said I have to.
R: You have to.
L: He said it’s important, I have to go.
R: Do you see the impression it’s important you have to go with him?
L: Yeah. I...I don’t want to go, and I said I want to go and watch Top Of The Pops.
R: You don’t want to go with this little chap.
L: I won’t get to see Top Of The Pops if I go with him. I laughed at him.
R: You’re laughing at this chap are you? Of course you are.
L: I’m telling him “I want to go watch Top Of The Pops, I don’t want to go with you!”
R: You’ve got the flu, and you want to do what you want to do.
L: Whatever. I’m not well, I’m all stuffed up, I just want to go watch Top Of The Pops and go back to bed and go back to sleep, and I just want him to go away and leave me alone.
R: That does happen. What happens? Just take it slowly, slowly as you like, and tell me what happens next.
L: He says “Well you’re coming whether you want to or not”. And I say “Well who’s going to make me, you don’t look like you can make me. You’re’re not big enough to make me, get out of here ‘cause I’m not coming”. I don’t know how he’s doing that, but I’m floating.
R: You don’t know how he’s doing it but you’re floating? Are you floating vertically, or are you tipped over onto your back?
L: No, I’m vertical, I’m floating.
R: Could you explain to me how you feel suddenly about floating.
L: I’m angry, ‘cause I just want him to go away, I want him to go away and leave me alone so I can go and watch Top Of The Pops and go back to bed and go back to sleep, I don’t want to be floating! I’m not supposed to float, if I was supposed to float I’d have wings! I just want him to go away.
R: Does he go away?
L: No.
R: You’re still floating I take yes?
L: Yeah.
R: How far above the ground floating are you would you guess?
L: Umm probably about six inches off the ground.
R: Alright, and you’re still looking at this little old gentleman?
L: Yeah.
R: Uh-huh.
L: I...I’m outside and I’m up in the air going...but my window wasn’t open, how did I get through the window?
R: Well just go back to thinking about yourself looking at the little old gentleman in the room. You were a little bit angry ‘cause you wanted to watch Top Of The Pops. And he said you had to go with him. So how did he make you go with him when you were floating six inches above the carpet? What happened? Just take it slowly and remember.
L: The window’s all shimmery.
R: The window’s all shimmery, yes?
L: Like, like when there’s a fire and then the heat coming up and it’s all shimmery above the fire, like that.
R: That’s how it looks to you does it?
L: Yeah, the window’s gone all shimmery.
R: Are you looking outwards, now out from your room outwards?
L: He’s turned me around.
R: He’s turned you around while you were floating I take it?
L: Yeah.
R: You’re looking at the window and it’s shimmery.
L: It’s all shimmery.
R: And then what happens?
L: I’m outside and I’ve gone through where it was all shimmery and it felt weird.
R: It felt weird.
L: It felt weird as I went through.
R: Explain to me how it went weird when you went through.
L: It was the window and the wall turned to treacle, like walking through treacle.
R: Like walking through treacle, that’s how it felt?
L: Yeah.
R: You felt that against your body did you?
L: Yeah.
R: Ok.
L: But I go through it and it was still there, and the window’s still shut as I went through it.
R: You actually went through it, do you feel?
L: Yeah.
R: Mhmm.
L: And now I’m scared ‘cause I’m up in the air, and there’s nothing underneath me just the garden way down there.
R: So this is the first time you’ve been scared, is that correct?
L: Yeah. And I’m scared ‘cause I think I’m gonna fall.
R: Uh-huh.
L: Like in the cartoons when they run off a cliff and they get so far and they suddenly realise there’s no ground and then they just drop.
R: Yes, and you’re frightened of that.
L: It feels like it’s kind of like that. I’m going up.
R: You’re going up.
L: Towards the red light.
R: Yes. Can you see any more of the red light as you get closer?
L: It’s just getting bigger and bigger.
R: Mhmm.
L: I can’t see any windows or doors or any way of getting in there. It’s just there.
R: When you say the red light, that’s all you can see, the red light, ok.
L: It’s just there.
R: It’s just there.
L: Just hanging there. And I’m going towards it. I’m trying to figure out how I can get in there ‘cause there’s no door.
R: Yes.
L: Umm now it’s open. The bit in front of me has gone all shimmery like the window did.
R: Oh I see. Yes ok.
L: And then I’m inside.
R: Uh-huh. Did the elderly gentleman come with you?
L: I’m on my own.
R: You’re on your own ok. And when you go inside what’s the first thing that you see?
L: Umm...there’s a table.
R: Mhmm.
L: I do not know the type of table, I don’t know. It’s like one of those things you get in the doctors surgery when he needs you to lie down so he can examine you.
R: Oh you just hop up on the couch, one of those?
L: Yeah. It’s not flat, it’s partially raised up so you would be sitting not lying.
R: Yes I understand.
L: Umm...
R: Can you see what it’s made out of?
L: The bottom part seems to be some kind of metal. Umm the tops covered in err well it looks like a sheet of some kind, but it fits round it perfectly, it’s not hanging down or anything.
R: I understand. This room, has this room any particular colour?
L: White.
R: Is it a particular shape?
L: It’s white. It’s oblong.
R: It’s oblong this room, and it’s all white, is that correct?
L: It’s all white.
R: Ok. Is there anything else that draws your attention, looking round this room, besides the couch?
L: No it’s just the couch, there’s nothing else there.
R: There’s nobody else in here with you?
L: No, just me.
R: Just your good self.
L: Just me.
R: And how do you feel, being on here just by yourself?
L: Scared.
R: Scared now?
L: ‘Cause I don’t know why I had to go there.
R: Yes.
L: Why he made me go.
R: Mhmm. See what happens.
L: Umm...felt like I was there for a long time.
R: It felt like you were there alone for a long time.
L: Yeah.
R: Mhmm.
L: I was getting more scared ‘cause I thought I was trapped.
R: You thought you were trapped and that made you even more scared, I understand, yes.
L: Yeah. And then a door opens.
R: A door opens. Was it a door as we would understand it?
L: No. It you would get on Star Trek where it just kind of...
R: Uh-huh.
L: Slides...
R: Yes ok. Did the noise, if there was a noise, or the sudden appearance of the door, did that startle you?
L: Yes.
R: Ok.
L: I had looked there before, there was no door but...

R: Ok. Suddenly there’s a door.
L: Yes. It opened and then it gets even brighter, it’s a really bright light outside the door.
R: I take it from what you say light comes flooding in from outside, the other side of the door, yes?
L: Yes.
R: Is the light the same as the white light is it, or is it a different colour?
L: No it’s white.
R: It’s white again, ok.
L: A really really bright white light.
R: A bright light yes. And then what happens?
L: It’s like a man, but it’s not a man.
R: It’s like a man, but not a man.
L: It’s really tall.
R: Mhmm. How tall is really tall Laura?
L: Much taller than me. Six foot, maybe more. Six foot.
R: It’s like a man, but not a man. What makes him not a man?
L: He’s green.
R: He’s green.
L: And his skin’s all like scaly like a lizard.
R: Ok. So this man is green, he’s got skin like a lizard, he’s six foot tall. Has he got clothes on?
L: No. No he’s not.
R: Tell me about his head, and his face if you would. This is just a memory, you’re just remembering what he looked like. Tell me about his head and his face.
L: Umm...big eyes, not as big as the other thing, not like Mr Potato Head, they’re smaller but they’re the same shape.
R: Big oval eyes. Have they got a specific colour?
L: They seem to be orange.
R: They seem to be orange.
L: It’’s hard to see them.
R: That’s ok. So he has big orange oval eyes.
L: Mmm got black bit in the middle, but it’s not round like ours it’’s a line.
R: It’s a line. A black bit. A vertical pupil, do I understand you correctly?
L: Yeah.
R: Yes.
L: Very big orange eyes.
R: Big orange eyes with a vertical pupil. What about his nose?
L: Umm, nose doesn’t stick out, I can just see a little bit.
R: Mhmm. Right ok. Does he have two nostrils?
L: Yes.
R: He has two nostrils.
L: They’re big and kind of wide out.
R: Big and kind of wide out, that’s good.
L: Yeah.
R: What about this chap’s mouth?
L: Kind of sticks out a monkey.
R: Sticks out like a monkey ok.
L: But he’s not got any lips, his mouth’s just a...just a line.
R: His mouth sticks out, yes ok.
L: It’s like the front part of his face where his mouth would be, it kind of sticks out like a monkey’s face.
R: Has this chap got ears?
L: No, there’s just like...looks like a hole each side where the ears should be.
R: Ok. Now in comparison to the elderly gentleman, is this fellow in proportion?
L: Yeah. He’s got really big muscles.
R: He’s got really big muscles, yes.
L: He’s got spiky bits on his shoulders like can’t explain.
R: Spiky bits. Do they stick up vertically these spiky bits on his shoulders?
L: Yeah.
R: How many of them are there? Don’t struggle.
L: There’s three on each shoulder.
R: Three spiky bits on each shoulder. Are they the same length?
L: the one on the outside of his...on the edge of his shoulder...
R: Yes.
L: Not as long as the others, it’s shorter. The next ones bigger than the right hand one, then the next one’s shorter again.
R: Do these grow out of his body or are they some kind of fitting?
L: They seem to be part of him.
R: Are they...what colour are they can you tell me?
L: Dark green.
R: Dark green ok. And he’s very muscular.
L: Yeah.
R: Are his arms muscular?
L: Yeah.
R: His chest?
L: Yeah.
R: His stomach?
L: Yeah.
R: Tell me about his legs.
L: Umm his legs are muscular too.
R: Can you see his feet?
L: Kind of...they look frogs feet.
R: They look like frogs feet, I understand. When you compare these feet to his hands, what do his hands look like?
L: Umm big.
R: Big hands.
L: Long fingers.
R: Long fingers.
L: Very very long. Fingers are obviously too big for his hands.
R: Fingers look too big for his hands. Does he have nails on the end?
L: Big claws.
R: Big claws. How many fingers does he have?
L: Umm four, but ones higher up like a thumb but...
R: Ok.
L: I’m not sure if it is a thumb or not.
R: That’s fine, thank you for that. Does he have what we might consider jewellery or fittings anywhere on him?
L: No.
R: No.
L: No nothing.
R: No emblems...
L: No.
R: That you can see? No uniform? Does he have any genitalia?
L: I can’t see any.
R: That’s fine. Are you straight onto this chap, making eye contact?
L: Yes.
R: You can’t see behind him if he has a tail?
L: No.
R: No, that’s ok. So you’re looking at him straight ahead.
L: Yeah.
R: And what happens next?
L: I ask him why are they here, why have you brought me here? Err, he said we needed to. And I said why? And I started getting angry and I started shouting, and I was telling them “I’m not well, I don’t want to be here, I want to go and watch Top Of The Pops, I want to go back to sleep, I’ve got a headache and I don’t feel well”.
R: Yes.
L: And I’m angry, and I punch him. But he won’t let me get near him.
R: How’s he stopping you getting near him?
L: He’s holding up his hand.
R: Both hands?
L: Just one.
R: Which hand is he holding up Laura?
L: Right hand.
R: Right hand.
L: He’s just holding up his right hand. I can’t get near him. I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t get near him no matter how much I try to get near him.
R: So you’re getting a good look at his palm, tell me about his palm.
L: His palm is lighter colour than the rest.
R: Mhmm.
L: It’s still covered in the scales, it’s normal.
R: Ok.
L: But it’s lighter coloured.
R: You’re still angry because you’re unwell...
L: Yeah.
R: You didn’t want to come here, you wanted to watch your TV programme.
L: Yeah.
R: And he’s got his right hand held out in front of him towards you, and you can’t get anywhere near him.
L: Yeah.
R: So what happens?
L: I tell him to get on with what he’s got to do or send me home.
R: You tell him to get on with what he’s going to do or send you home.
L: Yeah I say get off me, if you’re going to do something do it or send me home, don’t just keep me stuck here like this. Do something or send me home!
R: Right. You leave him that clear message.
L: And he told me that he couldn’t until I calm down, I have to calm down.
R: He couldn’t do what?
L: Couldn’t do what he needed to do.
R: And what is it that he needs to do?
L: I don’t know, he won’t say, he just said he can’t do what he needs to do ‘cause I’m angry, he can’t do it while I’m angry.
R: You’re very angry.
L: I am.
R: Just breathe, just breathe, there’s no rush. Just breathe. You’re angry with him, you asked him to get on with what he’s going to do or send you back home...
L: Yeah.
R: He said that you’d have to calm down.
L: Yeah.
R: Did you calm down?
L: I told him if he wanted me to calm down he’d have to tell me what he wanted.
R: I see.
L: I wasn’t very polite. I’m sorry but I swore at him.
R: You swore at him?
L: Swore.
R: And did you notice shock on his face when you swore at him?
L: No.
R: No?
L: He thought it was funny.
R: He thought it was funny because you were swearing at him.
L: Yes.
R: Ok.
L: He knew I couldn’t do anything. All he had to do was hold his hand up and I couldn’t get to him.
R: I understand.
L: And then well tell...tell me what you need to do and then I’ll calm down.
R: Mhmm. And did he tell you?
L: He wouldn’t tell me.
R: He wouldn’t tell you.
L: I shouted out “Well bloody well tell me what you want, or put me back home, but fucking well do something ‘cause I’m not here for the fucking good of my health am I. I’ve got a headache and I’m not well and I want to go back to bed!” (Distressed)
R: That’s ok, just breathe for me, this is a memory, you’re remembering the anger that you felt. You don’t need to remember the anger, just remember what happened. That’s better. That’s good. So you’re swearing at him, you’re shouting at him, he’s holding his hand up, it appears to you that he thinks it’s funny.
L: Yeah, he seems to be laughing. And that just makes me more angry.
R: I can understand that.
L: I don’t like being laughed at.
R: You don’t like being laughed at, no.
L: I don’t like being laughed at and they always seem to laugh at me. They always seem to think I’m pathetic.
R: Who’s they?
L: Everyone. My mum, my dad, my brother and sister especially, everyone’s always laughing at me and telling me what an idiot I am.
R: That makes you angry?
L: Yeah ‘cause I’m not an idiot.
R: Do you swear at them?
L: Yes, apart from my mum. I don’t dare swear at her.
R: No.
L: It makes me so mad, everyone thinks I’m such an idiot, I’m not.
R: Of course you aren’t.
L: I’ve spent enough time telling them I’m not an idiot, still they laugh at me. No matter what I do they laugh. Now they’re laughing, he’s laughing.
R: That makes you even more angry.
L: Nearly all of my family laugh, now he’s laughing, and he don’t even know me.
R: You said he doesn’t even know you. Do you recognise him? Does he seem in the least familiar to you?
L: No.
R: No, that’s ok.
L: I don’t recognise him.
R: No that’s fine, that’s ok. So what happens?
L: Umm...the door opened again.
R: Yes.
L: The funny man came in.
R: Yes.
L: Mr Potato Head.
R: Mr Potato Head.
L: I couldn’t get over it, I had to laugh, ‘cause he’s just so funny, that big big head and that tiny little neck and his teeny little legs.
R: So you’re laughing?
L: I’m laughing now. It’s so funny. I feel rude for laughing, I can’t help but laugh.
R: It’s ok. What a change of emotions. From being angry to laughing at this little chap.
L: So funny.
R: Is the taller one still there?
L: Yeah.
R: And what is he doing now, has he put his hand down?
L: Yeah. Umm...he’s waiting for me to stop laughing now.
R: He’s waiting for you to stop laughing. Are you?
L: I asked him again why has he brought me, why...why has he brought me there.
R: Mhmm. Do you hear his response?
L: Yeah.
R: What do you hear?
L: He says he wouldn’t have brought me when I was ill if it wasn’t really important.
R: He wouldn’t have brought you here if it wasn’t really important because you were ill.
L: Yeah.
R: Mhmm.
L: He said he would have preferred to wait a bit till I were better.
R: Right.
L: But then the dates would be wrong.
R: The dates.
L: Yeah.
R: What do you understand by him saying the dates?
L: I didn’t know what he meant and then I asked.
R: Ok.
L: I asked what he meant and he said “Your baby has to be born on the right day”.
R: Your baby has to be born on the right day, yes.
L: And I asked him what baby, “I said I’m not pregnant, how will my baby be born when I’m not even pregnant?”
R: Yes.
L: And then he said “You will be. You will be, and that’s why you needed to come here, you need to be pregnant now”.
R: I see.
L: Umm I still didn’t understand what he meant.
R: Mhmm.
L: Umm...he would just..all he said was “You’ll know what’s important when the times comes”.
R: You’ll know what’s important when the time comes, ok.
L: Yes. And I said “Well, how can my baby be born at the right time when I’m not pregnant?”
R: What did he say to that?
L: He said “You need to climb up on that bed...”
R: Yes.
L: “Just there, you’ll be pregnant when you leave”.
R: Climb up on the bed just there and you’ll be pregnant when you leave, that is what you understood him to say?
L: Yes. And I asked him how.
R: Mhmm.
L: And he...he brought out, I don’t know where he got it from, seemed to just appear, I don’t know, a big needle.
R: A big needle.
L: A really really big needle.
R: Ok.
L: And then I started to get scared ‘cause I...I didn’t know where he was going to put the needle.
R: Yes, of course. You started to get scared at that point.
L: He held up his hand and he said “Calm down, it’s ok”.
R: Yes, he held up his hand and said calm down it’s ok.
L: Yeah. And I asked him “Well where are you going to be putting that?”
R: Yes.
L: And he said he’s going to put it in my belly button.
R: Yes.
L: And I laughed and I said well that sounded really stupid.
R: Mhmm.
L: Umm...that’s really good of him to say. And then he told me “Just relax, this won’t hurt”.
R: So you’re sitting down in the chair now?
L: Yeah.
R: The couch.
L: Yeah.
R: You’re doing as you’re told, you’re being a good girl now, is that correct?
L: Yeah ‘cause I want to go home, ‘cause I want to.
R: I see, you’re thinking, am I right in thinking if he gets this done you go home then?
L: Yeah.
R: And you agree with that?
L: Mmm.
R: Have I got that right?
L: Yeah I thought if I just do as he tells me and just let him do what he needs to do then I can go home and it’ll all be done with and that would be great.
R: Ok.
L: And he put the needle in my belly button.
R: Yes.
L: And...and then he injected something, I don’t know...I don’t know what he injected...injected something.
R: Mhmm.

L: Umm...and when he took the needle out there wasn’t bleeding.
R: Was there any pain for you at any time?
L: No it didn’t hurt.
R: So he kept his word in regards to that?
L: Yeah it didn’t hurt.
R: Excellent.
L: He just put the needle down there, it didn’t hurt, and it didn’t bleed, and there weren’t even a hole.
R: There wasn’t any hole, ok.
L: I couldn’t even see a mark where it had been.
R: Right.
L: No mark at all.
R: Ok.
L: Umm...I wish that I could go home.
R: Right.
L: I said “Well how has what you have just done made me pregnant?”
R: Mhmm.
L: And he said “You’ll find out.”
R: Ok.
L: “You will find out soon”. And I said “So am I pregnant now?” And he said “Yes. Yes.”
R: Yes.
L: “Yes, you’re pregnant now. And you won’t find out straight away, but the baby has to be born on the 11th August.”
R: Has to be born on the 11th August. That’s important is it?
L: Has to be, has to be born on the 11th August. And I asked him “Why? Why does it have to be then?” “Just has, just has to be, I can’t tell you why it just has to be.”
R: It just has to be.
L: And then I’m outside that ship. And I’m floating again and I must have gone through the treacley wall thing again but I don’t remember doing that.
R: That’s ok.
L: I just remember I’m outside and I’m looking down at the gardens all down there and I’m expecting to fall down and break my legs any minute.
R: Mhmm.
L: But I’m down, I’m back in the bedroom with Mr Potato Head again. I’m back and Mr Potato Head’s there. Umm...I think he’s going to take me again, and I’ve just been there and I don’t want to go again. Umm but then he just says I won’t remember. He says I won’t remember.
R: Oh he tells you you won’t.
L: He says you won’t remember. All you’ll remember is when your baby’s going to be born, what day he’s going to be born, but you won’t remember until they tell you that you’re pregnant. And I ask him “But who...who’s going to tell me I’m pregnant?” And he just said “They”. He won’t say anything he just says “They”. And I asked “Well when will they tell me?” “They’ll tell you when they tell you”. And he said “You won’t remember any of this but once they tell you you’ll know when your baby’s supposed to be born. And you’ll just know. And...he went back out. I presume he went back to the ship, I don’t know.
R: That’s ok. What did you do?
L: Err the light was gone now.
R: Ok the light was gone.
L: The light was gone now and I thought I’d better get downstairs ‘cause my programme was gonna be starting.
R: Yes. So you didn’t get back into bed then, you went downstairs?
L: I went downstairs.
R: Ok.
L: Umm, and that’s when I found I’d missed it. And they’d kept me so long I’d missed my bloody programme and that was the only thing I wanted to watch. So I was angry again. And it made me even more mad ‘cause Joseph said I fell asleep, he said you must have got back into bed, you must have fell asleep, and I told him I didn’t fall asleep I came down, came down as soon as you told me and I don’t understand this, I didn’t get back into bed and I didn’t go back to sleep and I don’t know what’s going on and he’s calling me an idiot and telling me “You fell asleep, you must have fell asleep.”
R: And that made you angry.
L: And then I was even more angry ‘cause I know I didn’t fall asleep, I know I didn’t.
R: Just relax, just relax. That’s good. Just breathe. You’ve done very well. I want you to take yourself away from that scenario, put yourself back in that neutrally coloured room. Back in the peace and tranquillity of that neutrally coloured room. And just breathe for me Laura. Just allow all that anger and upset just to leave you, just to dissipate. And you can just concentrate on breathing. That’s it, that’s very good. That’s good. That’s better. And when you’re ready make your way towards that huge wooden door, open it, and stand at the bottom of the ten steps please. When you’re there let me know.
L: Ok.
R: Now I want you to thank your subconscious mind from the bottom of your heart for the vital work it’s carried out today.
L: Thank you.
R: You’ve done very well, you should be very proud of yourself. Just look up at the steps that you’ve got to climb back up now. And bringing all those thoughts and feelings back with you you’re going to step to ten, to nine, to eight, seven and six, five, half way back now, And when you’re ready and not before start to come back to this room.

Some of the revelations from the above recollection are stunning, disturbing and of course very personal to Laura and her family. Be aware that Laura is happy with the inclusion of the above in the report and I have directly asked for her express permission to include it.

Laura first described a blue-green skinned Grey being which appeared in her bedroom after she initially observed the sphere. Note that once again she was not paralyzed at any point of the experience. Her reaction to the being was fascinating. Rather than be frightened by it, she was actually amused by how odd it looked. She was amused by how out of proportion its head looked against the rest of its slender body. She nicknamed the being “Mr Potato Head”, and refers to it as this on numerous occasions during the regression! It was fascinating to see Laura act this way, usually when someone sees Greys they are scared or at least un-nerved by them. This appears to be the first time she got a proper look at a Grey. On the previous occasion she may have been visited by Greys but she could not see their appearance for one reason or another.

Astoundingly Laura then described in detail being floated through the wall & closed window of her room. This fits in with many other abduction experiences I have investigated. Laura says that as she passed through it felt like she was moving through treacle. This suggests that when she was taken her molecular structure was changed in some way, allowing her to physically pass through solid objects. She was then floated through the air towards the red spherical UFO, and again was taken through the outer wall of the object. Inside she found herself in a white coloured rectangular shaped room with reclining chair. A sliding door opened and a Reptilian being entered. This appears to be the first time she had met this being, but as you will see was not to be the last.

Just as with the Grey, Laura did not appear to be frightened by the Reptilian despite its odd appearance. Instead she was actually angry at having been taken out of her house without her consent, and was annoyed that she was going to miss her TV programme! It was very interesting to see Laura’s reaction at this part of the regression, as most contactees are frightened when they are taken not angry. It perhaps suggests that she had met these beings on previous occasions and was used to their appearance, although we have so far had no confirmation of this so it is just a theory. During the regression Laura stated that she did not recognise either being.

The Reptilian explained to her that she would become pregnant and also informed her of the date of the birth. This explained why she later felt that she knew this date even though she did not really know why.

When she was led over to the reclining chair, Laura appears to be resigned to her fate, and did not try to stop this from happening. Perhaps she did not truly believe that she would become pregnant and just wanted to get things over and done with so she could return home.

The long needle instrument that was placed in her belly button has been described by female abductees many times before. It seems likely that this instrument is used for the implantation of fertilized eggs. Obviously the implications of this revelation are extremely personal, and suggest that Laura’s son was implanted aboard the craft. Laura is remarkably accepting of this possibility, and already had a feeling that this may have been the case, so what she described under regression did not come as a complete shock to her. Of course we have no way of knowing the origin of the DNA used in this procedure. Laura left Joseph many years ago, and unfortunately her son does not want to be a part of this investigation.

After the procedure it seems that Laura was then returned to her bedroom, and then Grey and sphere both left. She then immediately forgot everything which had taken place. It was only when she headed downstairs that she learnt that she had lost an hour of time.

Essentially Laura’s recollection of this incident again filled in all the gaps and explained exactly what went on. As she has read about ET contact prior to this experience we cannot completely rule out the possibility that some of what she said was imagined due to what she expected took place. But she consciously remembers seeing the red glowing sphere, and then had a definite hour of missing time, which was confirmed by the fact she missed her TV programme. So it stands to reason that something took place in that hour, something related to the UFO. The strength of her emotions throughout the regression, the amount of detail she came out with without hesitation, and the similarities between what she described and other known cases lead me to believe that it took place as she described. This adequately explains exactly why she knew the date her son would be born on, and also why she had a UFO watch over her throughout the majority of the pregnancy.

The Red Sphere Returns?

In April 1986, Lara went to Madame Tussauds in London with her sister. While she was there she saw something which seemed to trigger a sudden flashback to an experience she had forgotten about which had taken place during a night of the previous month.

She remembered waking up to find that she was completely paralyzed and could only move her eyes. She could hear something moving around in the room. Her husband Joseph was lying in bed next to her but she could not move or shout to wake him up. She could feel something which appeared to be on the bed between her and him. Suddenly the whole room lit up in red light, which immediately frightened her. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the morning to the alarm clock like normal.

On 13th June again Laura began to put on weight unexpectedly. Because of what had happened two years before, she decided to go to a doctor to get checked out. Sure enough she once again found that she was pregnant, this time by twelve weeks! Just as with her first son, she had not experienced any of the usual early signs of pregnancy. Also when she counted back the weeks she found that she must have become pregnant back in March, around the time that she had the paralysis incident with the red light.

Unlike her first pregnancy, she never saw or sensed the silver triangular UFO. However during the pregnancy there were another few occasions where she awoke to find herself paralyzed. On none of these occasions did she see a red light, she would just drop back off to sleep. Her second son, Darren was born on 26th December 1986. Just as with Peter, he was completely healthy and normal in every way. He too has had experiences throughout his life but does not wish to speak about them with me.

Some of what Laura described fits in with sleep paralysis. In this you awake to find you can only move your eyes. You can also hear strange noises or sense a presence in the room. However the fact that the room lit up bright red, and that this incident occurred around the time she was told she became pregnant tends suggests that once again she was abducted, taken aboard the red glowing sphere and her second son implanted in her. The pregnancy went similar to before, the only real difference being that the silver UFO was not seen this time for whatever reason. Perhaps Laura was paralyzed this time because of the fact she had fought back against the ETs on the previous occasion. They may have remembered how angry she had been and decided that it would be better if she could not hit out at them.

Unfortunately we did not have enough time to cover this incident in the regression, although I feel that if we had then a similar story would have emerged. Laura may wish to be regressed again at some point in the future, if so then this may well be explored in more depth.

A Mass Abduction

On 3rd July 1988 Laura attended the “Hells Angels 10th Custom Bike Show”, a biker rally in Kent. She was there with her family. On the second evening of the rally about 10pm Laura went to use the portaloos. These were separated from the tents by a large area of grass. While she was in there she heard some kind of commotion going on outside, people shouting and running around. She assumed it was a fight. The next thing she became aware of she was waking up from a very vivid dream on Sunday morning.

In this dream she had been in the middle of a huge crowd of people who were all screaming and running away from something. Everyone was running towards the road that ran alongside the field where the rally was taking place. Laura ran along with them. Everyone else seemed to be panicking but for some reason she felt calm. She saw a girl drop her doll and stop to pick it up. She quickly ran over and scooped the girl up, afraid she would be crushed under the stampede of people. She told her to forget about the doll and that she could get a new one later.

The next thing she became aware of, she and all the other people were standing in a large round brightly lit room with white coloured walls. Sticking out of one wall was a white bench with a book on it. There was nothing else in the room at all, not even a visible doorway.

Laura still had the little girl with her and so initially tried to locate the parents of the child. While she was doing so she noticed several people walking over to the bench and picking up and looking at the book. They would stare at it a moment then drop it again.

She found the parents and left the girl with them. She then walked over to the bench, sat down, picked up the book and began to read it. She found that inside there was a picture at the top of every page but the wording was written in a strange language that looked almost like hieroglyphics. She thought to herself “That’s a shame, I would have loved to have read this but I don’t understand the writing”. At that moment the words on the pages seemed to change into English.

Laura began reading the book. It told the story of the Draco, which since her regression has realised . It explained how due to an accident on their home planet they began to search the stars for a host species to mix DNA with and produce children who would be visually acceptable to the host, who they would then in time integrate with. Laura read the book cover to cover. While she was doing so no-one else interrupted her. Laura felt this was because they had already tried to read it and found they could not. After finishing the book, she stood up and told everyone else there “Don’t worry they are not going to hurt us, it explains everything in this book.”

A door suddenly slid open in the wall of the room, and a Nordic being entered wearing white robes with gold and purple edging. He walked up to Laura and took the book from her. He then said to her “You were able to read the Book of Origins, therefore we do not need you.” This was the last thing she remembered from the dream.

Soon after she returned home Laura drew the hieroglyphic symbols she remembered seeing in the book. A short while after, she was watching a historical TV programme which was discussing ancient Sumerian hieroglyphics which had been found. When the hieroglyphics were shown on screen Laura recognised them as looking extremely similar to the symbols she remembered.

Weeks after the incident she could still remember the details of the dream extremely clearly, much more so than she would usually. She now started to wonder if it was something more than just a dream. She decided at this point to start looking more into ET contact. She went to the library and started to get out whatever books were available. As she read more into it, she began to realise how the incident at the bike rally, and her previous experiences fitted with the subject. She wondered whether a mass abduction had taken place at the rally.

Many years later when she got access to the internet she took a look at some Sumerian hieroglyphic websites. On these sites it stated that linguists had little success in translating these symbols. Unfortunately Laura no longer has the drawings of the hieroglyphics that she made.

Laura feels that a mass abduction took place at the bike rally, and that the dream she had experienced were her memories of this. It seems that something took place as she does not remember leaving the portaloo and returning to her tent, the last thing she remembers prior to the dream was hearing a commotion outside. It’s true she saw a Nordic in the dream, and found herself in a similar room to which she had been taken to in 1981. Also the book did seem to describe Reptilian beings and the possible reasons behind their activity on Earth. Laura is certain that at the time this incident took place she had very little knowledge of the ET contact subject. However these could well have been dreamt up due to her previous contact experiences, which she was not fully aware of consciously until her regression.

There are parts of the dream which do not really make logical sense. Surely the ETs could not have wiped the mind of everyone at the entire bike rally? But they would have had to have done so or otherwise there would have been witnesses to the events that Laura remembered. I certainly believe that the ETs have the ability to block out memories from people’s minds. But to do this for hundreds of people across a wide area sounds far too unlikely. And supposing they did block out everyone’s minds of the experience, surely many others besides Laura would have also remembered aspects like a vivid dream? If this had happened it would surely have only been a matter of time before people started to realise that they had all had the same dream?

Regarding what took place on the craft, again there is too many things which don’t add up. Surely if the bench and book was the only thing in the room, more than just a few people would have been interested in it. What were they all doing while Laura was granted the time to sit down and read the book cover to cover? Under such a scenario there would have been complete panic and everyone would have soon wanted to know what the book said. It seems unlikely to me that they would have left her uninterrupted to read it in this way. It also seems unlikely that this book, the “Book of Origins” as the Nordic referred to it, would have just been left out on a bench in the room. What purpose would this serve? And the very fact it was a book is an Earthly thing in itself.

As you can see, I feel there are just too many loose ends with this particular incident, and I feel it was more than likely to have just been a dream brought on by her previous contact experiences. It is unsurprising that she would have dreams such as this, as although her experiences were not consciously remembered at the time, memories of them still existed in her subconscious.

Possible Protection

By the summer of 1989 Laura had left Joseph and moved into a flat on Crown Lane in Southgate, London. It was now that another strange event took place. The flat on Telford Road where they lived was on the 2nd floor. It was a very hot day and so she had opened the living room window. She was sitting opposite the window about 15 feet away, and dozed off because of the heat.

Aerial map of Crown Lane:

She awoke to see that Darren had managed to climb up onto the windowsill. As she opened her mouth to tell him to get down. Peter bumped him and he began to fall backwards out of the window. Laura somehow managed to catch him and pull him back inside then shut the window. This is a complete mystery to her as she was a good distance away from the window and still groggy from the heat.

Could Laura have been assisted by the ETs so that Darren would not fall from the window? This is a possibility, but I feel it is just as likely that her adrenalin kicked in and she managed to run extremely fast across to the window without really thinking. In extreme circumstances people can do extreme things. For example there have been a number of reported incidents where people have lifted extremely heavy objects in order to save the life of others. However ET intervention cannot be completely ruled out. Contactees have reported being saved from harm on numerous occasions by un-natural forces.

Surveillance Begins

In August 1989 Laura was having financial difficulties and could not afford to get a birthday present for Peter. The situation felt desperate and she was so upset she burst into tears.

A couple of hours later her father Douglas rang up. He informed her he had unexpectedly come into some money, wanted to share it with Laura and her sisters, and so had put £100 into her bank account. It seemed like an odd coincidence, yet was very welcome given the circumstances.

A few months went by. Laura was then suddenly faced with a massive phone bill that she knew she would not be able to pay for. Later she would find out that this had been caused by squatters downstairs who had tapped into the phone line, but at the time she was not aware of this. Again she got very upset. One of her sons asked her why she was upset and she informed him of the bill. Several hours later her father once again rang up. He told her that one of his life insurance policies had just paid out, and that he had put £500 into her account.

Laura remembered that this was the second time he had given her money directly after she had been upset about financial issues. At this point she still felt it was nothing more than coincidence. But the next time she was running low on money she decided to purposely speak out loud about this fact, and then sit back and see what happened. Douglas was actually away from home at the time. But sure enough, within hours Beth rang up and stated that another one of her father’s life insurance policies had matured and that they had put some money in her account.

At this point Laura began to suspect that something was going on. It seemed that whenever she would mention that she was low on money, very soon afterwards one of her parents would ring up and say that they had some money for her. Also Laura noticed that other things said in the privacy of her own home would later be mentioned by them, and she was certain that she had not told anyone else. She became convinced that for whatever reason her father had set up bugs in her house and was monitoring what she said.

Could this really have been taking place? How many coincidences can occur before it becomes something else entirely? It seems a very unusual thing to suggest, however there would be other events later which also pointed towards the possibility that the house was bugged.

The Promise

On a day in August 1990, Laura went round to visit her parents. At the time her father was working for the defence electronics company Marconi and spent long periods out on a site in Saudi Arabia. The company had lost the contract with Saudi Arabia and so gave him the option of either keeping his current job if he moved to Chelmsford, or accepting a new contract position within British Aerospace. Her father did not really know what to do so he decided to ask Laura what she thought.

After Laura recommended he should accept the contract with British Aerospace, he started to walk away from her into the kitchen. He seemed agitated by something and was acting strange. He looked back at her and then away again, like he wanted to ask her something but didn't know if he should. Then he walked back over to her and out of the blue said "Tell me something, just out of curiosity, do you believe in UFOs and aliens?" Laura said that she believed them to be real and had been here for a long time. Douglas then asked her what she thought they were friendly or unfriendly. Laura replied that she thought they must be friendly or else they would have wiped us out a long time ago before we developed the weaponry systems we now possess. Then Douglas came out with a very strange question. He asked her "Well what if we are just food for them?" Laura said that she thought this was unlikely or more people would go missing. She said she’d never really thought about that prospect in much depth.

Laura asked Douglas why he was asking her all of this. He just shrugged it off and said “No reason. Just popped into my head, thought I’d ask it”. Laura was still quite puzzled by the situation.

Douglas began to walk back into the kitchen. But like before he stopped and then looked back at her. He then said "I need you to promise me something”. Laura replied “Ok, what?” Douglas said “I need you to promise me, on your life, that you will never ever under any circumstances go outside in the dark. Ever, not for any reason". Laura was extremely puzzled by this and asked him what he meant and why she should make that promise but he would not tell her, he just kept asking her again and again. He seemed very concerned by something. In the end she went along with what he asked and made the promise. Ever since that day Laura has tried to keep this promise when possible but obviously sometimes has to break it. She spoke to her father several times about the promise and the reason behind it, but he would never tell her what it was about, he would just ask if she had kept it.

This incident is truly bizarre, and suggests that her father knew something more than he was letting on. He came out with the questions about UFOs completely randomly, there was nothing that had occurred beforehand to prompt his outburst. The fact that he asked her to make the promise directly after speaking about UFOs and aliens seems to suggest that it was in some way related to what had been said, and that he was frightened Laura would get attacked or abducted. But why would he think this? Was it just something he had read or seen which made him act in this way, or was there something more to it?

Men In Black

During the night of the same day her father had made her make the unusual promise, something else very strange occurred. It was about 2am and Laura was awoken by a noise. She started to listen and could hear movement coming from downstairs in the living room. Initially she thought one of her parents had got out of bed to get a drink, but then she overheard Beth whispering to Douglas saying that she could hear someone down there. Laura then heard Douglas get out of bed. She too got out of bed and walked to her bedroom door. As she did, Douglas appeared and said to her “Don’t worry, nothing to worry about, go back to bed, I’ll sort it out”. He then continued downstairs. Laura considered going back to bed as he asked, but something didn’t feel right. She was curious as to what was going on so decided to get up and go take a look.

She began to creep down the stairs. As she descended she could hear Douglas talking to someone in a loud whisper, but could not hear exactly what was being said. She got half way down the stairs, at which point she had a view across the open plan living room and dining area. She could see her father in his pyjamas facing away from her. In front of him were several men in black suits. It was too dark to see their faces clearly. Her father was speaking quietly with the men. One of them must have noticed her on the stairs as he said something, as Douglas then turned around and told her to go back to bed. Laura asked who the men were and Douglas said it was nothing and could be easily sorted.

Laura went back upstairs and lay down in bed, but remained awake. About an hour later she heard her father come back upstairs to bed but did not hear any other noises to indicate the men had left the house. The following morning she asked Douglas what the men wanted and also how they had got into the house. He denied all knowledge of what had taken place and told Laura she must have been dreaming. Laura told him that she knew it had taken place; she had walked down the stairs and seen what was going on. But Douglas still denied it happened!

Later in the day Laura was chatting with Beth, and her mother told her that what she had witnessed had occurred on many occasions ever since Douglas had left his job in the military. In the fortnight that Laura was there for, she heard Douglas speaking with the men two other times, but unfortunately could never make out what was being said.

At this point I should give you a bit of background information on Laura’s father’s job in the military. Due to confidentiality reasons I cannot reveal too much, but this information could be relevant so I have asked for Laura’s permission to include it. Laura’s father Douglas was in the military for 18 years between 1959 – 1977. He was stationed with 2nd Division Signals Regiment. However while exploring the internet Laura found information relating to the ACE High Communication System. This was a little known NATO radio communications network designed to be used as an early warning system. Her father never mentioned that he worked on this at all. However Laura found that all of the locations he had been posted at had been either on or very close to an Ace High Communications facility. It seems very unlikely that this would have been merely down to coincidence.

The fact that her father had been seen speaking with these men ever since leaving the military suggests that this is what these visitations were linked to. If this is correct, then it supports the theory that Douglas had been working on some highly secretive projects and that he was being closely monitored. However there are some very unusual aspects to these events. How did the men get into the house in the first place? And why would they even have the need to do so? Surely if they were there to speak with Douglas they would just have knocked on the front door and spoken there instead and perhaps then asked to be invited in? Could the men have been searching for something and were then interrupted by her father going downstairs? If the incident only occurred once we could propose this was the case, however this was apparently a regular occurrence. It seemed that her father knew who the men were, and also appeared to be ok with them actually breaking into the house on numerous occasions.

In the months following these incidents, Laura became aware that she was being monitored by similar men. On numerous occasions while out of the house she would notice men in dark suits who appeared to be following her or watching her from parked vehicles. She never approached these men or indicated to them that she was aware of their presence as she thought this would not really do much good and would only anger them.

Laura also noticed that objects in her home would sometimes be moved or go missing completely for periods of time before suddenly inexplicably returning. On several occasions her first son asked her out of the blue "Mum who was that man who was standing at the bottom of my bed during the night?" Laura had no idea who the men were so could not answer him, but believed that he too was being monitored by them.

Some contactees report having visitations by mysterious men in dark suits, commonly referred to as the Men In Black. These individuals are likely to be from the groups in charge of the ongoing cover up. They usually either intimidate the contactee and try to get them not to talk about their experiences, or they sometimes appear interested in their experiences as if they are trying to learn more about the ETs through them.

It seems that after witnessing the men speaking with her father, they then became directly interested in her and possibly her sons. From then on they seemed to be directly keeping track of what she was up to. She has no idea if they continued to also visit her father but assumes that they did. Could they have really been monitoring her due to her contact experiences, and had an ongoing agreement with her father, perhaps relating in some way to his job? This is a possibility worth considering, especially if we take into account the promise that he made Laura take.

Could the men have also been interested in her sons because of their direct link with Laura's experiences? However it seems very odd that they would come into her house and stand in her son's bedroom during the night, what would be the purpose of this? There is the possibility that the man that her son spoke of was not human but was ET, and that he was describing direct visitation experiences. Even if the man looked human this does not necessarily mean that this was the case - the ETs have on many occasions used a screen memory to hide their true appearance.

The Light Bulb

In 1995 Laura decided to move back to Sunderland. At this point activity seemed to die back down and she no longer noticed anyone following or monitoring her, at least at first. One evening in January 1997 she turned on the light in the children’s bedroom and immediately noticed a high pitched squealing sound coming from the bulb. Laura thought to herself “What the heck’s that?” She turned off the bulb and tried it again. The strange noise continued. Laura thought “Something’s not right here”. She put the light off and put the boys to bed in the dark.

The following day Laura took the boys round to see her parents. While she was there she asked her father if he knew of anything which could make a light bulb make a high pitched whistling noise when you turn it on. Immediately she noticed the colour drain from his face. He asked her “Why’d you ask?” Laura informed him that it had taken place in the boy’s bedroom on the previous night. Her father responded with “Ahhh...right...hmmm...I’m driving you home tonight”. Laura agreed to this, but was puzzled by his reaction.

That evening before they drove back home, her father asked if he could hold Laura’s keys for her. They arrived, and before the engine had barely stopped her father leapt out of the car, let himself into the house and ran inside.

Laura and the boys followed closely behind. Laura headed upstairs. As she was heading up she heard a thump of something landing on the floor. She entered the bedroom and was just in time to see her father bend down, pick up something off the floor and put it in his pocket. He held the light bulb in his other hand. He then reached up and put the light bulb back into place. Laura asked him “What was that?” Her father replied “What was what?” “What you just put in your pocket.” “I never put anything in my pocket.” “I’ve just seen you. You bent down, picked something up and put it in your pocket.” “No, you’re seeing things. I didn’t bend down, I just checked the light and the bulb had come loose. Try it now.” Laura tried the light again and it worked fine. Her father soon headed back home without giving Laura any adequate explanation for the strange noise or the object which had clearly dropped out of the socket.

Laura feels that the object that fell out was a listening device that had gone wrong in some way. Considering the previous incidents including the numerous times her father had seemed to know what she was saying, and the monitoring by the men in suits, this is a certainly plausible. If it was such a device this would explain why her father was so rushed, and why he would not show Laura what he had put in his pocket. If it was such a device, who was really responsible for it and why was it there? Was her father working with the mysterious men to assist them with monitoring her? Had the men put it there against his knowledge, and the noise was the first indication of this? Or had he put the device there to protect his daughter, so that if someone tried to interfere with her he would be aware of it? Unfortunately we are unlikely to ever know the answers to these important questions.

The Black Sphere & Pet Mutilation

In 1995 Laura bought a pet dog, and in March 1999 also bought two Russian hamsters. The hamsters lived in a cage in the living room close to the back door of the property. Most evenings Laura would open the back door and let the dog out into the back garden to run around a bit. On the evening of 26th April 1999 at 11.30pm she opened the door like usual. But rather than run outside the dog stayed inside staring out of the open doorway. He seemed scared to go out into the garden. In the end Laura's first son Peter went outside knowing that the dog would follow him. Sure enough the dog did then go outside, but remained close to him and still appeared un-nerved.

Peter began to run round the garden, with the dog following him. He was down near the far left corner of the garden when he suddenly heard a high pitched buzzing noise. He looked down and saw a small black coloured floating sphere. The noise appeared to be emanating from this object. It was hovering down by his knees. Then the sphere rose upward, circling his body several times before flying away at a fast speed to the South over the top of the garden fence! Her son was absolutely shocked and ran back inside the house, closely followed by the dog. He told Laura what had happened.

Photograph of the garden showing the location where the black sphere appeared:

Later everyone went to bed like usual. In the morning when Laura let the dog out again, he still seemed a little wary but in the end headed outside. When she let him back in, he ran straight over to the hamsters cage. Laura felt this was strange as it was something the dog would not normally do. She walked over and was greeted by a nasty surprise. One of the two hamsters was dead. It was lying on its side and appeared to be crushed flat. It looked like it had been both burnt and drained of blood. The fur on the upper side of the animal was singed. Laura thought to herself “Oh my god, what’s happened here, what am I going to tell the boys?”

At that moment Peter came downstairs and saw what was going on. He asked Laura “What’s happened to my hamster?” Of course Laura did not have an explanation. When she had a closer look at it she found that half its head appeared to be missing like it had been completely removed. The other hamster was cowering at the back of the cage and looked absolutely terrified.

The family were of course deeply upset by what had happened. Laura assumed that the death of the hamster was related to the black sphere that had been seen in the garden less than 12 hours earlier, and that it had later returned to the property and carried out the deed. Later in the day she bought a newspaper and in it read an article that stated that a giant UFO the size of a battleship had been captured on radar moving over Yorkshire. She felt that the black sphere her son had seen must have been linked to this UFO.

A few weeks after this incident, large lumps appeared all over the body of the other hamster. Laura took it to the vets and when the vet saw it he was shocked by its appearance. He said that he had never seen anything like it. He took a biopsy of one of the lumps. A week later when the results came back he said to Laura “We’ve got the biopsy results, but I don’t really know what to tell you.” When she asked what he meant by this he replied “Well, the lumps are cancer, but it’s a cancer I’ve never seen before. I’ve been a vet for 25 years and never in my entire career have I ever seen anything like this. I don’t know if it’s treatable or not treatable.” He then proceeded to tell her that he had shown it to numerous colleagues and they had never seen it before either.

For a while the vet tried prescribing various medications, but the lumps just got worse. In the end Laura decided to get it put down. Unfortunately she did not take any photographs of either hamster, and does not have any official documents from the vet. It is unknown whether he sent the dead hamster away for further testing.

It is certainly a possibility that the hamster found dead had been mutilated by the black sphere or another UFO. The hamsters were inside their cage, and the injuries were clearly un-natural, so the only other explanation would be that someone killed the hamster in that way on purpose. Laura's sons loved the hamsters so does not believe that one of them was responsible. It is unlikely someone sneaked into the house and killed one of the two hamsters for no apparent reason. I believe that the animal mutilation phenomenon is directly linked with UFOs. Some of the injuries the hamster sustained do fit in with this theory. Quite often the body is drained of blood, and sometimes appears to have been burnt. Also flesh is often removed from various places on the animal's body, including parts of the face.

It seems like too much of a coincidence that the other hamster developed the lumps soon after the initial incident. Could they have been caused by the hamster being in close proximity to a source of radiation or other unusual energy? Energy being given off by the sphere or whatever mutilated the other hamster? This does seem like a plausible explanation for what took place.

The Awakening

At some point after April 1998 (precise date unknown), Laura had another strange incident occur during the night. She suddenly awoke in the dark, and before she had a chance to look around she felt a surge like electricity through her body and felt herself shaking on the bed. She tried to call out and found she could not. This frightened her and she thought to herself “I don’t like this, what’s happening?”

At that moment she heard a voice in her head respond to her question. The voice sounded male. It said to her “Don’t worry it’s just the awakening, it will be over soon.” Laura responded by questioning the voice as to what “the awakening” meant but the voice did not speak to her again. This was the last thing she remembered taking place.

In the morning Laura did not tell anyone what had happened as she thought it would sound crazy. To this day she wonders what “the awakening” meant, and how it was related to her other contact experiences.


In August 2003 Peter’s friend Mike came round to stay at their home for a fortnight. On numerous occasions he was disrespectful to Laura and was making condescending remarks. This steadily made Laura more and more angry as the days went on. On the 10th day he criticised Laura and started laughing, and her sons joined in too.

Laura lost her temper completely, she was furious. She ordered Mike and her sons to join her in the living room. She then shouted at them “Sit down, shut up, and don’t any of you say a word until I have finished saying what I am about to say”. Laura was shaking with anger. She started telling them how disgusted she was with their behaviour.

Then without warning, Laura witnessed something extremely unusual. She saw three small white glowing orbs enter the room through the closed window. They were each about 2 inches in diameter. The orbs floated slowly over and settled above each of the boys heads.

Before she could say anything, her son Darren spoke up, asking if everyone could see what he was seeing. Everyone said that they could. It was now that they realised that there were in fact four orbs, but everyone in the room could only see the orbs over everyone else’s heads not their own.

Then for some unknown reason they all began to laugh uncontrollably! Laura says this went on for up to 10 minutes. They had no idea what was so funny or why they were laughing so much. After this time they managed to stop laughing, and the boys then apologised for their behaviour. At this point they all watched as the orbs floated back out of the room through the window from where they had come.

Modern photograph of the living room where the incident took place:

This is truly a bizarre incident. It seems very unlikely that everyone in the room was having the same hallucination, so we must therefore assume that it really took place. The orbs seemed to be a form of energy rather than solid objects. Could this have been an ET manifestation of some kind? Perhaps they were observing what was taking place and picking up on the strong emotions in the room. Perhaps they then actively chose to influence these emotions, which is why everyone stopped arguing and started laughing.

Or could these orbs have been some sort of psychic energy that Laura herself had manifested in the room? This seems less likely due to the fact that the orbs were seen to fly in from outside not appear around Laura. Also the fact that each person could not see the orb which came to hover over their own head, only the three other orbs, does suggest that they were an outside force interacting with everyone present and not specifically linked with one individual.

This incident remains an intriguing mystery. Laura has never seen these orbs appear again, even when she has got very angry on other occasions. Orbs are often reported by contactees, usually glowing white in colour, which is another sign that they were related to ET contact. Unfortunately I cannot speak to Laura's son or his friend about the experience, so at present we only have Laura's personal testimony to go on.

Reptilian Visitation

One night in October 2003 Laura experienced a visitation by a Reptilian, perhaps the same one she had seen aboard the red sphere. She awoke during the night. She does not know what time as she did not check the clock. The room was quite dark but Laura would always leave the hall light on and the door open so there was enough light to partially see. On her bedside table was a key-ring which had been given to her by someone a while before. The key-ring is attached to a clear plastic ball containing a green coloured Grey's head. The fact that it has an alien head inside is coincidental; she was not given it because of her experiences. Below is a photo of this key-ring:

The key-ring was lying at eye level alongside her. When she opened her eyes she saw a dark green scaly hand in the process of picking it up. The hand had three fingers and a thumb, and on the end of each was a pointed black coloured claw. The hand began to lift, and as it did she followed it upward with her eyes, slowly moving her sight along the arm until she saw the being standing before her.

Remember that prior to her regression, Laura assumed that this was the first time she had seen the being. She did not recognise it, as her previous encounters with it had been blocked out of her mind. The Reptilian was holding up the key-ring close to its face and staring at it. It had a oval shaped head with a prominent brow, and a rounded snout that only protruded a short distance from its face. It had wide and thin orange eyes with black vertical pupils. Its mouth was wide and went around its face, but was closed. No teeth were visible. It had two nostrils, but no ear holes were noticeable. The being appeared to be naked. It was quite muscular, especially in the upper arms and thighs. Laura could not see if it had a tail or not.

Witness drawing of the Reptilian (she found it hard to draw accurately):

Obviously the presence of the being standing alongside her bed was very shocking. As soon as she set eyes on it, Laura jumped upward to get out of bed and run away. At this moment the Reptilian lifted its hand and put it on her forehead. When it did this she immediately blacked out. The next thing she realised, she was waking up in the morning as usual.

I find it fascinating that the Reptilian was picking up and looking at the key-ring containing the Grey's head. From Laura's experiences it is clear that the Greys, Nordics and Reptilians appear to be working together towards a common aim. The Reptilian more than likely recognised the face in the key-ring and was interested in it for this reason.

The way in which Laura blacked out when the being touched her has been reported many times by contactees, including other cases I have directly investigated. It also links back to what she remembered during the regression. During the red sphere abduction Laura tried to hit out at the Reptilian and it put its hand up which somehow stopped her from getting any closer to it. It seems that the being projected a force of some kind through its hand.

It is likely that Laura was abducted after she blacked out, and that the memories of what happened were once again blanked out from her mind. If she has any future regressions this would certainly be a good incident to regress her back to. Sadly we did not ask Laura about this incident during her regression because other incidents took priority. Note that once again, similar to her earlier experiences, Laura was able to freely move and was not paralyzed in any way. Therefore sleep paralysis can be disregarded as an explanation for the incident.

Signs Of A Threat

Note: Certain details of this section have been left out due to personal reasons.

From December 2004 onwards, Laura’s father Douglas began to show signs that he was frightened by someone or something. In the presence of Laura’s brother he would often come out with statements such like “If he thinks I’m going to be afraid of him he’s got another thing coming!” Whenever Laura or her brother quizzed him, they could never get him to say exactly who he was referring to. He would often ring Laura and say to her “I don’t know what to do.I don’t want to leave your mother but I don’t have a choice”. When Laura asked him what he meant by this he would not say and just said not to worry about it.

In early 2005 Douglas changed his will. Previously it had simply stated that if he died the money would go to his wife, if she died it would go to his children, and if they died then it would go to their children. However he now added in some additional clauses. These stated that if his wife was to die within a year of him, the money would be held in a trust fund for five years, and if his children were to die within a year of his wife, then again the money would be held in a trust fund for five years. It seemed to Laura that he was worried about dying and also worried for the safety of his family.

Two weeks after changing his will, Douglas fell down the stairs at his home. Laura’s mother Beth witnessed what happened and said that he had walked upstairs, then suddenly shouted something. She then saw him fly backwards, hit the wall and then fall down to the base of the stairs. It seemed like he had been forcefully pushed rather than merely fell. He was rushed to hospital and at first appeared to be recovering. However two days later he suffered numerous heart attacks and died. Laura and other members of her family believe that rather than accidentally die, he was deliberately taken out of the picture.

Paranormal Activity

Laura and her partner Graham appear to be experiencing ongoing paranormal activity around their home. When Laura initially moved into the house, she was informed that the property was haunted by two ghosts named Tom and Mary.

There have been many incidents where objects have been moved or vanish for a while before mysteriously re-appearing. They have never witnessed objects being moved around but have heard them on numerous occasions. Several times a walking stick placed just inside the front door has been thrown down the length of the hall way. They have heard the noise and when they have gone to check it is found near the entrance to the living room. On one occasion in 2009 Graham came downstairs to use the toilet during the night. When he opened the door to exit the bathroom, the ironing board, which was stored in the hallway opposite the door, flew directly at him like it had been physically thrown.

Numerous times they have heard footsteps walking up the stairs while they are in the living room. When they have gone and checked there is of course nobody there. On other occasions both Laura and Graham have felt something invisible touch or physically push them. This has occurred on the stairs, in the kitchen and in the bathroom while showering.

Often when Laura has woken up she has found scratch marks or bruises on her. She feels that these are down to malicious ghost activity rather than ET related.

Several times Laura has awoken in the middle of the night to see what looks like smoke coming under the bedroom door, even though there is no fireplace in the house. There is no smell associated with this, and when she has gone to check there is nothing there.

Prior to my visit, Laura put some of these incidents down to ongoing surveillance. However I feel it is more likely to be activity of a supernatural nature, as there would be no reason for individuals to enter their house and move or throw objects around. If surveillance of Laura does indeed continue, then it would more than likely be discreet.

Many contactees report experiencing paranormal activity in their proximity. It occurs so regularly that there is clearly a link between the two, though exactly why is not really known. Some theorise that contactees gain heightened awareness through their experiences, and this means they are more likely to detect such activity. Perhaps this is further evidence that Laura is experiencing contact. However it is not just being experienced by Laura, her partner has also witnessed these events.

Anger Manifestation

Laura says that sometimes when she gets very angry, electrical devices can go wrong or even explode. This does not happen all the time, and did not appear to happen when we visited and she became angered at the ETs during her regression (I’m grateful of this as this would have ruined the audio recordings or photos I took).

The incidents usually seem to start with a loud buzzing noise followed by a flash of blue light. These only seem to be detectable by Laura. After these usual signs electrics in the area tend to malfunction.

Laura has provided me with several examples of when this has occurred. In April 2000 Peter invited his friend Richard over to the house. Laura went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. While she was there she overheard Peter speaking to Richard, telling him that he could not help himself to Laura’s cigarettes without asking. Rather than agree with this, Richard ignored him and took one anyway, which got Laura extremely angry. While she was showing him out of the house, suddenly she heard the loud buzzing noise and saw the flash of light. A few seconds later there was a loud bang as the hallway light bulb exploded. This was immediately followed by a smaller bang as the lighter in Richards pocket also blew!

In 2001 Laura was having a particularly bad day. She decided to get a cup of coffee and try to calm down, but when she went into the living room she found out that the dog had urinated on the carpet and the cat had knocked over one of her ornaments and smashed it. As she started to clear up the mess, again she heard the buzzing noise and saw the light flash, and a moment later a bang sound came from her Sky box and smoke started to pour from it.

On 29th June 2011 Laura was arguing with Graham. She began to hear the buzzing sound so went out to the front of the house to calm down and have a cigarette. But Graham followed her out there to continue the argument and at this point she lost her temper. She heard the familiar noise and saw the flash of light but nothing seemed to occur. She finished her smoke and went back inside to use the computer. However when she tried it she found that the internet was down. She tried to ring her Internet provider but then found that the phone line was down too. She got hold of them by mobile phone and they sent an engineer out to fix the issues. He inspected the wiring and then asked Laura if there had been any recent thunderstorms, as the wires looked like they had been struck by lightning. Laura believes that it was her anger which had destroyed the phone line cable.

These incidents are interesting and do suggest that Laura’s anger is somehow manifesting itself in such a way which causes electrical equipment to malfunction. I have heard similar things off numerous other contactees, so this is does seem to be a repeating aspect possibly linked with contact. The fact that the incidents begin in the same way every time is intriguing and seem to suggest that something physical is occurring. Could it really be just a coincidence that the electrical devices in these experiences have broken at those precise times? I feel that this has occurred too many times for this to be the case.

Humming Sound

Ever since January 2007 Laura has heard a strange low frequency humming sound while in her own home. Others including her husband cannot hear the noise, and neither myself or Rob could when we visited her. Laura is certain it is not tinnitus as she only hears it in her home, nowhere else. When Rob regressed Laura, the humming noise seemed to vanish for a while. Laura was thrilled by this and felt that the regression had somehow cured her, however after several hours it returned.

Due to the fact that Laura only hears it in her home, I feel that it is probably being caused by a nearby electrical generator or other similar device, rather than being directly related to contact. Perhaps Laura has heightened senses because of her contact experiences, and this is why she can hear the sound but no-one else seems to be able to. It is possible that the relaxed state she was in after the regression meant that for a time she could not hear it, but then after a while she returned to normal.


On 31st October 1964 Laura suffered 3rd degree burns in an accident. Her father was also burnt on his hands while saving her life. He was due to be posted in Cyprus but because of this injury he was unable to go. Since we went to visit, Laura had been thinking back to this accident. She wondered whether it had not been an accident at all – whether it had occurred on purpose to prevent her father from going to Cyprus.

On 7th May 2011, two weeks after I and Rob visited Laura, she awoke at 3.15am to the sense of a presence in the room. She doesn’t remember actually being taken, but she then immediately found herself in a large circular white walled room, similar to the one she had been taken to back in 1981. The Grey who accompanied her during the red sphere incident was standing in front of her.

The Grey then began to speak to Laura telepathically. It told her that it was aware she had been thinking about the accident a lot recently, and that it would offer her the chance to know the truth so she could continue in her mission. It did not explain to her what it meant by this.

It then informed her that it had been her guide and had been with her ever since she was a baby. It said he had caused the accident to prevent her father from going to Cyprus, because if he had done he would have died there, and they didn’t want that to happen.

The Grey then touched Laura’s hand. Immediately she began to see a vision of the events surrounding the accident. It was very emotional watching it take place again. Laura could sense the Grey’s sadness at having to harm her. It told her that it didn’t want to harm her, but this was the only way that her father would have been prevented from going to Cyprus.

It then told her that she has strong healing abilities that she needs to develop. It was because of these abilities that they had chosen Laura rather than another member of her family – they were aware that she would naturally heal quickly. It informed her that while she had been in hospital they had taken her numerous times to monitor this healing and minimise the pain of her injuries.

It then said that from now on she would remember all of her visits with it and the other beings it works with, except for the travelling too and from the craft as it was aware that this part frightened her.

Laura then found herself lying awake in bed. She was very emotional, but also very happy that she had communicated directly with the Grey, and now knew the reason behind the accident.

This is an interesting experience, and considering her surroundings and who she met with there is certainly the possibility that Laura was abducted again. That said, we cannot rule out the possibility that this was just a vivid dream brought on by her recent interview and regression combined with her thoughts about the accident. The experience occurred while she was lying down in bed in the middle of the night, and there appears to have been no physical visitation by the Grey, she just saw it on board the craft.

I also question the logic of the Grey when it informed Laura that the only way to stop her father going to Cyprus was to give her some very nasty burns in an accident. Surely there would have been alternatives to this, such as directly manipulating the mind of her father so he would refuse to go? However Laura says that this does make sense. If her father had refused to go he would have been charged with insubordination. He would have been locked up for a while and then on his release would have been forced to go wherever they decided. If he had been harmed instead of her then he would have been given medical discharge which would have meant the end of his career. The ETs injured one of the children as they wouldn’t know how to save themselves, so he would indirectly also be injured. Taking these things into consideration, Laura is convinced that the ETs were responsible for what took place.

Glowing UFO Sighting

Early on the morning of 12th June both Laura and her partner Graham had another UFO sighting. It was around 1am. Graham had gone outside for a cigarette and was standing outside the front door of the house. Suddenly something caught his eye in the sky off to his right to the East. He saw a glowing white light moving slowly across the sky. At first he thought it was a helicopter. But then suddenly it began zipping side to side extremely fast! He called Laura outside to come and see.

By the time she had got out there, the light was hovering completely still in the sky. It remained motionless for 3-4 minutes. Then it began to ascend vertically, before descending at a diagonal to the left and then heading off in a Northern direction. They watched it until it had vanished from sight.

Witness drawing of their view of the UFO:

Once it had gone, Graham said out loud “I wish it would come back, I want to see it again.” At this moment it suddenly reappeared close to its original position. It then began moving in many different directions for about 2 minutes at a slow speed. After this time it moved away to the East slowly and got smaller and smaller until it had gone.

After discussing what they’d just seen, Laura and Graham went to bed at 1.30am. As soon as they turned out the bedroom light, they both saw what appeared to be small black orbs moving around in the air very rapidly over by the window. Laura states that Graham began to get frightened, and at this point they immediately vanished.

Witness drawing of the black orbs:

The light that Graham and Laura saw is interesting. Of course unidentified lights in the sky are often seen after dark, however the movements that Graham saw the object perform certainly sound out of the ordinary. When the object reappeared, the movements could easily be put down to a helicopter, but considering the object had just been seen and it looked identical we can assume it was the same object. The movements certainly sound like they were a controlled object of some kind rather than an LED balloon or other glowing inflatable drifting in air currents. If the object was a genuine ET craft, it does not appear to be directly related to Laura’s contact in any way. It was seen at a distance and was initially observed by Graham not by her.

The black orbs seen are very unusual. The fact that both witnesses could see them shows that they were definitely present in the room. It seems unlikely to me that they were just a trick of the light because Laura and Graham sleep in that room every night, but have never seen them before. Perhaps these were a manifestation of some kind linked with Laura’s contact experiences. If so then was it just a coincidence that they saw these only half an hour after witnessing a UFO? Or is this evidence that the two incidents were in some way related?


This is an absolutely stunning case of ET contact. Laura has had some truly life changing experiences, including numerous visitations, abductions, and of course the probable implantation of one or both of her sons. Some of the incidents that have occurred have been partially blocked out, but we were able to retrieve these missing memories via hypnotic regression. I believe that what was uncovered actually took place. Many of the aspects that Laura described fit with other known contact cases, and also filled in the gaps with what she was consciously aware of.

The involvement of her first son, and probable involvement of her second son of course makes this case extremely personal. Laura already suspected that they were somehow linked to her experiences even before we began to discuss her case or regress her. If what she remembered under regression actually took place, it has many implications and opens up many more questions. Are her sons different in some way? For what reason was Laura implanted with them? Are the ETs keeping watch over them, as they appear to have done during Laura’s first pregnancy? It is a shame that neither of them are interested in speaking with me, as Laura has informed me that they too have had experiences.

The bizarre incidents involving her father right up until his death are fascinating, and do suggest that Laura was under surveillance. Her father’s military background could have been partially responsible, but the sudden questioning on UFOs and promise that her father made are important and cannot be ignored. Was he aware of her experiences and how they related to her sons? Was he somehow involved with ongoing surveillance of his own daughter? Perhaps this surveillance has continued after his death.

The most recent incident with the Grey suggests that she may well have further contact experiences going forward, and also suggests that she has gained a level of trust with the ETs that many contactees do not. This is backed up by the fact that she has not been paralyzed during the majority of her experiences. She also has spoken directly with the ETs on numerous occasions, again something which quite often does not take place. If Laura decides to keep in touch with me, this report will be updated with any further incidents she experiences.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011